Friday, December 26, 2008

It's OVER?? I'm not even finished decorating yet!

Oh my, Christmas is over and I didnt put up all my decorations! Next year, screw waiting till Thanksgiving is over, Unless I am given a bunch of turkeys and a cornucopia for the table, the snowflakes and snowmen are coming out of the closet mid NOV.

We had 2 christmas's this year, One with Mike's mom, and one with his Dad and Jenny. I think every family has their weird things, but it means double the celebrations with family for us :)

Riley Scored! Oh my, this kid has more trains and cars then he could ever had imagined. & the funny thing is, he plays with them all. :) They get equal attention. After we had to wake his up Christmas morning, because we were to excited! When he saw what Santa brought him, I had to BEG him to open his other gifts.

Mike's dad got Riley this Hammer.. Hmmmm.. its a real, heavy duty hammer, just with a short handle.. hmmm... can you say "bad idea"! I am hiding this thing as soon as he is not looking, and it may be used outside, away from windows and other people. :)

we vegged out all day, then went to Mike's mom's house, where you had a less then traditional dinner, but it turned out good :) The kids had a blast! and of course they all got some MORE toys!

Today, Mike had to work, so I got up early to put the turkey in, and got after Christmas shopping at Target! I was all jazzed hoping to get some amazing deals on more Christmas decorations for next year... Sadly to say, I only ended up with a fiberoptic 18' snowman.. they had next to Nothing left.. and it was only 1/2 off.. So I might hit up a few other stores if I get the chance this week.

I came home, GROUCHY! and tired because Target was busy and Riley was being a "train freak!" which means, the whole shopping trip he kept yelling out "No that way"! Track mommy more tracks"

So after a mad cleaning dash around the house, I decided to try my hand at making a pie! :) Yes a real one... not from scratch see, because.. I had the pre-made pie crust and some random cherry filling in the pantry, I thought what the heck, lets add some chocolate to it, and made a crumble top! Pop that bad boy in the oven for a few mins and let it melt together! I call this.. my.. Target was busy and I am grouchy pie... those of you that have seen the waitress know what I am talking about. :) the crumble came out more like a.....playdo pancake.. so I attached the pieces and made a face of the emotion I was feeling.

. needless to say.. the next time I attempt to make a pie.. I will put a Happy face on it.. maybe then it wont taste like monkey crap! :)

The rest of dinner went great! Turkey.. awesome.. This is my 3rd turkey of the year.. and I am getting pretty darn good at it :) The kids opened more presents!! and mike and I got a Fantastically beautiful new set of silverware! Like the grownup stuff! so now, all my forks and spoons match and I have enough for everyone!
On thanksgiving mike had to use one of Riley's toddler forks :)

For Christmas I got, 2 movies The women, and the House Bunny, a CD, Little Big Town, a Yahtzee game, and a charger for my wii remotes. and a really cool chopper for onions and stuff so I dont cry when I cook :) and Mike even wrapped them all separately.. except the 2 movies, he also got me 2 magazine subscriptions to O and First!
Next year I am going to make him save money out of each paycheck for christmas, :) Oh what a year of change this will be for us, I am excited about it, but a little tired already :) But it will be worth it.

Someone had to marry this man... I took one for the team ladies :)

I told him I was going to post this picture! :) He is doing what he does best :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas eve...

Riley got to open 1 present earlier, as most kids do on christmas eve. So here are a few pics..

Riley scratched his nose on something last week, a few weeks ago it was the other side and he can't keep his little fingers off it!! So its not get better fast enough, so all his pic will have that little sore :( Thank goodness for photoshop!

I forgot to wrap something, I keep finding things I should have wrapped all over the house! So Riley got lucky and got 2 early gifts this year. He Loved it because when he moves.. it lights up!!

Traditions.. 2008

So this is the first year we are really starting our family traditions, Riley is old enough to notice these little things.. so.. Tradition #1 Pizza on Christmas EVE! Saves me from cooking and getting dishes dirty.

Cookies! what the heck happened to my cookies!
Things to improve upon next year..
1. invest in a rolling pin

the cup seemed to work for the most part, but using our hands to smack it down was more fun!

2. make smaller cookies so you can tell what the heck they are suppose to be

3. Take more pride in decorating them

Gingerbread House! I LOVE THESE! Riley helped this year, and we got a kit from walmart for $9... it started out well :)

I love that they give you everything you need.... OOooops... Dang! .. I already have icing all over my hands!, in my hair and on my shirt..

OH CRAP~~~~ Oh well there goes $9... Riley will eat it

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Choo choo....

Tonight we went to the Schnepf farms for there christmas lights and to ride the train! Which is all Riley talks about from the time he wakes up in the morning till the bewitching hour.

It was so cold! Poor kiddo's little nose was red and i tried to teach him to put his hands in his shirt, but I dont think he got it.

Ok, you know how when you take a pic of christmas lights you cant get the full effect of the lights unless you turn your flash off, but when I do that and we are moving on a (slow rolling) train this is what they look like, And I am assuming this is what the world would look like on drugs :)

Here is me and mike, I was frozen and numb and he was only wearing a t-shirt!

There is the train depot, which is where people would think one would catch the train! well we walked all the way over to it, and waited for about 15 mins,,

turns out the place to get on thr train was all the way back at the entrance :P DUH! well we needed the exercise anyways.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Wreaths!

Ok I learned to make somethin new this year! I was really excited when my friend Trina at work make these wreaths last year, like rice crispy treats but better! I ate allot of them.. allot :) So this year she brought in her portable stove to work and let me make them! So I know I was suppose to be protecting, and serving or whatever, but this was much more fun!

They should really let us have an oven at work, I would learn so much! & the officers would always have home cooked meals with the girls I work with and there love for cooking! :)

& tomorrow I am going to finish my ornaments I am making, I think they are cute!.. I dont know if anyone will like them, but I am working hard on them so they better! :)

Madyson Grace Frazier

Since Heather doesnt have internet right now I thought I would post some pics of her beautiful new daughter Mady, She is so cute! & tiny I forgot how little they are when they come out! I am glad she was awake when I got there since I didnt have much time to visit! I know that in a few weeks heather will be back on here posting away!

I know that her family is enjoying every minute of her being here! & She says the boys are just in love with her.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Toddler vs. Santa

Well,,, we took riley to see Santa this year..
the first year we took him, he was awesome! I wish I could find that picture. He sat right on his lap and smiled soo big! the 2nd year.. well that didnt work either! We had to sit next to santa with riley and I think he was still crying.. This year, Oh my! Thank goodness I didnt pay the $20 for the picture they took, here is the Riley before picture :) He looks so sweet right?

& Here is our version Chrismtas #3 :p Look at my face, I am trying to smile and hold on to my screaming toddler so he wont slide away! Poor santa

I read in a Parents magazine that when your child hits 2 1/2 head for shelter! & I know what they were talking about now. I sure hope this phase ends soon, I am not used to him being so defiant and grouchy! He is not usually a child who throws fits, and never in stores before this last few weeks! I know every parent goes threw some sort of stage, & I just hope I live threw it, and I hope he does too :)

Funny Pictures

Here are a few pictures taken at Gracee's Birthday in July.. My father in law just sent them to me and I think they are too funny not to share. I think I had more fun at the party then the kids did!

Monday, December 8, 2008

FREE!! Yes.. FREE!.. FREE!!

Christmas is TIGHT this year! But thankfully I found ARTSCOW! We are friends :)

They R Awesome! Just for signing up.. that just takes your name and creating a password.. You get tons and tons of free stuff! SO.. I made calenders, photo books, all my christmas cards, a watch, keychains, a nceklace, deck of cards, and a mouse pad all for FREE!! Just shipping charges! It took me a long time to decide what I wanted and to make the books and calendars perfect for people, but it was well worth it!
If you want to join let me know I will send you a link :)

For the Cure!

A few months ago I started collecting Pink lids from Yoplait! Every lid you send in they will give $.10 to finding the cure for breast cancer! I love companies that give to charitable funds and that get the community excited and involed in what they do! I asked the girls & guys @ work to save them for me & I was surprised at how well they did! I only contributed 5! but they did great!
I am sending them off for the first time this year, and Next year I would love to start a community project for collecting them! Even a little goes along way if everyone helps out!

A Home for Christmas!

I have been waiting along time to be able to put lights on our house for Christmas! I am so excited that this year we can finally do that!! My father in law came over and put up the lights for me! They look awesome! Riley had a blast playing in the front yard watching the kids on bikes go up and down the street and watching us struggle with the strands of lights!

I have always wanted a red door!! Since as long as I could remember. and my last place the only thing I like was that it had a red door! well,. 2 days before we moved in they painted it another crappy color :P and stated that it was the park rules!.. Now I have an HOA.. someday when I am feeling LUCKY, I might attempt to paint this one to see if the HOA has a problem with it.. :) But for now I can paper it for the holidays!