Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lightbulb moments.....

16:32.. 2/27/2008..
I am sitting here at work having a "lightbulb" moment.. The kind of moments Oprah talks about on her show. I began reading the book Losing It, its the Valerie Bertinelli story.. I am only thru the second chapter and see myself in nearly everything in the book so far. As my husband is at home.. Loading our moving truck, packing and cleaning... I came to a realization.. that today.. at 8pm.. it will be the last time I drive home the same way. The last time I was allowed to get my butt out of bed 25 mins before I have to be at work this morning. and the last time I have to hear that Ghetto music, pounding so loud it shakes the windows on our house.. I will have to fight traffic... everyday down Ironwood.. but its worth it! I can't even say its an exciting feeling exactly ... more like.. content.. and calm.. We have worked so hard for so many years.. never taking family vacations, seeing movies or going out to eat.. always using our entire paychecks (except clearance shopping.. hehe.. ) to pay the bills on time, never being late... even when mike was out of work for 3 months! Just to have this moment.. Some place Riley will be able to grow up, & remember all the great timeswe had together. Maybe even bring his future wife and kids home someday. A place I know will always be there (as long as we pay our mortgage..) & gosh dang it!.. I can paint all my walls pink with green poka dots if I want to! :) I love that feeling.. Now.. on to the next set of goals.. My husband says I always have to be working on something, always wanting something else.. But I feel if your not working for something, toward something.. what the heck are you living for... Even if that goal.. is something as simple as.. smiling more everyday :) I think its time to spend a little time on myself.. becoming the person I want to be.. the person I truely am...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dad + Mom = Riley :)

Here is a bit of proof that children's personalities come from their parents..

I was doing dishes (I know I am so proud of myself).. & there was tons of bubbles from that new groovy foam soap! So I took a handfull and blew them off on Riley..

His First reaction... HIS FATHER....

When he realized Bubbles are fun!!! They are light & bouncy,, but they taste bad.. Oh well...

OMG how do I get this off! It feels weird... No longer fun... just.. sticky...

Children :) They are us.. just a younger version....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'v Been Tagged! :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I've been tagged :)

10 years ago.. I was 19! I was living in a house with three boys! One of which I ended up marrying.. My mother had ovarian and cervical cancer. I was working at Target and Some Telemarketing place (that christina worked at too!) I was was carefree, ambitous, happy, entergetic, positive, THINNER, .. Ten years ago.. boy that seems like a long time....


5 Things On My To-Do List:

1. PACK!

2. MOVE!

3. SALE this house

4. Find Comfy black shoes for work

5. Decide on Vacation plans :)


Things I Would Do If I Became A Millionaire:

Buy a bunch of houses (lots) next to each other in a cul-de-sac & let my friends pick the house they want so we can all live in the same neighborhood! Then they wont have house payments so it will be easier to convince everyone to move close to ME! :) Then! I would take my checkbook to every grocery store in the city and pay for groceries for families! Then I will convert the old AJ motel into a homeless shelter where they can live & work! :) (except the crazy druggy ones) I still need to keep them around so I have a job to go to!!.. hey.. wait.. if I am a millionaire.. I wont have to work.. lol.. DUH!!


3 Bad Habits I Have:


2. biting my toenails! ( I know gross!) but only after I have showered.. I think I got it from Riley! ... hehe

3. Bailing., I have to stop doing that! I bail on everything


5 Places I've Lived:

1.Hannibal Mo,

2. Mesa, AZ

3. Memphis Mo,

4.Apache Junction, AZ

5. Gilbert, AZ or was is Chandler.. I dont know I was in Elementry school


5 Jobs I've Had:


2. Target

3. KMEM Radio DJ

4. Banner Health x3

5.Apache Jct Police Dept.

7. Some Things Most People Don't Know About Me

This is a hard one since I am pretty much an open book!..

Hmmm... maybe this one will be enough.. since its kind of Risque.. I made out with a girl for a movie I was in a few years ago.. ( but I think it was soley for my directors pleasure since it was his wife!.. who was playing opposite of me ) Men are weird.. (p.s. Movie only 1/2 filmed... Director got arrested.. Hmm.. )

Crap..... Has everyone been tagged already!? Anyone who reads this who has not been Tagged!! YOUR IT! :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Just stuff :)

Today was our first date night in nearly a year!! I know!! We had a nice Chinese dinner then went to a movie..
Look at how white I am!! Can we say "sunlight"!

where I guess I got the start time wrong and we had a HUGE fight!.. so screw date nights! Men suck! But then I went and bought a new couch for our new house! :) So.. That fight will now cost us $90 a month :) But we did get really cool couches!! :) They are awesome! & Here they are.. soooo comfy! & we got the sectional, the giant chair and a huge 4 ftx 4ft ottaman! which is great.. almost like another seat! :) Yay...

& here is a picture of Riley with a strainer on his head.. Kids are nuts!
P.s.. if your wondering.. mike said sorry later.. :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A day at the park! :) Freestone Park is Great!! It's free entertainment, and if you go on the right days they have a train, ferris wheel & carousel! & Ducks!! which are there all the time since Arizona doesnt get that cold.

There are some pictures of us playing at the Park.. As a family I am sad to say we dont get out much. We have opposite days off and work totally opposite schedules so we make it work when we can. Here is me aned Riley.. I look like a retard! Thats what I get for trying to talk while Michael is trying to take a picture! :) RIley is getting so big!

He was soo interested in the Ducks! He kept trying to get in the water to get them!

He loved the big open spaces to run everywhere! We definately worked off our Taco Bell that day! Chasing a 2 year old is tough work!
I love when his little face lights up! Its amazing, and I can see why so many parents live thru their children! Its almost better the 2nd time around!.. I can't wait till it gets a little warmer!.. just a little though... :P