Saturday, August 29, 2009

Something to make you laugh out loud

I was blog hopping and came across this site. Its an entire site that everyday they add a new awkward family photo. Some of them are so funny! and I think I have a few of my own to submit!

So for a daily laugh, or just to feel better about your family :) Check out

& I dont think mike and I will be taking a phot like this in 6 months :) LOL Its pretty creepy!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh Happy Day...

After over 2 years of trying.. We are finally PREGNANT!!! I am soo excited! Mike and Riley are so excited! :) I know its a little soon to be posting anything, and most people wait a month or so, but I cant help it!! Its been such a struggle, and a daily trial that I feel like I can finally relax., and just enjoy it! :)
& I have a few more weeks, before I start being really sick! My due date is April 29th! Which is Riley's 4th birthday!
I will be posting updates and things on my other blog. I was going to get a pregnancy journal, but they are all kinda lame! So I figure I will make my own. I didnt document allot of things when I was pregnant with Riley so I want to make sure I do that with this baby!! OMG I'm having a baby!!! WOOHOOO

& the reason the baby ticker says Yokomoshi Langen, is because thats what we call the baby till we know what it is :) Right now its just our little Yokomoshi :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some Pages Turned, some Bridges Burned, Some Lessons Learned

I am 30 years old. The past couple weeks have been the worst weeks since my mom died 10 years ago. Things I never thought would happen.. did..
I had this vision of my life in 10 years 20 years, it encluded someone I thought was very important 2 me, we would be going to parks together, shopping together, raising our children together. Going to their school activities, and taking family vacations. Growing old, watching our kids leave the nest, and somewhere in there taking up, weekly card games as a hobby, and arts and crafts night.. But that vision, that plan.. is gone.
I feel betrayed, back stabbed, and I was humilated until I realized,.. that.. I have a great life. I am a successful woman, married to a kind handsome man, with an amazing smart, kind caring son. I have a nice house, I am creative, kind,smart, spunky,fun loving, fun to be around, outgoing and I have lots of friends I really care about. Someone wanted that. and I nearly feel sorry for this person. That the desperation ran so deep, the sadness and low self esteem was so powerful, that it made what happened.. seem.. ok, not that bad. and maybe she (me) will never know.
I am sad, because I feel like I have lost a part of my family, and experienced a deeply broken heart, in more ways then one. I still have visions of things I read, and bad thoughts. involving knives, cars, ropes., ect.. but I suppose thats normal for awhile, and I know that evertday will get better, everyday I will forgive a little more. Although I will NEVER FORGET. The last couple of weeks, have proved what I have been telling my husband for years. Women are Evil, and Men are Stupid.
I know im not perfect,and have made mistakes but Im working on it. and I am re-building that foundation on which my life is based on.
I am truely sorry that this happened, But maybe some day I will realize it was a blessing, instead of the way it feels right now. I hope,
I am going to continue being me, raising my son, loving my husband, and living my life, But a little wiser this time. To this person who hurt my family so deeply, I want you to know, I love your children, I always will, I love you, and your family, I always will, I took your pictures out of my house, but I cannot take you out of my heart. One day the pain will fade, and the memories wont be so vivid. I cant wait for that day. For the day, that I look back at our past, and think good thankful thoughts, knowing that you are one of the people that helped make me who I am, and I thank you for that. But I can never see us speaking or seeing each other again. I hope your life, is everything you ever wanted it to be. & I hope that you find whatever it is your looking for.

ok.. moving on..
Mike turned 30! We had a party. we played a game, we hit a pinata, we had pizza.
Mike and I went on a nice date tonght! :) It was fun! We went to Red Lobster! Which I love and the Crab was perfect! then we went to see... the Ugly truth!! Which was so cute, and funny, and yes a chick flick but mike loved it. It was a guy movie too! & we discovered a new word that perfectly discribes my husband! It was so funny., Nuerotic! :) But those are some of the very reasons I love him.
It was our first night out without riley since we saw, 'Forgetting Sarah marshall" which I think that came out a year ago!! So it was nice, and it was the first time I wasnt really worried about riley. He is growing up so fast! and Communicating so well.
School starts in a coupld of weeks, and I am taking a pretty heavy class load this time. Im nervous, but I know I can handle it! :) After this semester I will recieve my Crime Scene Investigator Tech Certificate :) Im excited!
Riley and I had fun taking funny face pics.. I couldnt get them all I was laughing to hard! Here are a few

I think I have aged 10 years this week!!