Friday, October 14, 2011


Turtles Un-Birthday was monday!  18 months!  I cant believe it, he isnt my baby anymore!~

Mommy! ( he usually yells it ) Daddy
hot dog
mooo , meow, and quack quack
"i dunno know" is what he say when I ask him where anything is! even if he is holding the thing I ask him for.
Iley.. = Riley
NO!.. when as I ask him if he wants pretzels.. and he doesnt he yells NO!.. if he wants something he throws his hands in the air and says "Yay!"
and when he finds his picture.. he brings it to me and says. "mammas baby" :) awe, it melts my heart.. my sweet boy.

Today he was playing with Riley's gameboy and eating a cookie.. he looked so.. old! like a little boy, his own little personality. it was bitter sweet.

His hair is crazy! its 80% mine and 20% of mike's curls. I need to cut it. he is a dirty stinky 100% boy..& I love him!

On the down-side..
He bites.. grrr..
he scratches.. I think he thinks he is tickling, but it hurts!
he gets into everything, all the time.. trash, cabnits DVD cases all over the house, two days ago I caught him running thru the house with my thong! what the Heck kid! going thru my drawers!.. He is a full time job, but worth it :)

Sunny-Side Up!
this week I have a newborn shoot, Riley's first parent teacher conference, and then we are going to the Pumpkin Festival! Im so excited! & tomorrow. we might be getting a PUPPY! wow! I am nervous and scared.. I dont know anything about dogs... but I know it will be more work for me! But the kids will Love it :) especially Brady, he loves Puppys! :)

Have a great week! I need to catch up on reading my favorite blogs! :)

Monday, October 3, 2011


well, we have been sickies allot lately..
This last one was a dooosey! and everyone is still feeling the effects of it.

I think the worst part is when I realized.. Turtle got my Cold Sore gene. :( It breaks my heart.
Riley was lucky, he got most of michaels gene's...which is a bummer for me!. lol But poor Turtle.. is all me! When I first saw the small red spot above his lip, I instantly remembered back to my childhood. being so embarrassed! and having people look at you funny, or say "you have a booger on your lip". I missed weeks and weeks of school because of them, and most of the pictures I have of me when I was little I have cold sores. My sister paige shares the same horrible memories, she gets them worse then I do. now that I am older I rarely get them, and thank goodness for makeup to help cover them up, but poor turtle wont have that option.

I'm hoping it was a fluke.. a one time thing. I suppose we will see..
I'll just have to make sure he is the "cool popular" kid, so his friends wont think much of it.