Monday, May 17, 2010

Riley Drew is 4 years old!

I am late on posting about my peanuts birthday, we didnt get to do everything I wanted to, but I think he had a good time anyways.

On his birthday we went to the park and had pizza! It had been so hot the week before, then the day we went it was so COLD! the wind was blowing like crazy which made the temperature drop.

Riley got a bike from Gene and Jenny, He more then LOVED it! and the cutest little safety helmet and elbow pads., I cant believe how great he does on it! We take him to ride it to the mailbox often, but that might change since its getting hotter.
He rode it all around the park for over an hour!

A week after his birthday we had a party for him at Peter Piper Pizza, Its easy, and I dont have to do allot which is great :) There never seems like enough time to play with Riley, and visit with everyone. I hope people had a nice time. I know the kids had fun, Riley got lots of cool stuff.

I cant believe he is 4 years old! Time flies, and he is learning so much, and growing up. He isnt my little baby anymore. and he likes boy stuff now, like spiderman, and Ironman

We got the cake from Fry's :) It was yummy, and it came in handy when I woke up starving at the 4am feedings! Not that I should be taking giant bites of cake in the middle of the night, but it calmed my growling and helped me get back to sleep.. well for about 2.5 hrs anyways :)

this is my nephew kingston and my nephew noah hugging :) They are so cute! It was so awesome to see my sister dani and her boys! I missed her so much! I cried.. of course.. like always, but it was the first time I got to see hayden, and he is so cute! He has the biggest eyes like paigey did when she was a baby, :)
Here is Hayden in the froggy outfit next to Brady in the Turtle outfit :)

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Amy said...

Ah, I miss that cute baby!