Saturday, February 27, 2010

Are things speeding up? or Am I going slower?

The days seem long, but yet I get nearly nothing done. I wake up every 2 hours like clockwork, and only get about 5-6 hrs of sleep total. So much to do, but there never seems like enough time. I cant wait to take my leave! I am going to take all of April off!! :) I hope, maybe then I can get caught up on school work, and spending time with people I love! & doing things I enjoy doing for a bit before Brady is here. Some will be without pay, I am Very Very worried about that, but I think its worth it, I need it! I feel emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted.

My shower is the 13th of march, I am so thankful that Emily and Sharon wanted to give me a shower!! :) I hope it will be a great time! & Emily took pictures of me and Riley at the Power Ranch park for the invites,

they turned out pretty good :)
I love this picture, I took it, and riley was so close to the camera!! so his Head Looks Giant!

then Riley and I played for a bit.

I am in the FOP or the faternal order of Police at work, and I pay my dues every month. Well I got a check back, turns out they were taking our twice as much as they should have been for nearly a year! So I was very excited when I finally had the money to get something I know I will use allot. A Glider!! Its pretty! :) and so easy to put together. Riley and I did it :)

so I messed up on the arms, but mike was quick to help fix it for me. after we put it together my goal was to clean the kitchen.. but.. using the glider box to make a house seemed like a more.. productive way to spend my time :) Riley and I had a great time! Decorating it!

and then playing inside and outside of it :)

He was using it as a resturant, saying "can I take your order"? and he had the recent burger kind coupon book and let us pick our items out, it was cute!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

As You Wish.. and More

Riley and I went to As you wish with my friend Becky :) we had a great time! I've never been there before, We were there for nearly 3 hours and Riley did Awesome, for a 3 year old anyways.

He got a bit restless near the end, He painted a Lightning Mcqueen car bank.

and Then we made a plate for michael, and one with Riley's hands that I have always wanted :)

I need to find a wall plate hanger somewhere.

After you get done painting them, they fire them

You come back in a few days, they are shiny and bright! :)

Here is our finished work, I think they turned out well for our first time!

Riley had a Valentines Party at school today, He had a great time! & he really enjoys seeing his new friends twice a week. He had to miss school all last week, because he was so sick :( Poor thing, he has never been that sick before... the day he started to feel better.. I got it Not Fair! It feels like I've been sick for 7 months!

Riley and I made Candy Airplanes for his friends in class, I used to make them when I was a kid,

I forgot how easy they were to make, and cute! & Mrs. Lisa said all the kids in class loved them.

I've been trying to take a prego pic, but they are heard to take! side views. always make me look retarded!! Oh well. here are a few of the.. less crappy ones :)

Michael was playing with Riley, he told him "i'm going to clean your Clock" and they were pretending fighting.. well Riley stopped and said "No, I'm going to clean your Clock" he ran away. we were confused. until I went into the bedroom and saw Riley.. with a Wipe.. Cleaning,. Michaels Alarm Clock :) It was so cute! kids are crazy.

Sorry this video isnt very good, but this is Riley's new favorite song :) See what Tv teaches our children. Lol