Monday, September 26, 2011

Wow!~ its been awhile

Its been awhile, I think i've been feeling Un-inspired..  Trying to get it back, but its slow coming

Greer, Az  
Our first family camping trip.. in a cabin of course, my hubby doesnt do tents.  He was so skeptical about it,  but when we got there he was so impressed!  our little cabin was cute, and even had Dish network, our own little road, 2 bedrooms, updated kitchen and outside grill.  We were located right next to the "lobby" cabin, so we walked over there to get movies, a telescope, UNO, and a porta crib for turtle. Everything they have there is free!  (after you pay for the cabin) of course :)

Turtle LOVED the outside,  tasted everything.. flowers, grass.. silly kid.   Riley ran around a bit, but he is more like Michael so they stayed inside watching TV allot and napped.  I cant wait till turtle is older so we can do fun things together. No one even wanted to fish with me!  :( 

here are a few pictures. 

Of course Buzz Monkey had to come allong.. 

Turtle carried him nearly everywhere we went

He showed him who the boss in the relationship was  :) 
But they are truely best friends :)
The Paper Mama

We have been sick around here allot lately!  Dang stupid school,  Had to take Riley to Urgent Care for the first time ever!  He had pneumonia and ear infection and had to take his first round of antibiotics.

I cant seem to get ahead on anything, falling behind in school work,  & Turtle is TROUBLE!  seconds after we wakes up he is into everything he isnt suppose to be,  taking off his diaper, jumping in the tub sitting down and turning on the water, throwing everything in the trash, unplugging everything around the house, climbing on everything,.. and he is sneaky about it, he moves the chairs slowly so I cant hear them .. then hops on the counter and starts throwing things on the floor.  Riley was Never like thism, he is a High Maintanace Baby!  but I'm sure he will grow out of it, He is SOOOO lucky he is Cute! 

Sunny Side Up: 
Its getting cooler!!  well.. it was for a few days under 100,  then back up to 107 this week, but its getting cooler at night and in the morning (not that I would know the morning side of that) 
But its like.. You can almost feel fall in the air, and its  rejuvinating  and well overdue.  I got tickets to a few fall festivals and I cant wait to take the kids!  Feels like forever since I have had something to look forward to! 

& My father in law finished my newborn bed!  Its SOOOO Awesome!!   its perfect and so cute. I need to figure out how to stain it, then people have to start popping out babies so I can take pictures of them :)