Friday, March 28, 2008

Brooke White Before AI!!

Brooke white, Music video before AI! :) Its a great video and a Fantastic SONG! This girl is super talented!

P.s. I hope this works

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I am SOOOO MAD!!!!

I am Pissed!! It's 3:30 in the morning and I am so upset I can't sleep. I feel like a totally idiot!! I was going to call merry maids to come clean my old house to get it ready to sell. But they are expensive.. so My sister in law (who I love and its not her fault) suggested one of her friends that cleans houses for a living. She is $25 an hour! So I though since the house is 99% empty and I worked on cleaning it for over 4 hours last week it wouldnt take someone who does it for a living very long.. So I hired her for 4 hours at $100.. She was suppose to come last monday. she cancelled but kept saying she really wanted to do it..ok.. so.. I do feel bad that she had a mis-carriage but she insisted on doing in. was suppose to wed.. no show.. friday.. nope.. so today.. Sat.. set up for 11am.. couldnt get a ride. didnt head over to my house till 7:30pm! with her husband I left the money in the microwave.. $115 bucks, because she made me feel bad by saying her husband lost his job, and she didnt have anything for the kids for easter.. and she just had a miscarriage.. ect.. ect.. she didnt call to say they were for all I know they could have been there for an hour! for $115.. nice payday huh.. I showed up after work to check the house.. All the lights were on, the air conditioner was on set to 60 degrees! Bags of trash on the porch,(which there was no trash in the house.. so that was weird) I walk in.. everything that I had left in the cabinets (paining supplies, tupperware, a few dishes hangers,,ect) is now left in the middle of the floor!!! with dust and trash from who knows where scattered around. they didnt even rinse out the tubs :( the fans were dusty, the kitchen floors still dirty. :( the windows still spotted and smuggeded.. the blinds still dusty.. it is messier now then before I paid someone to clean it for me.. :( It takes me nearly 2 days 20 hours at work to make that money.. and I got SCREWED, because I still have to go back and clean it myself :( again.....
I am an idiot...... I hate being so nice that people take advantage of me...
How do I call her and tell her to come back and finish it.. in a nice way without paying her anymore money?? any ideas?

Sorry for venting...
I think I am going to bed now :(

Friday, March 21, 2008

Family Pics! They turned out pretty good.

Ok, you are about to embark on a long posting of pictures :) Have a nice day.. Maybe I should add music to my blog ... if I could figure out how to do that..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My first recipe!!!

Ok, I know its a crock pot meal.. but.. I add something :) I think that counts!

1. go to the store, in the freezer area.. (easy right?)
2. open the freezer door that contains.. Banquet crock pot meals.. Pick one :)
( my favorite is the chicken and potato's or the chicken & Rice yummy! )
3. Go pay for your purchase, (you may also choose to add something, like extra carrots-chicken or potato's -optional)
4. drive home listening to some great music on the radio (or cd- optional)
5. take your purchase in the kitchen! & get out your.. Handy Dandy CROCK POT!
6. follow the clearly written direction on the butt of the bag :)
7. 4-8 hours later (depending on cooking levels) You will have a super fun, easy, Casey meal.! Your family will love.. not because its delicious (it is though), but because they got to spend more time with you!

I would get you a finished pic.. but.. I have... 4 hours to go.. lol.. so it will have to wait! :)

Something weird.. We got a really cool new fridge when we got our new house! :) I thought.. Holy Crap I can fit allot of food in that! Today I was looking for something and its so full! I thought I would never fill it, we shouldnt have to shop again for months! But I still look in it and see things I need.. I also see tons of things that Gillian (from the biggest loser) would kick my butt for!!) Oh well.. but.. I am not starting that stage of my life till next week! :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Janelle is great! :)

We did family pics yesterday, It was fun, eventhough mike was sick and all Riley wanted to do is run run run! Here are a couple sneak peak pics :) I will put more on here when I get them :) Have a great day!
To book a session with Janelle go here :) or here! :) She does an amazing job!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Inspired by Heather :)

Heather always has the cutest things in her house! She is so very creative.. You know when you get something new you get motivated to use it right away! Well since we are moved into our new home, I have been motivated to try (try = key word) to be crafty! :) Here is something I made tonight, and here are also more pictures of my house, I will keep them coming as soon as I finish upacking my stuff...

Ok, I stole this letter idea from heather.. I know they are a little lop-sided.. hehe.. I tried.. but to hang them I had to be a little creative... But... I works :) Yay! They were easy and didnt cost to much! Someone else make some neat stuff so I can steal your ideas! :)

This is a wreath I attempted to make.. It started off really bad, but got better :) I tried to make it like the ones in Michaels, but everything I make turns out looking a little Hippie-Dippie.. But I guess thats just who I am.. Oh well

This is my kitchen! :) Its huge and I have cooked in it.. yeah really me! I made chicken enchalada's (spelling?) BBQ stuff, roasted potato's ect.. Its great!

This is looking from the hallway by the door & the playroom/den into the kitchen area :)

My new couches!! I love them, but I think Michael loves them more! He has them set up like an extra bed with the giant ottoman.. I haven't totally finished putting curtains up yet, just wanted to see how they would look :)

Growing UP! Riley's crib is now a toddler bed.. Oh how fast the years go by! He picked out his own bedding eventhough he doesnt watch Thomas the Train.. I think he just liked the "chew chew" sound I made when I was giving him the options!.. U should have heard my spiderman.. no wonder he didnt pick that one :P

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Smelly Goats = New Friends! :)

Today was ZOO day!! It was the first time I have been to the zoo in over ten years! Riley's first visit was great! He is a thinker though.. He took it all in, then fell fast asleep on the train ride.. & my camera died somewhere in the monkey village. Bummer!

We went to the petting zoo, (of course!) but when I was younger I remember more animals in there.. All they had was goats.. Thats it.. About 11 goats.. Riley walked around and had to pet every single smelly goat.. He made lots of friends.. One cute little tan one kept following him around..

He made another friend too! A little boy showed Riley how to stick his finger up the Lions nose! He was very amused.. :)

It was a good time, and next time we know what to expect so we can change things up a bit.

Monday, March 3, 2008

The sweet smell of Spring!! To order or just to look around! :)

Ok, If there is anyone out there who hasnt heard of Scentsy.. Let me fill you in.
It is amazing!! I love it for many reason.. #1. Its totally kid friendly! No fire, No flame, and it only gets mildly hot. If Riley gets into it and spills the wax on himself it will only be warm, and he will smell great for awhile :)
#2. Once you get past buying the warmer, each scent is only $5 to change! or cheaper if you buy the discount packs, They have over 80 scents! That are amazing! You can change the scents everyday because they are re-usable! I keep mine on 24 hrs a day! The wax at this rate lasts about a month, then starts to die off.. Some scents last longer then others. Most people turn there warmers on while they are home for a few hours so the scents last months! The warmers are cute and they plug in :) Here are some pics of the new stuff! Let me know if you would like a catalog or to host a party to get free stuff! :) check out the site for all the warmers and scents!