Sunday, September 26, 2010

sat morning + 105 heat + zoo = BAD IDEA

Mikes friends came into town for a wedding, and we havent seen them in years! They invited us to the zoo on Sat morning, I LOVE the zoo, and mike doesnt like it much so I thought this might be my only chance to go this year! Eventhough I worked till 2am, came home and Turtle was WIDE awake! I got honestly about 3 hours total of sleep broken up, We headed out and when we got there.. I already wanted to turn around because I was so tired! and they directed us to park in OVER Flow parking..
:( which means really Long walk. we got the stoller out and realized that it was sunny (DUH) and the shade didnt cover the baby and we didnt bring sunscreem. so I had to keep tucking his toes in, and put a blanket over him.
This little bird was right on the other side of the fense, and NOT about to leave her babies alone :) It was so cute..

we walked around the whole zoo, hardly any animals were out, Riley kept saying he was hot and wanted to go home. about noon I realized I hadnt eaten a single thing since 5pm the day before, and I felt light headed and dizzy. Mike noticed my face was getting red and burnt, and Riley could barley walk anymore it was horrible heat!
We had to leave by 130pm, because I had to go back to work at 3pm.. what a long day! we got a few pictures, but no one was in the mood for pics.. except my happy Turtle.. :) who is always up for anything.

On the way back to the car, I actually felt naseua, like they do on the biggest loser when they start throwing up during a workout. :)

I dont know how My hubby works in the heat all day long at the airport, I am so proud of him! :) He did a great job taking care of us, and when Riley nearly fell over walking back to the car, he carried him, and pushed the stroller,

we will go for zoo lights this year, and maybe when its cooler, we can actually go and Enjoy the zoo!! :) but it was an adeventure. and adventure is good.
pic of my and brady, the only one.. I look hot & tired. but brady was happy.

This is my "this was s dumb idea, Im overheated thank god we are leaving now" Look

Our attempt a a family photo..

Brady's little red face too.. I have such good boys! :)

A visit with my sister! :)

I miss my sisters.. all of them.. I hate that they all live so very far away! I did get to go see Dani this past week,, A bit of a driver but not bad, and I need to do it more often! I got to see my nephews! They are Adorable!!!

Brady had fun with Hayden, I thought it was so cute when they tried to hold hands.

then.. Brady tried to eat haydens arms... :)

Noah Loved the camera, and is such a Ham! :) he is total BOY! running, yelling, pushing, kicking, hitting OH MY! but he is only 1.5 years old and has so much energy. so Im sure he will grow out of this stage.

hayden is doing good, sitting up by himself, and knows just what he wants! and his cheeks are squishy and kissable! and those are big and beautiful!

wish I could have stayed longer,
& got sonic for lunch.. and the 20 year old kid who gave my the food, also included his phone number! LOL, eventhough I had 2 kids in the car! I think he was look'n for a Sugar Mamma! so he could quit his min wage job! :) lol
Brady in a festive Hat.. he looks cute.

then we made homemade Pizza later for Dinner.. I was surpirsed how Easy it was, and it was great!! really good!! :)

109 degrees.. park pics?

Emily and I have been planning to take some pics at the park of the families for months!! but we have been putting it off and its been so hot! but finally the weather started to cool down, and we had a couple of Beautiful days! so we planned Sunday to go,.. then the heat went back up! :( but we still went, took the kids and the hubbys out for a bit of torture! :) and we went to early so the sun was BAD for pics, but we did our best and got some good stuff. Here are a few.
me and my hubby.. this pic turned out kinda funky because of the light! I would Love some usable ones of us, so we can put a few on the wall.. maybe next time.

I love that Turtle doesnt mind the grass.. :)

emilys family pic turned out good! I wish the lighting was better, our bad timing

I love this one of the cousins in a tree

the lighting Finally got good... this was the last pic.. of course thats how it happens,, but we couldnt get the kids and hubby to take anymore pics, they were starving!!

This is our best family pic.. ummm.. it didnt turn out good, but it works for now. :) we are going to take family pictures in Utha next month! Im so excited!! My bestie Amy is going to take them, :)

Then we went to Serranos for dinner.. Yummy! :) THey have amazing bean dip!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Turtle talks

Dada...  2nd word

This video is for daddy, who went to LA on a business trip today, eventhough he was on gone for the day we missed him so..   :)  

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Domestic Goddess... in training 2

I got a sewing machine...
& my cousin tiffany helped me learn how to sew! :) basic anyways..

I have been wanting to make a blanket for YEARS!!! so I did :)

I got material at walmart with little peace frogs on it, added some ribbons around the side for Brady to eat/suck on.. because.. thats what babies do.

It came out good!! :) well.. ok, so my first one I didnt measure.. or pin.. just stuck the material at the bottom of the little sewing footie, and went.. :) I was so excited! It worked!
Then I took some left over material I had, cut it a bit, and put some velcro on it.. Walla!!.. (is that a word)

A Cape for my little Superhero! :)

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and got some very cute material and cant wait to have time to make something else!

Today mike and I had the day off.. the whole day was a bit of a waste.. sleeping not feeling good, being sad.. mike had a Great Idea!! we went to the park..
took a nice walk,

its not to far, we had a good time, and it was Brady's first real ride in the stroller, without having his little carseat.
He Loved it! looking around everywhere!

Riley played.... I chased him around and took pictures..

it saved the crappy day off before a very long week... I wont see my husband forover 2 days now, besides when one of us are sleeping, its sad :(

My beautiful Baby Boy is 5 months!! Times flies!

Last Wed RIley tested for his Tips!! Which is a stripe on the bottom of his belt for learning and passing his first Karate test. He worked hard and learned his Kata! :) I was so proud of him! Harlee, and Gracee came to watch him, Riley was so excited to see them! :)

I know, not a great picture... lol i was walking when I took it, but I love the look on his face :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Turtle toosie's

Another cute short video   :)  

Baby feet

I love the stage when babies start playing with their feet.. they are squishy, smiley, giggley. And perfect in every way. :)   today i got a video on my phone of my little turtle playing with his feet. :)  he made me smile all morning long. Then we took a long nap before i had to leave for work. :(     i hate leaving my boys. :(  but lately i need the break from my little superhero.. he is testing me.. the 4 year old phase is by far the worst.  I have to be careful to disapline...without crushing his spirit.  And making him realize mom and dad are boss. Not him..  its hard.. very hard.. and i nearly loose it sometimes. But its important to teach him to be respectful, kind, follow the rules and listen.  And this is the age that those need to be instilled in him... before he has a chance to turn into one of the teenage nightmares i deal with everyday. :)    

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Killing time........

A few days ago we found 2 baby scorpions in the HOUSE!!!! Mike and I have never even seen a realy live one, so we freaked out! Called the bug people who came out the next day.
After I took Riley to school I came home, threw my clothes on the couch (as usual) and put the turtle down for a nap. (Ding Dong).. crap! Jumped up threw on "clothes" and opened the door. There standing was a short hispanic man, starring at me with a weird look.. granted I was wearing something like this

He kept starring with a goofy smile, so I kinda ducked behind the door, and asked him what he needed. He lifted the bug can from behind his back. I asked if he could spray inside because we found scorpions, and that we had a baby., He said I should leave the house for 2-3 hours.. Crap.. this was NOT in my plans today.. so I said "hold on I'll get ready really quick and grab the baby and we can leave." I shut the door, and headed toward the bedroom. he opened the door and came in.. hmm.. weird I thought.. so I went to the bedroom thinking he was spraying the house..
I closed the bedroom door mostly behind me, and grabbed some real clothes, I turned around to find him standing outside my bedroom door peaking in! Freaked me out! So I shut the door fast and locked it, and told him to spray I had the baby in here with me.. I got ready, grabbed Rileys Karate outfit and a bottle and the little man was still walking around my house in a creepy way.. He headed out the front door and I locked it fast behind him. I met him in the garage, I had to sign something, and then he commented on my pretty eyes, and played with the baby.. I think because I work for the Police Dept, I am just suspicous of everything.. he left.. I got in the car and backed out a few mins later.. then noticed he was parked sitting in his car 4 houses down. It was weird.. so I just hung out around the corner and watched the house, thinking he was going to rob us, or install camera or something "criminal minds" like.
I had 40 mins to kill before picking up Riley.. So turtle and I drove around in the places we havent been yet since we moved in 2.5 years ago. :)

Have you ever seen those wild flowers on the side of the road,.. I am a Hippie Chick, and everytime I see them, I daydream about running in fields of flowers on a windy day in some sort of a white dress.. :) I know like that Tampon commericals..
Well I finally took a few pictures,, parked my car in a weird spot on the side of the road.. and many people drove by nearly breaking their necks trying to figure out what the Heck I was doing.. I think they turned out great! I might frame them for my wall.

Picked up Riley and we went to Mcdonalds... big mac.. YUM-O! I did regret it during later workout.. but worth it at the time.
..Hmmm.. still 1.5 hours to kill before Karate..
The park! yes Arizona, it was 112 that day,, and I decided to take the kids to the park at 2pm.. It was HOT! but the shade was bareable and a bit breezy. Riley played by himself on the play ground.,,. since No other parent in their right mind would take the kids to the park that day.. and we took some pictures in the grass..

I was so shocked that Turtle didnt hate the grass, he didnt scream or whine he just laid there enjoying it.. Riley freaked out the first time his tiny feet hit grass..

we went to Karate, Mike met us there, I LOve that he comes to watch him too! Riley did AMAZING!! Tip testing next week, :) I hope he can get it down before then. then taco bell, (more regret later) then home for family time. I was actually surprised to see all of our stuff still in the house. :)