Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bountiful Basket!

My first time getting a Bountiful Basket!

If you intersted go to this link above, register and On mondays.. you can purchase your basket to be picked up on Saturday mornings. :)

It was the first time.. in years that I have gotten up at 6am, and left the house! Usually I am up with the kids in Zombie mom mode. But today was different.. My eyes were Open! and the sun was shining,
I drove the 1.5 miles to the community down the street, followed the directions to the park, where there were a few people there, and about 40-60 laundry baskets in rows. Each basket was paired with another, 1 had veggies and 1 had fruits, I gave her my name, and they set out my baskets. I tranferred everything into my basket, took some boxes to dispose of to help them out, and left..

So.. Here is what I got for $15..
4 corn on the cob,
lots of brocolli
2 cucumbers
cherry tomatoes

a watermelon
bunch of bananas
a pineapple
2 containers of strawberries
4 oranges

enough for my whole family for a week or more :)
It was kind of like watching a documentry.. as I was leaving several people from the neighbood were walking with reusuable shopping bags, and empty laundry baskets.. toward the open area of fruit and veggies, kinda cool :) and a good deal too!

So.. this Stay @ home mom gig.. is going ok so far, ok.. Its only been like 6 days, but I am filling my days, before I know it..the kids are in bed, :) I have so much to do! and this week I am excited about going to my first activity with the Moms of Queen Creek :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Family Fun!

Love Easter

It might be the spring, the colors, the fresh air, the candy..

Might be the peaceful feeling.. Of Easter and the whole reason behind it.
There is just something that I like..

I found out that someone who had an impact on my life when I was a teenager, died today :( I loved her, more then she knew, and thought about her and her family often, eventhough I hadnt seen them in over 2 years. She was a strong woman, Like my mom, cancer took the best years of her life. Cancer sucks.. I hope her family can find peace and remember the great things about her and what joy she brought to their world.

Today we went to my mother in laws for easter,
We were late.. nearly an hour late!! and we were still the first ones there. Mike was actually excited to be the Last ones there! :) but that didnt happen, maybe next holiday. :)

The kids had fun! good food, great family, relaxing day.
Here are a few pics :) 4 more days of work and counting!! :) Im excited! Cant wait till its over though.

Hope everyone had an amazing easter! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Turtle is 1 years old!!! & the combo birthday party!

Brady Michael.. is 1 Year old! Its crazy, I cried, and snuggled him, because he isnt a baby anymore :( well he will be my baby for awhile longer anyways.

We went to the snow for his special day! I was so excited, I had been wanting to go to the snow all winter and it was our last chance this year.

We had a blast! drove for 3 hours.. played for about an hour and drove back home :) it was a nice family roadtrip.

Riley had fun throwing tons of snowballs at us, and playing with turtle.

Mike tried to teach turtle to kiss.. I dont think Turtle has it quite figured out yet, We have a snapping turtle!

I love my boys :)

We had a Combo birthday party for both of the boys this year, Since its a big birthday for both of them, I think it went good! :) it was nice to see everyone. and I cant wait till I can see them more, since in 2 weeks.. I wont have a job anymore.,. I am still struggling with this, more then I thought I would, but I am sticking with our decision. :)

here are a million pictures of the party! :)

The morning of the party.. We waited for the spiderman Bouncy house guy to come by.. waited and waited, I forgot their number at work, somewhere in my locker, So after 3 hours of waiting, I jumped on craigslist and started calling people. I found one, who had 1 left! and gave us a $15 discount.. But it was a princess castle :) I dont think anyone cared, or even noticed, We didnt have the tables and chairs I was hoping for, Beacause I figured we would be outside most of the time, I didnt spend much time cleaning the house like I should have, but everything turned out ok :)

the kids bounced.. allot.. and then the adults did a little too..
Turtle and I did, after everyone left :)
we had cake on Bradys birthday on the 10th..  Spaghetti for dinner,.. then his own personal little cake Just for thim!.. Ok. we all had a litle too, but he did get his own slice, and LOVED it!   Then I had to Dip him in the Bath.

Then we had cake at the party..
Brady's shirt after the cake

I made over 120 mini cupcakes.. I think they turned out pretty good, I thought they were yummy, in 5 different flavors! :) Thanks tammy for letting me use your mini-cupcake maker, I have to get one of those now!

we played games.. water balloons.. I got hit first.. drentched my white shirt.. that wasnt suppose to happen, but the kids had fun.. Riley fell on his butt but laughed it off, it was a good time..

we had a pinata :) I dont know why, but I love those things..

we ate, we talked,, we opened presents,, so so so many presents! and the boys Loved everything they got! :) Thank you guys so much!!

Jay and Brody! :) they are both adorable! :) I am so glad they got to come!

Chris and Emily,  I love this picture because.. Its what girls do :) and how husbands, sit thru it and pretend to smile to make their wives happy :)

Nerds.. I dont know what either of these crazies are doing, But I love that they both look funny in this picture  :)

Riley has played with EVERYTHING already! oh except te scooter I got him and the sand aquarium, which I am making him wait till wed to do :)

He has tried on all his clothes, and costumes.. Turtle thinks he is funny when riley is "spiderman!"

Wow! What a LONG post!.. I wanted to squeeze it all in one,  It was a great party, I hope everyone had a good time, I wanted to make it bright and colorful! and fun, and rainbow-ish. :) I think it worked!