Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sweet Summer Days

When I was little, I used to LOVE those summer days, No school, no schedule nothing to do but whatever my imagine could come up with.  It was cooler then though, Global Warming wasnt something anyone thought about, and sadly enough... today they still dont, but its painfully obvious its getting hotter, earlier every year. 

I see all these fun things other families are doing to keep busy, entertained and to try and stay cool! The splash pads, water parks, movies, arcades, craft days..   One day I hope to do these things too. but for now I have to figure out how to keep my kids busy, and happy...

We had our own little bit of fun, nothing big,   just a small pool, a hose...  a pitcher of lemonade, and snowcones.. - the cones..

Rileys first reaction is quite like his fathers,  FREAK OUT! turtle squirted water at his hair, Riley ran in the house, said he didnt want to play anymore, and started crying and pouting!.. so I have learned the only way to deal with this.. is to tell him.. to get his butt back outside and have fun right now! I feel like I am being mean,  but being incouraging doesnt work with him.   Well, he had a great time for hours after that.

See..  Big Toothless smile = Fun

They even talked me into getting in the tiny pool,   It was fun! :)   I think we will be having allot of these "free" fun days this summer.  7 more weeks till our little Colby arrives!    And I am still doing Photoshoots!!  I am crazy, I know but  Dang I really need the money!  :) 

We went Real swimming at Mikes moms house,  she has a salt water pool, the pool was 89 degrees! Did I meantion is Fredaking HOT in arizona!   everyone had a great time!  :)  we got wrinkley, we had subway and just enjoyed the day. 

Long summer days..  with crazy boys running and yelling and driving me NUTS! I am surely in need of a little girls time..  :)   But I wouldnt trade these days,  before I know it, they will be gone, the boys will be grown up and riding bikes around the neighborhood with their friends...   & I will sit alone, in a quiet house and miss these crazy days.

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