Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Let's celebrate! Woot Woot!

Riley turns 3 years old tomorrow!! We had a small celebration at Peter Piper Pizza tonight. We thought having it on a tuesday it wouldnt be to busy. I was surprised how many other people were there! But we had a great time!

There Pizza is awesome!, and out server girl gave us a great deal! She didnt charge us for the drinks and gave us tons and tons of extra tokens! Riley walked in and ran up to the prize counter, he pointed at the motorcyles and said he really wanted one, so.. it was basicall our mission to get 2,000 tickets! so he could get it!. All the adults played games to get as many tickets as possible. I played Deal or No Deal, and won, 240 tickets twice and 80 tickets once! :) It was fun, Jeremy and Tammy were awesome at all the games!! They kept winning tickets after tickets! It was crazy! I cant wait for Tammy's birthday! Its at Dave and Busters,

We did it!! actually we ended up with 2650 tickets! I have never ever had that many! So Riley was very happy when he got to pick a motorcycle, and 2 other toys! :)

the kid got sooo many toys! It was crazy! But he loved everything! :) and he is behind me now playing with everything,

Tammy and Jer got his the biggest stuffed animal I have ever seen! its bigger then Riley!

I cant believe everything fit in the car on the way home!
within a few mins my little boy was fast asleep in the car on the way home. I am so very proud of him :)

Riley did so good blowing out his candles, The cake was amazing! Riley wanted to play with his cake more then play the games, My friend Trina at work made it, it was filled with banana pudding and sliced strawberries,

Amy Doobie turns 30!

I know this is a day early but I dont want to forget to post it tomorrow.
Riley and Amy share April 29th as their birthday! & I hope he gets allot of the same wonderful traits she has.

We have been friends for years and years, and it makes me feel sooo OLD! Its crazy how someone can be such a huge part of your life, and Amy you became more then my friend, you are my sister :)
Here are just a few of the pictures from when we were younger, I am sorry about the quality, but it was over 10 years ago! :)

This was my favorite class! But I think its cause I had a crush on the teacher :)

Awe Amy and Ben, He sure did like you :)

Amy and Brice! :) Our little brother, I talked to him last night,, He has gotten weirder! if that is possible!

Amy's cute hair! :)

Amy in my room,,, I swear she is in there somewhere!! Holy craP i needed a maid

Amy + Mt Dew = My fault.. hehe

Please dont kill me for this pic! :) You look so cute!

I wish you were here so we caould all go one adventures again :)
since I could never ever get mike to go to a museum!

Amy and Christina senior year! :)

the last day :( I was so sad

The fun party! :) after my accident

Thanksgiving :) what a happy sad day! :)
I hope you enjoyed the first 30 years of your life, and the next 30! :)

I love you,Giant Hugs! & Happy Birthday!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Little Dancing, A little cake, allot of fun

Tonight was Laci and Adam's reception, They had it at the vill tuscana, it was a great place, geared toward quincineta's though.. I dont think I spelled that right.
Laci looked beautiful! Like Princess Belle in her dress, and Adam looked like a pimp!, complete with hat and walking stick :)

Here is me and Jenny, I was glad she decided to come :)

The Langen Wive's :) I am happy to call them, my sisters :)

I got Riley a little suit to wear, he looked so handsome it nearly made me cry!

Harlee looked like a little bride :)

There was a bit of drama of course! Because of one petty dramatic woman, but we all ignored it and had a great time!

Mike danced with me allot :) It was fun
Mike was doing a great job on the dance floor! I was really impressed, until he nearly passed out :) lol, I think I should move the treadmill to the living room, so he can use it while watching tv!

Riley ran circles for hours! But he had a great time, he only had one fit, when we took the walking stick away from him, so of course he pouted and laid on the floor.. he got over it pretty quick!

Near the end of the night, riley disappeared, most of the people were gone, and then I saw him on top of one of the tables! I was wondering, what in the heck is he doing, I thought he was taking all the mints off, then I noticed the table he was on, all the candles were out! He was blowing them out, and he hopped from table to table. silly kid.

Sometimes I forget how much fun weddings are, Nearly everyone I know is already married, so this will be one of my last for quite awhile. I really enjoyed just dancing and having fun with the family! My camera really let me down though :( I took so many pictures but most of them came out blurry :( But the lighting wasnt the greatest either.

This busy month is coming to an end, Just one last party next week for Riley he will be 3 years old!.. and one of my very best friends Amy, will be turning 30! :)