Thursday, August 21, 2008

fall Scentsy!! :)

Sneak Prewiew of the scentsy stuff for fall!
I love fall the smells are intoxicating and really make the days more memorable!
Here are some of the new scents! Which is be available to order sept 1st

Fall & Winter
Christmas Tree
Forest fresh scent of majestic
firs accented with aromatic

Clove & Pepper
Sweet clove & savory black
pepper blended for a perfectly
satisfying scent.

Coffee Tree
Bold and sophisticated. Wake
up to the rich aroma of freshly
roasted coffee beans.

Cozy Fireside
Warm spice notes with zesty
ginger and cinnamom

Cranberry Spice
A generous blend of clove and
ginger help define the sophistication
of tart cranberry.

Creamy Nutmeg
The sweet, nutty fragrance of
freshly ground nutmeg, mellowed
with sweet cream.

Mulberry Apple Masala
Apples, plums, and citrus with
soft, delicate spices blended
with musk and vanilla.

Nutmeg & Orange Zest
Orange and nutmeg enhanced
with a luscious mingling of cinnamon,
clove, and marjoram.

Pear Crumble
Baked pear combined with
sweet caramel, rich cream, &
sweet cinnamon crumbles.

Redwood & Cedar
A fresh scent with texture,
warmth, and sensuality
reminiscent of a cedar closet.

Luscious blend of loganberry,
strawberry, hints of cooling
peppermint & zesty cinnamon.

Exotic Vanilla
Spice up the holidays with the
blend of vanilla bean, jasmine,
patchouli and sandalwood.

Luxe Vanilla
A soft background of musk, cyclamen
& jasmine blends with
the delicate scent of vanilla.

True Vanilla
The ultimate vanilla sensation.

White Pepper & Clove
This deep, woody scent is
seasoned with clove and vibrant
sparkling pepper.

Winter Wonderland
Exhilarating blast of a frosty
mint breeze.

An almond scented fragrance
sweetened with honey and

Irish Cream
Smooth and mellow, highlighted
with hints of coffee and

Pumpkin Roll
Creamy pumpkin pie filling,
surrounded with yellow cake,
pecans, butter & spice.

Light musk undertones with
amber & vanilla notes rounding
out this romantic fragrance.

Sweet Indulgence
Exotic, musky sandalwood
balanced with the sweetness of
fresh picked blackberries.

Clementine Tea
Soothing, sweet Clementine
citrus, soft vanilla, and healing
green tea leaf.

Pomegranate Orange Zing
A deliciously sweet blend of
ruby pomegranate bursting
with an orange zing.

If there is anything you want to order before the season let me know :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Google Tag

I got this off of Amy's :) We have some things in common :)

I grew up in ........

MY age!! ........

MY first real jobs! :)
Moons.. over my hammy! :) Yummy...

College's I attend...

I met my Husband .....

Our first date was ......

My Maiden name is ..... (boy this was hard to find!)

Nicknames I have had.... (hey.. amy & heather.. didnt we make up smiggles??)

Favorite Color! 's :)

Favorite Foods!

Currently Reading....

Last Movie I saw in the Theatre......

Movies I could watch.. over and over.. and not get bored!

& anything with ..

Favorite waste of time!!...

Phobia..... hmmm I couldnt think of anything :( sorry.. next questions! :)

Favorite Lotion..

Favorite Conditioner..

Shameless past crush's...... ok.. some still current :)

I love to ...

But I hate to....

My favorite singers are ...

In another Life I was .....

One major goal in this life I hope to reach is to...

Tag... Tag... Heather,Valerie, & Charlene. & Derrilynn!! It take a little time though.. Goodluck!

One Random thought.. That sure does mean allot :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Bowling is fun!

Tonight we went Bowling with Chris, Emily, Harlee & Gracee. It was fun!

Riley was not ready to leave.. If you can tell by this pic, I was struggling to hold on to the lit'l monkey... 2 years olds :P
I forgot how much fun it is! It was sooo hot in there though, & the kids did a great job! They bowled over 100 the first game! They kicked my butt!

Here are the girls having a blast!!

Here is Riley, The silly kid kept trying to pick up the heave 14lb balls! He kept getting 9 pins down and had one strike! I think we have a lit'l bowler in the family

Here are some pics from the night! :)

Pic of me & mike holding our balls :) I know.,. how original of us :)

Look @ my hubby's cheesy smile! Oh My Goodness, he is a nerd.. but that is why I love him :)
I think we will start going more often! & Its nothing like my Wii game, (which I kick butt on) I think I need more practice! :)
Last but not least.. #1 reason not to eat the top off of a marker :) Today.. the first day.. I had to wash my child's mouth out with soap :P YUCK! But, I know that one day... :) he will learn from this. (I Hope)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

MY HUbby's birthday Dinner! :)

Mike turns 29 on Sunday :) I wanted to throw him a big birthday party!! :) BUT.. he wanted something small, just basic family & BBQ, so I did my best :) We had a TIKI, Hawaii theme! :) His dad, brother & family, best friend & cousin.. & mom came over to hang out. We all played wii! :) bowling! Everyone joined in except sharon. Adam ( his youngest brother) is in Iraq right now, and his girlfriend Lacy came over to meet the rest of the family! She is super sweet! & fun, we have allot in common,.. although.,. I'm not quite sure she knows what she is getting into joining this family! :P Here are some pics from the night :)
Here is Lacy, Emily, Me & Tiff :)

Here is Chris & MIke, my hubby looking hot and irrated, he was the man cooking all the glorious food! which.. in turns makes him grouchy, but he still insists on doing it!, Men r NuTS!

Jason & Tiff! :)

Mike TRying to hit the pinata!! Try is the key word! :) he did a great j0b! But the thing wouldnt open! it eventually fell off the sting and landing fully intact on the ground! We let the kids beat on it for awhile before we torn it open! :)

Emily & Tiff, proving that Wii bowling, IS a spectator sport!
Goofy BOy! IN goofy shoes! we were all in the livin room playing wii, and he was driving by with his dump truck! His grandfather! Mikes dad tripped him on PURPOSE!! the dumptruck fell back and hit him in the mouth! Busting his lip open and bleeding :( So afer I took care of my child I WACKED my father in law in the aRM! He deserved it for tripping a poor innocent 2 year old! If anyone is going to cause my son to bleed! IT will be me! :) j/k

& here is a pic of my curlers :P Cute huh! Oh the time it takes to look beautiful! :)