Thursday, January 29, 2009

Project 365 day 13!

Today was a much better day, I went 2 the dr yesterday and got lots of meds!! I think they might help me, today after just one day of them I feel better. :) thank you nurse practitioner jena! You made me feel like me once again :) so this is all the crap I took today, I'm officially a druggy. :) I always knew someday I would achieve my goals

Project 365 day. 12

This is what my kitchen counter looks like when I can barely get out of bed, sooo on my next day off I will tackle the counter, who knows what's learking down under all that crap, but after I took this pic, instead of taking action... I went 2 lay down in my snuggly bed :) maybe tomorrow will be better

Project 365 day 11

I'm so behind!! This idea is courtesy of my li'l sis. All I did on my day off was lay around being bummed out...and then I went 2 fry's yep, that's all folk and I watched the bachelor, I can't find one single flaw in that guy, he is perfect. So here is my foot. :) although it is a cute foot, its all I wanted 2 show today, I haent been feeling very good, but,, the all mighty foot never fails. :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Project 365 Day 10

What a beautiful day it was today! Not to hot not 2 chilly but the warmth of the sun hits u ever so sweetly after a cool breeze passes by. In the summer I sometimes forget what that feeling is like. Seems like I'm always scrambling 2 get back inside in july... but today I didn't want 2 be stuck @ work.. I was even tempted 2 roll my computer desk outside 2 enjoy it. On days like today I sometimes wish I was a stop/slow sign girl. You know, the people who make $17 an hour 2 stand near construction sites wearing a little orange smock & hard hat with the slow sign... awe, the amount of day dreaming you could do in an 8 hour shift. :) or even one of those tax people.. dressed as uncle sam dancing around on the street corner, trying 2 bring in business.... they won't get mine this year since I am going 2 owe a butt-load of money... hmmm.. maybe I should get a second job 2 pay for that! Uncle sam outfit standing on a corner, here I come!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Project 365 day 9

I'm trying so hard 2 stick 2 my allowed calories everyday. Some days r better then others. Today was a weakness day! Hello sonic, I just driveby the place and my mouth starts watering for one of those banana split blasts with the ripe red cherry on top! So... I used all my allotted lunch calories for one. :) so technically it was a wash. :) welllll. @ least that's what I tell myself.

Project 365 day 8

I know I'm a day late posting this..

A dinasaur.. riley rarely plays with this thing, I think we got it in the dollar section @ target. I find him in some of the weirdest spots around the house... a few weeks ago he was hiding in with the tupperware, one morning I found him in the shower, under the couch, on top of the computer, under the covers...ect. today I woke up 2 the little monster staring @ me. It makes me think of that cute little dinasaur in toy story... I think when riley is older I might use him for a mom/son joke.... the picture sucks ill have 2 take another one

Friday, January 23, 2009

Project 365 Day 7

Yay! I made it threw my first week of the Project, I am very surprised and pleased :) Woohoo! But if it wasnt for the mobile blogging thing, I wouldnt have been able to do it. I dont have time to upload my camera everyday! :) But the picture phone (although low quailty) works well

Today.. We went to dinner when Mike got home from work :) Yay serrano's! They have the best Bean in the world! and I was craving it like a mad-woman! So I took my ner camera along and took allot of pics.. My poor family.. Here goes

Riding in the car :)
Checking to see if my camera takes good sky pictures in motion.. not bad :)

Me taking a picture of me taking pictures.. I know I am soo lame!

Leaving my neighborhood!.. Goodbye Pecan Creek South.. Hello.. Ironwood

I wonder if my husband was getting irritaed at me.

What a lovely tree :) Oh Look, its RAINING! By-Gally I better get a picture of that too

& the final picture.. Riley laughing while he has food in his mouth! What a great mom I am :) I would have taken more.. But I felt someone getting annoyed :) Oh well.. Its what I do........

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Project 365 day 6

Oh, I can't believe its here again, another semester @ school!! It feels like I have been in school forever! This semester I had 2 transfer to scottsdale community because mcc doesnt offer allot of classes I need. I am taking forensic pathology. And. Physical evidence. Both very tough demanding classes, I took my first quiz today and. Only missed. 1 question!!! Woohoo. My 1 class I haven't even started yet, my teacher hasn't told me where 2 go2 get my school stuff!!! So hopefully I don't complety fail the first week there.. so that's pretty much what I did all day.... school, ... what a waste of a whole day off :p. Maybe we'll go 2 the park tomorrow. :) maybe

Yay I figured it out!~

I have been seeing family photos everywhere and I have been wondering how to get that glow look! Cause of course regular pics dont have that, and its what makes them interesting!
So I finally figured out how to do it on my Microsoft digital image suite

so here is the regular pic untouched

and here is the picture touched up with the microsoft digital suite, all i did was use that diffuse glow thingy and I filled in the tv in the back with black.. Pretty neat. So now I can take my own glowy pics :) woohoo Just thought I would share .. I think I made him tooo glowy but I'll work on just the right amount

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Project 365 Day 5

WOOOHOOOO I am soooooo excited!! I got my new camera out today and started playing with it! :) It is Awesome, Fantastic Wonderful and Amazing! It has a burst mode witch takes up to 100 photos one after another! so I can catch all the smiles and cute moments :)

It also comes with a remote! which is cool so I can take my own family pics.. (ha ha yeah like that will happen) Buts at least its an option now!

Its got a really cool Tilt screen tto, so you can view the pic without moving the camera.

I have been saving for a long time for it!! and my old camera still works.. :P a little but I have to bend the cord just right to have it charge, and it has weird blog splotches on the screen covering the pic viewer :( So I will keep it in my purse for all those imprompto moments in life.

& I love that it was a battery that charges thew plug in! and Its a small charger so I can take it anywhere out of town and everything! & the screen tells you how many shots you have left on that battery! Which is great, because on my old camera, I was right in the middle of my missouri vacation on 4th of july and it just died as we had all the family at the party sitting together smiling for the camera! How embarrassing :( Its ok, it wont happen anymore! WooHoo!

Project 365 day 4

I am behind already!! But not by far, I did take the pics on the right day though :) So I think that counts

Here is the BatMobile! Yes, the real one! Its not a very good pic though, It was outside a Motel 8 in Apache Junction.. What you dont see in the pic is the 5 cops behind me taking pictures to! it was like little boys in a candy store

Hmm. I wonder how much this thing is worth.. and how anyone would fit into it..
Yes this is my entertainment at 230 in the morning :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

I Am

I Am
I Am..... a happy girl
I think....TO MUCH
I improve the interaction with my husband more fun, less stress
I have.. Nearly everything I could ever ask for!
I mom
I fear.....loosing my child or family/death I guess in general eventhough I have expierenced it :(
I feel.....hungry
I hear.... the radio @ work & that the real bat mobile is at the super 8 in AJ.. weird
I smell....Scentsy from the bathroom (snowberry = vicks vapo rub)
I crave... bean dip
I cry.... less then I used to
I search... for what I truely want to do with my life
I wonder... If I will ever be able to have another child
I regret......nothing, everything made me who I am today
I wish.....for Peace, Love, & Happiness for my family and friends everynight
I life & blogging & my phone :) & gilmore girls & my kid, hubby & myself most days
I care...about way to many things, from the color of my nailpolish to the quality of water in Africa
I always...say sorry when its not my fault
I worry.... about failing in life
I am not....taking the little things for granted anymore
I remember..... when right and wrong were as simple as black and white
I believe... in treating others how you wish to be treated, Kidness matters
I sing.... in my kitchen everyday while I dance around
I dont always...... choose the right over the wrong
I argue.... when I am standing up for something I believe in
I write....on my calendar and notes on the back of un-opened bills
I lose... my mind and my keys ALOT
I my son
I can usually be found.... in front of a computer/home/work/school
I need.......WILLPOWER
I forget......ALLOT of things a I shouldnt @ work, and I forget my memories the important ones
I am happy.....When I have some "me" time & when I am at Target :)
TAG! read it, copy it, paste it, re-answer, post it!

Project 365 Day 3

Hmmm. Can someone tell me what's wrong with this picture? Yes it was taken today. :) jan 19th 2009.. wait.. r those... those. Christmas lights? What the heck its freak'n middle of jan. I feel like that girl gretchen wilson talks about in her white trash song. "Leave my christmas lights up all year long" hopefully they will be down by this weekend, that's my goal this week, that and put my luggage away from the missouri trip that's still sitting just where I dropped it when I got home 2 weeks ago. :) what high ambitions I have.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Project 365 day 2

I watch oprah, nearly religiously. I have never done her book selections because well #1 I don't read actual books, and #2 I thought allot of the topics wouldn't interest me. Well I did finally expand my horizons and read twilight series and of course like every other teenage girl and wife/mother in the world I am in love with them. So I figured hmmm. Maybe reading isn't so bad after all. It gets people 2 leave me alone @ work. And it puts me into a dream world that I haven't been to since I was a kid, I forgot how good it feels 2 get lost in something. I bought the book. Eat, Pray,Love a year ago @ costco because I saw the author on oprah. I was taken in by her story about feeling hopeless and devistated crying on her bathroom floor. It hit me because when I feel like the world is closing in on me I hide and cry in my bathroom, or closet, when I used 2 work @ banner desert I would hide from the world in the linen closet hoping and pray'ing that no one would find me, I hated my job so much. And when my mom was dying of cancer I used 2 cry on my bathroom floor with the door closed. Or when I worked @ target and mike and I used 2 fight I would head 4 the back bathroom 2 take a time out. So it was nice 2 hear that someone else has had the same madwoman moments as I have had. So last night @ work I decided 2 jump into the book :) it was either read or listen 2 overly neg comments from a co-worker all night, so I chose the book :) the book starts on page 7 and by page 8 I was hooked! Her way of turning a phase is enlightning and joyful. she is real and u can't help but laugh with her as she discribes her divorce, and heart ache but shedoes it in a fun way. One phrase she says. "God never slams a door in your face without opening a box a girl scout cookies" :) I am only on page 31 and I can't wait 2 read the rest, if I could possibly stop posting about it, and if my cops would stop getting into trouble out there, geeze I feel like there mother/wife/babysitter/secretary on nights like this..... so I am going 2 hide in my book instead of the closet or bathroom tonight, and I encourage everyone 2 read it. :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Project. 365.. or. 347

I wanted 2 do project 365 this year, its a goal 2 take a picture everyday of the year. Its a everyday life year, since when we post blog stuff its about places we go, things we do or make, u never see the sitting on the couch watching greys in jammies moments, or the work moments, so then if u can @ the end of the day post them or u can do it by week. :) & blog or scrapbook about it. I didn't think this was possible since I'm so busy,,, until I discovered mobile blogging :) and since I take all my blog postings and put them in a book via artscow, it might work. So I am getting a late start but what the heck. Day #1 Here is a pic of me driving 2 work, boy don't I look happy! Its a lie!! All of it, but it pays most of the bills anyways, and I ordered a new camera!!! Yay ebay I saved like 80 bucks :) hopefully this one will take great pictures. The other picture is of what I look @ everyday down my long drive down ironwood, but I love where I live its so worth it! Ill see if I can come up with something more interesting tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hannibal Missouri Moments

When I visit my family in Missouri I have to make two stops :) MY Mom's family is in Memphis, and my dads & other mom are in Hannibal! :) I didnt get to spend as much time as I wanted in Hannibal this time :( The first day I was there I stopped by and saw Mom, Shane & Samantha in Hannibal! :) She made dinner, which is always fantastic and makes it feel like home. When I came back down to Hannibal after Memphis I had more time to visit! We went to Quincy for dinner at applebee's It was fun & really good! :) I dont think I have ever actually eat'n dinner there only 1/2 price appetizers. :) Poor Samantha :( I didnt get her in the picture.. I should have had her skoot over! :) The next morning, I was sad cause the kids had to go to school, I am used to the summer visits when they are out of school, Riley missed them to, as soon as he woke up he was asking where they were. While the kids were at school we went to park! I forget how different they are where they actually have TREES! We had a great time playing in the leaves, on the slide, and attempting to climb a tree

We were going to go down to see the trains first, but I thought, naw we will do the park thing and them maybe we would catch a train later. OM-Goodness As soon as we got the park, we heard a train, and Riley went Batty! Here is a video of him hearing it, and everytime the whistle blew it stopped him in his tracks! This kid is addicted!

He got reallllly good at throwing leaves! IN MY HAIR but I got him back!

Here is Riley's counting skills when he is distracted! But He can count to 10! Promise! :) Silly kid

After the park we went to get ready for the graduation, on our way to pick up my dad, there was a small access road in the middle of some houses, and we took that and found some stationary trains, Riley LOVED it! He got to stand on one! it was a little creepy though, I kept checking behind us and looking around .. I think its all those movies that give the abandoned train yards a bad name, serial murderers ect. :)

Then I picked up dad and we headed to the graduation!

I made us late! of course, and there was at least 250 people there! & no place to sit, and after we didnt even get to see my sis tiff, but we went back to her house for a few pics, She looked beautiful! and so Happy, I am so proud of her!

Then we went to visit with my grandma yakes.. who I havent seen in years and she has never met riley before!

My Aunt Kara and Uncle Butch baught a house there so she can stay whenever she wants. They are amazing people who I really look up to! & Riley liked them right away! My Uncle Butch flies planes and has his own plane in their backyard! So I am sure he will get a kick out of that when we visit them soon.

Here is my uncle Butch wearing tiffanys hat, I told him he reminded me of rodney dangerfield in that movie where he went back to college.
This is kind of weird, but its a really old bike shop, or bike graveyard.. Its on the way from Hannibal to Memphis in a small town. When I was little I used to have dreams about this place. so I have been wanting to get a picture for a long time!

Memphis Missouri Moments

I went to my little sisters High School Graduation last week and of course I took lots of pictures! But my camera was set on 1MP :( which is horrible worse then a cell phone pic.. I hate my camera!! It takes what feels like mins to actually take the picture and then of course I miss the good stuff. But here goes after many hours of changing the size of each picture this is what I got. I think this trip was bettter then the last trip, Riley did better although I didnt get to spend as much time with people :( But on the up side :) I did see a little snow, and went bowling :) The first night we stayed with Pa & Sheri :) Riley had a great time and I really enjoyed just sitting and talking awhile The next morning we went to Baring to see if we could catch a train go by..You know.. this whole trip seemed to revolve around TRAINS! I wonder why.. This is Pa trying to listen for the train threw the tracks, Grandpa who was sitting in the car told him it would work.. I think he was pulling his leg. Then Pa got me a manicure and pedicure at Sheri's shop! It was great! I felt like a girl :) Riley played and Paige hung out and watched him for me, She wasnt tooo happy when she had to change his stinky BUTT since my hands where in the process of being pampered! Then we went to visit grandma! I love her sooo much! I feel bad that I didnt spend more time with her. Riley was sleepy and cried the whole time, until he fell asleep. After our visit with Grandma we went to dinner with Grandpa, uncle Joel Aunt Sheri and pa & Sheri, It was fun Riley learned how to blow the paper off the straw & it caught in pa's crazy beard The next day me, paige and brani went bowling! The bowling alley was... a little weird.. there was no one bowling, there were some people there to have lunch, but we had to ask if we could bowl and the lady looked extremely irritated that I would even ask.. Hmm.. its a BOWLING ALLEY! thats what people do there. I was looking at the menu, and she said "Are you going to want to order something or what?" In a snotty voice and she was in her 60's! There is no customer service in small towns, so I smiled at her and said "Hi" I would love to thank you :) Here are some pictures from the bowling. Can you tell this is my sister!! I didnt even notice we posed the same! Geeze what a goofball family we are. See how many other people were there! paige and riley basicall napped inbetween frames :) This is my favorite shot! Brandi took it,a nd RIley did great! we all used the bumpers, and Riley still got 2nd place!
Here is a few video's I took riley playing hide and seek with brandi @ paige's apt :) Oh I almost forgot! SNOW! Ok it started snowing when we were bowling, so we hurried and finished bowling so we could go play! Paige and Brandi were cold so they hid in the car, but Riley and I had an AWESOME time in what little snow there was! He even threw a snowball and hit me in the head! The snow only lasted about 2 hours :( I was so sad, but Michael promises

This is me and pa, great camera work huh! :) Next time maybe I will capture our whole heads :)