Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A lit'l of this A lit'l of that..

I worked hard for months on my blog books, and One for my Sister Paigey, they came the other day,, I cried looking thru them, They turned out great!! Perfect awesome and amazing! & they were All Free!! Yep.. FREE!! just paid shipping which ended up to be like $8 a book, but well worth it.

Turtle is rolling over more frequently now. and talking all the time!! He is so cute I actually get giddy when we are playing because I am so happy!! Mike and I watch him sleep and just talk about how beautiful and perfect he is.

I've been running, yep.. actually running,,, eating salad 5 times a week, dropping my calories to around 1200, and only drinking one soda a day!.. I lost 7 pounds!! I was so happy... that was before I started running.. 5 miles in 4 days and I today I weighted myself and was so sad .. I gained 8 pounds??.. what the freak, how is that possible!! Oh well, maybe water weight or something..

Riley goes back to school next week! I cant believe its Aug already, I am so thankful and so grateful! and excited that this month is Over!

Cant wait till it starts to cool off so we can actually enjoy things!!

went to the eye dr.. that is always a joy.

got creeped out and disguested by some chick and her fiancee on facebook,,,ewe..

went to court with Dani to help get Gabe back.. it went good.

got a new shirt and jeans from Old Navy!! lol yeah that was one of the highlights of my week.

Baking a cake for a friend tomorrow :)

thats all, have a nice day ..

here are some pics to look at

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time Flies.....

WoW! Its been nearly a month since I have posted! That rarely ever happens...

Been Busy Busy Busy....

Went back to work.. which is a Bummer! But money is good :) we need money to do fun things, and since I dont want to live in a dark hole and hate everything like some people.. I work :) & I am good at it, and I actually do good things to help people most nights, so its worth it. & it makes coming home to my boys amazing! and I am so thankful and grateful to have them. Even on 3-5 hours of sleep,, 4 days a week. I cherish every moment!

Boys are Great! Riley is starting school in 2 weeks, 3 days a week. I am so proud of him, he is so helpful and smart! He has his moments when I want to lock him in the closet, but every 4 year old has those . Brady is Fantastic!! the medicine is working and he is sleeping thru the night! For mike he sleeps from around 8-9pm to about 5-6 am! then after that he is up every 1-2 hours which is tough on me, but I love it. I dont mind waking up to a smiley squishy turtle who is quite the conversationalist.

Brady is 3 months now! I cant believe he is growing so fast! he Loves lights, anything that lights up,

when he is mad or grouchy he says.. ma over and over again with a little frowny face that is so cute I just have to smile and kiss his cheeks. He loves to watch me cook, and dance around the kitchen with me.

He watches TV with Riley and spends time everyday talking to his friends :) aka animals and toys around the house.,. He is bored easily, so we have the house set up like a Curves! It has baby brady stations.. Station 1.. swing.. Station 2.. Bouncer.. Station 3 play mat.. station 4.. crib with stary lights and music thingy :) then rotate in a nap or two. But we have it down to a science. He is a happy jolly baby I love him so :)


Its to Hot to do most anything!!! But Mike took us to the AZ Mills mall a few weeks ago, actually shopped with me! I was so excited, he bought me shoes, and we ate at the Rain Forest Cafe! That place is so cool! We will have to make a monthly date out of it. He took us for Ice cream first, and we had the best day!!

We went to Dave and Busters for Tammys birthday, I love how you can play some games and get enough tickets for something really cool!! Riley got a vintage Car, I got a Hippo and Tammy got Brady a puppy. :) We had a great time! It was so good to see her.

I cant wait till it starts to get cooler!! There are so many amazing fun things I want to do! :)

im eating Salads everyday!! Yeah it sucks but its worth it :) My father in law got my this great DVD, Baby Pilates! I couldnt start it until we got Turtles Acid Reflux under control.. since you lift and hold them over you allot!.. I didnt want to be puked on everytime!

Here are some pictures of stuff. I'll post more often :)

I love my photo program, and I love that I can make these. I think I will have them blown up and put on the wall! If you want one just let me know and I can make one of your kids too.
The Turtle doesnt appear to be to happy about his bunny costume :) But he sure looks cute!