Saturday, June 12, 2010

How does your Garden Grow

One of my goals this year was to have a small garden in the backyard. I asked my father in law what I needed to start and he gave me a list, I had every intention of actually doing it myself :) But then I couldnt walk, and was more then 8 months pregnant and that made finding the motivation tough. I am sooo Thankful that My father in Law did 99.99% of it :) It is better then anything I could have ever done! Its the perfect size, and I love looking at it everyday. Riley was excited at first, and still is to water it and see whats growing outside, but he HATES to get dirty, lol just like his daddy.
Riley had a great time learning how to plant things, and helping Pop Pop in the garden. It was so cute watching him learn, think, and get excited, them cringe a bit because there was dirt involved.

We just harvested out first little Veggie! Radishes.. I dont like radishes, but they were fun to grow, and I cant believe how fast they grew, and some of them were HUGE!
Riley loves spending time with his grandpa.

With fathers day coming up it makes me think about my dad. and How I wish that I had a good relationship with him, I guess I do.. when he is sober and has the minutes on his phone to call me once every few months. Riley and Brady will never know 90% of my family and that breaks my heart. I am so thankful that Mike is a hands on dad, and he loves spending time with the boys. Its so great that Gene, mikes dad is around allot to teach Riley and someday Brady all the things that dads and grandpa do. Like fixing things, working on cars, fishing, camping ect. Michael isnt into anything like that, but I used to really love to do those things as a kid and I want Riley and Brady to be able to experience all the great things in life, then decide what things they really love and want to continue to do as they get older, and what traditions to pass down to their children.
I know that mike thinks I am always looking for "the next thing to do", and that I am never satisfied but I think its more then that. I want my kids to be well rounded. to be able to have the freedom to be who they are, or who they want to be. I want to give them the first look at what amazing things the world has to offer. Some of the best times I can remember are the simple things, going with my dad to work while he re-painted an entire house! When my mom would let me drive on her lap on the way back from Mexico, and climbing up on my roof with my cousin and friends to watch the stars for hours. When my Aunt Deb used to paint my nails, and how its her fault I love Target so much. Uncle Joel punching me in the arm and holding me unside down by my feet!, and the whole phase I went through being obsessed with the Raiders and Jeeps because thats what my Uncle Mark loved.Or that when I think of breakfast I think of Valerie, who makes the best breakfast in the whole world! She makes it with love, My sisters dont have allot of those memories, mom died when they were so young, and to be honest. That is what I am afraid of. that I to will die young and my kids wont have enough of those memories, those special times and pictures of me to remember me by. Ok, I got a bit off track.. .. The Garden, I love it, its nice and I hope to keep it going every year! and I cant wait to grow something that I actually like to eat, Lol :) But the carrots will be done soon. Yay & we have onions, and peppers growing in there too, which will make Mike very happy! :)

I went back to work last night. I was very proud of myself, I did great! and remembered everything. It was bitter sweet though, I wish I could decide what I want do. I know we dont have the money for me to stay at home, so I guess I have a few more years to think about it :) for now anyways