Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Colors, Numbers, Sugar = Surprise!

Mike's birthday isnt for 2 weeks, But today I wanted to try and make him a cake!
I figured, try.. was the key word! I've been watching Ace of Cakes, and Cake Boss like crazy lately, and I have always wanted to try fondont! So I thought it would be nice to make a cake for him, and surprise him with his birthday gift at the same time.

Blink 182 has been mike's favorite band for at least 11 years! and they are back together now and coming to concert in Sept. I got him tickets to the show, but I knew he needed time to make sure he could get it off work. So when the cake turned out so good today! I decided to make his birthday come a bit earlier! :)

I should have taken a picture of my hands after last night! I took the fondont to work and added the coloring and mixed it together there. My hands were/are dyed partially blue! with orange speckles.
Heather came over today to help me! Yay! and she is a rolling queen! and thank goodness for those cookie cutters or it would have taken an hour to cut out all the letters by hand. Putting it on the cake was easier then I thought too.

I even made the inside of the cake bright orange too! Since Blue and Orange are his favorite colors I thought it would be the perfect Cake! He loved it, and was so happy to get the concert tickets! I think he is still is Awe, that he gets to see Blink 182 again!.

I really enjoyed making it and it came out pretty nice, Fondant isnt yummy.. ewe. but it sure does look pretty :)
I think I will be doing more, the bad thing about this hobby is, Its expensive. and you eat the end result!.. But it is allot of fun!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stuff, Party, treats...

Hello Middle of JULY! that is crazy how fast the last few months have gone by. I feel like since I took my finals the beginning of May, I have been a complete space Cadet!! (worse then usual)
Tammy's birthday was last week, We went to Dave and Busters,

It was cool! like an arcade for adults, with great food :)

We are going back in a few weeks.
Riley loved the driving games..

and he went "bowling with spongebob"

Most all of us are 30 Now.. Mike's birthday is next month.. and I think thats it! I cant believe we have entered the next chapter in our lives as official adults.

Riley and I made rice crispy treats today..

and I discovered he is just like his dad, wont even eat them because they are sticky! but it was fun for me, I havent made them in a long time.

I am very proud of my husband lately.. He is really growing into his own.
I am a PROCRASTINATOR!! i dont think I spelled that right. I have been meaning to call and start the re-finance our house process, but I kept putting it off. One day mike did it, and we signed the final papers on friday! We are saving over $100 a month!! thank goodness. and just in time too, they said as of MONDAY they are all checking credit scores.. and we wouldnt have been able to re-fi if they had to check our credit. He even did the dishes a few days ago.
Here Comes TO MUCH INFORMATION.. but since I make books out of my blogs.. it need to be in here :)

So Mike and I have been trying to have another baby for about 2 years! I really really started trying Last OCT.. No luck, until a miscarriage in April, Thank GOD I didnt know I was pregnant till it happened. I would have been heart broken. more then I already was.
I have learned more then I ever thought I would about "HOW TO GET PREGNANT" and how bodies work.. or Dont.. in my case. I dont know how NOT to think about it everyday. I dont know how to put it in the back of my mind and do other things.
I wake up each morning, and take my temp.. most the time I dont chart it, then I look at the calender to see what day of my cycle I am on, then I pee on a stick, always to get neg results.. I have only gotten 3 positive tests for Ovulation in 9 months!. Here comes the TO MUCH INFO!!!...BEWARE>>
Then I chart my cervical mucus everyday, and when we have sex,and when we HAVE to have sex, and then think of sneaky ways to make it happen without him knowing thats what I am doing, somedays I even have to call in late to work! and then I count foward and backward on the calender to see when I can take a preg-o test.. and the likely-ness of the days adding up right. THen I look up my symptoms online, and check the PCOS website for new information and posts on threads about getting pregnant.. I am also taking CLOMID some months which is a pill to make you ovulate. And I am also taking METFORMIN, which is usually for Diebetics, but it also treats PCOS, which is Poly Cycstic Ovarian Syndrome, which I have,. it regulates your blood sugar, and brings my hormones levels back to normal. The pills make me sick, and they smell and taste gross, I do this process everyday. and it seems so silly somedays, because I know when the time is right it will happen. But I guess its hard to understand because so many woman plan to get pregnant, get off the pill and the next month BAM they are going to have a baby!.. Why is it so easy for some, and nearly impossible for me. I am soooo blessed to have Riley, when I know there are people who cant even have one. & he is a great kid, who I love more then life itself.
I would like to be able to focus on something else.. becuase there are so many things I want to do, but I cant seem to. Sure I get the things done I need to, and I take care of my resopnsibilities, but I wish I would just get pregnant already!! So I can move on!! plan for the future and focus on other things.. (well then I suppose I would be focus'ing on the addition to the family) but at least thats a good reason to think about it.. Sorry for venting.. I should be enjoying only having one child.. Knowing that if I want to go to the store I can just grab him and go, no planning involved. He can get his own breakfast and snacks, and juice. we have full conversations. If mike and I go out, we can usually take him, he is low maintance, and very entertaining. If we had 2 or more kids, this would all change. So maybe god doesnt think I am ready for that change yet.. so for now I will have to accept that.. and try.. TRY to focus on other things.. TRY = key word.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Idependence day!

Happy 4th of July!!! It's my favorite holiday!.. eventhough its hot and sticky.. I love it. I think because when I was little my grandpa owned a firework stand in Missouri and I used to work there. I have allot of fond memories of 4th of july.. and there are not that many from my childhood I can remember.
I had the day off!! :) Yay, and we had a BBQ with our friends and family.

I hope everyone had a good time,

Mike BBQ'd, he is getting really good at it!.

Riley did yard work :) I've always wanted a man around the house :) LOL,

Heather and her family came over, Riley was so excited to see his friends, he was so sad earlier when my father in law, Jason and Tiff got there, and there was no one for him to play with.

They had a watergun fight,

they played with glowsticks, and kid fireworks.....

played outside and ate yummy watermelon

We watched the fireworks from our driveway, we could see them from schnepf farms :) we had a pretty good view,

We played Catch Phrase, which is the game heather and spencer taught us at her party. Its such a fun game and it gets everyone involved.
Here is Mady in her cute little 4th of july outfit :) Heather made the bow :)

Here is a goofy face from Riley... he did good today, he was up all day, was in the sun, no nap and I am proud of him for holding it together (most the time)..