Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My little Man is growing up! Pre-School

Today was Riley's first day of Preschool!, I cried, of course I cried! I cry at a everything but this was a special cry :)

I was nervous, and nearly shaking, but Riley was calm, and happy to go. I said I was a bit nervous and he said "Not Me" lets go moommy!

At first he was a little defiant, and he didnt want to share or talk to the other kids. But he caught on to the rules and how things work about 45 mins in.

I even told him I was going to leave and come back after school and he said ok.

Mrs. Lisa is his teacher, she is great! and very patient! THe kids had a great time,. and Riley when he got in the car asked if he could go to school again. He is excited to keep going.. and I think its going to be great for both of us!

Maybe I can get more things done, be more motivated for a oouple of hours at day.. Or!!! I could SLEEP! :) That would be great!

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Amy said...

His hair looks awesome!

Glad you both made it through okay!