Friday, June 20, 2008

Bieng a little crafty!

Mike has been grouching at me because I leave my cups with soda and ice on the tables & then it leaves a ring!.. He doesnt blame it on me, but in stead made up a little person that keeps doing it, called "the watered down soda gnomes" he says, well babe, those watered down soda gnomes did it again!.. Crap.. so I decided to get coasters, but they are all ugly! at the store you pay $17 for some ugly coaster with a rooster on it. & you can buy cutes homemade ones but they are $30! thats nuts. Soo.. I am cheap and decided to make my own,

Here are some I made, they work great! they are very cute, just a few little blemishes I am trying to work out. Here is a pic of ones I made Heather (the red ones) and mine the blue ones.

Amy this one is for you :)

You asked for something chocolate, so when I had my girls only, passion party! Which was soo fun! I made these little tarts things!

They had chocolate moose, made from pudding and a container of cool whip! then I put it in the individual sized cups graham cracker pie crusts and sliced straberries for the top. They wre great! easy to make, and I can't wait to make them again! :)

& of course because of the wonderful mom I am.. Here a scrapbook page of Riley eating the remainder of the cool whip :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's day = Family Day

Father's Day Fun! :)

This kid is crazy! :) but he looks pretty cool in those shades!

Gene and Jenny @ Dinner

Three generations of Langen's.

My Favorite In-Law's Chris, Emily, Harlee & Gracee!

Me ( :P I didnt even have time to comb my hair before we went!!.. Oh well ) Mike & Mr. Riley
Mike had to work in the morning, but we had a great night! We went to Red Lobster to celebrate with His Dad & his brother & the family..

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Little Confessions....


#1... Sometimes when my husband is snoring and I can't sleep.. I kick him so he will roll over, I pretend its an accident and say "oh sorry babe", he rolls over and its quite for a few mins! :)

#2... On my days off, I say there are things I need at the store, just to get a little "me" time, its nice :)

#3... I am addicted to checking my email, eventhough I rarely get anything of substance, usually just generic "Save 20% this week ONLY!" emails, but still I check and I I am usually to lazy to respond right away when I do get a real e-mail from someone.

#4... During the day, all the TV's in the house are on, right before my hubby gets home I run around and turn everything off! so he wont give me a lecture about wasting electricity.

#5.... I buy, fruits and fresh veggies and stuff to make meals! But they usually go bad, because on days I work, the last thing I want to do it cook! or prepare anything,

#6 .... I am addicted to those smut, reality shows, Like Tila Tequila, The Girls Next Door, I love New York, and Flava Flav ( this guy is weird)! & I have to remember to get mike this silly hat he wears.. LOL I bet there is one on Ebay!! , Denise Richards,Living Lohan.. its sad really.. OOhh and the dating reality shows like, Farmer wants a wife, bachelor & bachelorette, and Next

#7.... I dont read to Riley enough, He turns the pages to fast & doesnt really listen so I get frusterated and give up.... grrrr..

#8.... I am nearly always late to work, I say its because of traffic or something, but its really because I am not anxious to get somewhere I will be sitting for at least 10 hours! although I love my job,

#9..... I tell my hubby that I have homework to do, so when I dont want to watch something with him, I say I have research to do instead.. eventhough school is out for the summer :P

#10.... Since I have been working at the Police Dept, I am suspicious of everyone and everything. Because I have come to learn that 90% of people are up to no good. So if someone is selling bikes on the corner, I wonder.. "where they stole those from", oir kids selling lemonade at the park, " I wonder what is really in that lemonade and who's tree they stole them from"....& so on.. Although I still find the goodness in everyone, I am also wondering about alllll the bad things they do to. :)

What are some of your confessions :) We all have them!

Monday, June 2, 2008


Busy days! I can't beleive how freaking hot it is outside!! & the days are gone before I know it! Here are some of the things we have been doing the last few weeks.

We went to lunch at serrano's & the park! It was so much fun, Riley swng on the big boy swings for the first time! He was full of energy. We went with Aunt Andrea & Nana Linda. Of course I scrapped about it!

Chris, Emily & the girls came over for dinner, I made dinner again! I am getting this cooking thing down!
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I made baked chicken, Garlic potatoes, and steamed then baked broccoli covered in cheese! It turned out great! :)

Then we had ice cream for dessert! The boys made us watch the fight :P YUCK! Those guy's faces after 3 mins of fighting were sooo gross & one guys ear POPPED OPEN! YUCK! EWE! blood all over. Men r nuts!

Here are a few of the scrapbook pages I have been working on.& of course I did them all for free! Although I have bought a few kits I just couldnt resist, but I havent used them yet.

Playtime! I love playtime! Ok... I get tired a little faster then he does though!.
See how much fun a laundry basket can be!!

Here is a few sites I love to go to! They have the greatest digital scrapbooking stuff!