Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Getting back to Normal :)

I am behind!! I've been so tired lately, making a baby is hard work! and I feel like I sleep all the time. But I know this tired phase will pass soon :)

Sooo.. I took the intelligender test!!!! It was weird, and the container got really really hot after I swirled me pee around. I dont think your suppose to hold it up to the light, but of course I did, in order to get the desired results I wanted of course!
So here is pic

Here is

and here is while sitting on the counter at eye level :)

So we can all see that it clearly says BOY!
which I know I want a girl, but the other day when Riley was running around the house, yelling "Im a superhero! I'll save you mommy!" I thought, you know another little superhero around the house wouldnt be so bad after all :)
But the catch is... on the box it states! VERY CLEARLY

Which I have PCOS, inside in the directions it states Not recommended because women with PCOS will likly get a false boy readings. So I guess that still gives me hope! :) But it was interesting to take.
I found my little sir in my bathroom a few days ago, asked him what he was doing and he yelled back, "just putting on my makeup" I thought ok, then.. what?? of course I ran in yelling "child what are you doing!" but he did look pretty cute with the little blush brush and his rosey cheeks.

Saturday we wanted to do something fun! We were suppose to go to lunch with my aunt and cousins, but her first grandson was born that day! So we went to Peter Piper Pizza just us! :) It was nice, but holy moly there were tons of kids there! What was I thinking going on a saturday night! all the ski-ball machines were broken, and the parents just let there 2-4 year olds run wild with no tokens so they were all over all the games, and racing games without actually playing. so we didnt spend much time over there. Riley was sad when we left early, but we played candyland when we go home so that made it better! :)
Riley was trying to make an ugly/funny face

He wasnt doing is right, so Daddy had to show him how to make an ugly/funny face! and boy did he do a great job!!

Then today, Paigey came home!!! It was so good to see her! and Dani and Noah! Noah is getting so big he is nearly walking already!! Im so proud of him!

Noah is so cute!! :) He has the cutest little cowlick, it runs in the family :)

I know I look like crap in this picture! :) buts that ok, Im such a wuss I cry all the time when my sisters and I are together! :) I miss them so much.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The results are in..

Just 1 baby!! :) Im actually surprised, but nearly relieved!
There is one strong tiny heartbeat in there :)

How is the big question!!




In a few weeks I am going to take the intelligender test! Emily took it and it came out correct for her. There are a few complications with me using it since I have PCOS which means I naturally have higher testosterone (I think I spelled that wrong) then every other woman who doesnt have it. It even states it on the box that I will most likely get a boy result even if I am having a girl. But I have to try anyways right :)

Of course I am hoping for a little girl, since I already have my perfect little boy. :) But I would be completely happy with another little man around the house! :)
Oh and the Dr is measuring me nearly a week later then the online calculator states. Which is good for a couple of reasons :) So my due date is May 1st. which is 2 days after Riley's 4th birthday! So we will see what happens! :)
Yay! :)

Monday, September 14, 2009


Tomorrow is my first ultrasound and Dr's appointment. I am worried and excited and nervous about it. I am wanting to hear that everything is ok, that the heartbeat it strong, and everything looks good. One thing that I am wondering is, How many babies...
1 2 or 3! ??? Hopefully not 3! We would be in trouble if we had 3..
Since I took Clomid which is a fertility drug to make me ovulate there is a significatly higher chance of multiples. & I took the highest dose of the medication. We are so happy either way. But having twins changes allot of things. So tomorrow is exciting!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Awe, how sweet..

*************** A LIttle Story ***************
Riley: Are you happy Mommy?
Me: Yes honey I'm happy
Riley: Are you getting Married?
Me: I'm already Married to daddy
Riley: Oh, are you going to have a wedding?
Me: we already did, but you werent there
Riley: I'm getting married too
Me: Oh really? Who are you going to Marry?
Riley: You Mommy :)

Awe, My kid is so sweet.

and his new thing is running up and giving me a giant hug! and saying
"Your the best girl I ever had" :) Like he has had so many, but its nice to be at the top of the list, reguardless of how long it may be.

Potty training..... Nearly sucessful! 90%, he hasnt worn diapers in over 5 days now. I might get to start buying diapers for the new baby now, instead of my 3 year old! :) I'm so proud of him. I finally got him to agree to not wear diapers anymore by having a fight with him, where we both ended up crying, and then he hugged me and said "i'll help you mommy", and he is doing great! Yay!!