Tuesday, August 31, 2010


...Pirate Hat .99 cents
cantalope $1.00
2 boys & their mom = FUN!

Riley and I agree, the pirate hat looks best on the turtle.. but.. the cantalope is a close second.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Date Night

Riley had a fun night at Karate.. it was from 7:30 - 11pm.. so I took the night off so mike and I could do something fun! But 3 hours isnt allot of time to do much, and we had to take the Turtle.
We dropped off Riley... there were several people in there, kids running around, and I told riley to go on the mat and play.. its the first time I've ever dropped him off at someplace where we really didnt know anyone, and he didnt know anyone either.. I was terrified! he ran onto the mat.. and I snuck out. I peeked thru the window at him.. he turned around and looked for me.. he stood there for what seemed like enternity.. MIke was motioning from the car to hurry up, but I just stood there.. in tears. watching my sweet little boy look confused, and lonely. like he wanted to join the others running around like crazy monkeys but they were all older then him... after a few mins, he started running around with a smaller girl and her brother. I felt better. but all the way to the resturant I cried.. ruined my mascara... I cant imagine what the first day of kindergarden will be like for me.
mike and I went to the cheesecake factory..

Im not adventurous with food.@ all. but I decided to be daring.. not crazy.. but daring. :) I had cheesecake!! I didnt really like it the first time I had it, and this time.. I had the red velvet/cheesecake cake.. it was ok.. mikes was better thought he had the white chocolate/rasberry swirl one. It was yummy! We were there for 2 hours!! Turtle did awesome, he had a bit of whipped cream, and loved it.
then we had to skip our 2nd activity due to lack of time, and went to walmart. GHETTO!! if you havent been to the walmart at supersititon springs recenly, you have to go, its an extirely different world in there.. Its like walking into a creepy movie, and the people crazy.. Mike kept saying he was surprised that we hadnt been stabbed yet. :)
we went to get riley, he was good, he had a great time, and played freeze tag and dodge ball. I know I worried for nothing, but its hard to see your child in new situations.. that you cant be there in case someting happens. You just have to trust you have done your job in making them the best person you could, and they will shine when it comes time.
Our sweet baby..

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wobbly Bits

My wobbly bits...
My sweet baby boy is 4 months old now. & I have lost NOTHING!! its sad really.
12 weeks ago I started on a path.. I ate several salads a week as my main meal for the day, and I cut my calories to 1200. I only had 1 soda a day! which I was so proud of myself! I lost 7 pounds, I was on a roll! So I started working out at night after I got off of work, doing at least 1 mile a day on the treadmill, and 15-30 mins on the total gym, I gained 8 pounds in a matter of days. I was heart broken, and sad that all my efforts backfired, so I gave up for about a week.
I have PCOS which the 2 major effects of this are trouble having babies, and being overweight.. ding ding.. I have both :) but all that aside, I know I can do it!! :) well Im more like the little train that could.. I think I can I think I can I think I can.. so here is my official BEFORE picture! and I hope to have an AFTER picture someday soon!

Notice the picture.. I stayed away from my thighs.. NO ONE wants to see that! :) well maybe my hubby but he doesnt read this blog. :)

I will continue to do what I do, and hopefully one day something good will happen...
I quit salads though... YUCK! Lol, its to much work for not allot of food, I am a meat and potatos kinda girl.

this is my non exciting work out area. :) with toys to step over and kick to the side, I try really hard to run.... I start off walking, then up the pace when a good song comes on,.. faster faster.. jogging... I can go a bit faster.. "click click click".... run run.. OH SHIT!!! grab on, fall off... laugh...... get up and start over again :)

I should decorate it.. my half of the room, maybe pink sparkles... chandelier, ooohhh I would Really LOVE a Disco BALL!! I wonder where I would get one of those. My favorite workout songs are.. Britney Spears.. I got that BOOM BOOM. with the ying yang twins, Beyonce.. Single Ladies. Dolly Parton 9 to 5 (weird I know), and Black Eye Peas Boom Boom Pow..

oh... & note.. the blog entry directly taking place after this one.. should not reflect dieting efforts, since its a date night.. I dont think it counts :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

a cut.....a date.....& i think its time for a face lift

Im nearly 32...I think its time for a face lift. And i know its time for a tummy tuck!! After our sweet daughter decides to grace us with her presents...someday...maybe a year from now or 2, i will invest in one. :)

I got a haircut... :)
I dont think you can tell in this picture that shows off my wonderful picture taking skills of myself in a mirror :) you cant even see the cut part.. but I was short on time. well the haircut.. it sucks... its just shorter, but I think it looks odd.. and since its like. 'New' hair. That I try to curl it laughs at me... i use hairspray... curl it with curling iron after i use hot rollers... it looks great. :) in the mirror... i think it behaves to stop the pure torture its receiving.... once i reach the car... it sucks again. :) this was my one attempt to catch it @ its best.. before the laughter starts...

Mike took me on a date.... it was his way of saying.. honey I dont feel good im calling out sick from work. But dont be mad ill take u to the movie u have been wanting to see. :) to his credit.. he scratched his eyes with new contacts they gave him and it had been killing him. Oh and the goofy picture above is the day he had the dialation done @ nationwide vision... those glasses r so dorky.. lol :) p.s. nationwide sucks.
On our date.... we went to chili's for the chx enchilada soup. Then to see. Eat,pray,love.. it was a slow movie but good. I loved kutoot.. the cute little medicine man.. he was delightful. I learned a few things about myself, aNd found most of it to close to my reality. Mike said he didnt even mind it. And it was a complete chick flick. But there were some funny parts. A im going to take some time to think about my 'word' who am I. And what is my word. I have a few in mind.. but I think when we grow older. And our lives changes we have different words to describe who we are.

Riley... was a sweet amazing kid he is... eventhough he drives me nuts somedays. But only because he is energetic and full of life... and the back talking and the not listening have gotten better lately. :) yay karate
After I got my hair cut.. it was up in a pony tail. Begging to be washed and gross. He stands behind me "mommy your haircut looks so nice" :) yesterday. When I was dying my hair.. it had the cream solution in it piled on top of my head.. "mommy i like your hair... its... ummm... different" :) I laughed.. he is sweet.. and honest.. he is learning how to suagr coat everything... I feel candy coating bad news is good. :) everything seems to be cheerier in m&m or skittles form.. :)
In superhero mode he refers to me as 'spidergirl' and brady is 'ironman' :) yesterday.. brady cried.. riley came running.. "whats wrong with ironman.. I mean brady"

I asked riley to get something out he wanted me to make him for lunch. I was thinking.. spaghetti o's. Or soup.. or a frozen kids cusine... I turned around.. on the counter he had a box or mac and cheese a can of corn and a can of green beans and he had his head in the freezer.. he yells 'hey wheres the chicken'... what its lunch u silly kid.. not a big dinner. Lol but he was insistant on corn and mac and cheese.. so I made them. :) just for him. Since they weren't on my calorie budget for the day. :)

Turtle........I like him. He is sweet. He frowns when he knows I'm leaving.. he smiles when I peak at him in his bed. And he mimics my rasberries... :) he doesn't like to be upside down... :) and he likes to be tickled... oh yeah.. I had riley keep and eye on him. When I needed an extra hour of sleep. I put turtle in the swing and slept.. I woke up and went to get brady I brought him back to my room with me, riley was in his room. About 2 mins later I hear very loudly from the living room. "Oh no!!! I lost the baby!!" He came running into my room.. mommmmmy!!!! Lol. He laughed when he saw I had him. I asked where he thought brady went.. he says. "I thought monsters took him" :) silly boy..

The highlight of a tough week...

I got my first Blender!! Yes,, I know I am 31 years old.. Yep I know I have been married for 7 years.. & yep I have 2 kids.. why wouldnt any normal person have a blender!..
Most people get at least 1 for their wedding, or their husband gets them a blender for some romantic holiday occations becuase he couldnt think of anything more special then getting his little wifey a Blender!.. I cant complain really. Mike got me a curling iron and a bagel toaster for my birthday the first year we were together.. :)
I have been wanting to try one of those smoothie's in a bag for awhile now. The $1 off coupon was screaming at me everytime I opened my purse! but I have been thinking about it and putting it off for about 4 months now, I did it, I gave into temptation and bought the dang thing..
The only reason I did actually buy it, is because they had a Pink One! Lol, I am a sucker for pink...

Riley and I had fun making them! & of course I had to add a scoop of ice cream.. they werent as good as I hoped, I actually gave the rest of mine to the child.

Hmmm.. what else do people do with blenders?....... margarita's anyone??

Someday I'll learn to play

I got a guitar, I have always wanted one, and Always wanted to write a song and play it & sing it :) that is on my Bucket list..

So I got this,
Its pink & pretty...

I plan on taking a class.. Guitar for Hopelessly Busy People! & thats actually what its called too.. So one day.. when I have time.. I will take the class and be able to play something besides what I think sounds like my special version of Twinkle Twinkle little star.. Although Riley and Brady think its the best version they have ever heard :)

Thats the great thing about having kids.. Eventhough you are completely ridiculous!, Crazy, Ditzy, and seem to mess things up quite a bit,.. they think you are the most amazing person in the whole world :) & I Love that, because.. they are the most amazing kids in the whole world! in my book anyways :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mindless monday

I got this shirt for mike's birthday....  its totally him.  His sarcastic attitude drives me nuts!!!! He liked the shirt :)

Have u ever...

clicked...   Next Blog.. at the top of the page?

Its really interesting. I noticed over the past week. Depending on where i start... (my blog) determines what blogs pop up.  Last week.  They all lead to religous family blogs. One was 2 gay guys raising two kids and they were christians. It was so cute. :)  there pictures and stories were funny and inspiring.  .  Today was odd..  started off with weight loss healthy blogs.  Then veared off to furnature. Antiques and a site called the best ever chairs blog.  Then went to a woman named paige's blog..  she was truely delightful in everyway. I am hoping to come across her blog again.   Then followed by. 2 professional photo blogs (i love pictures they tell so many stories)  then ended on an entire blog dedicate to the 60's.. it was cool. :)  
Try it... see what u stumble upon..

there are some amazing. Crazy. Interesting. And inpiring peopleb in the world... and i love that some of them have blogs.  :)    i wish more had the 'follow me' lonk set up though.  And i love that the blogs i find are from all over the world!  

Im wondering if i put random words about things i like..    daisies. Dancing. Movies. Ice cream. Smiles. Nice people. R ainbows. Clouds. Rain. Kindness. Sunshine. Pickles. Sketchers. Digital scrapbooking. Reality shows. Laughing. Police officers (a select bunch)  crime scenes. Hammocks. Squishy babies. Marilyn monroe. Hippies. Retro stuff. Hippos. Turtles. Country music. My total gym. Taco bell..mmmm. which clearly doesnt get along with the total gym...  but my belly and thighs bring them together for the common good.  Hello kitty she is cute and doesnt stink or scratch my couch.. i would trade her for my cat phose anyday.. eventhough i love her so, she drives me nuts..  sometimes i find myself bark @ her.... it doesnt appear to phase her though, her snotty little glare and she prances by me...  then rolls over exposing her belly as if she deserves scratch'n after that meany look she just gave......  

Hmmm. Got a bit off track. :)   welcome to mindless monday morning...   its 1am...   i have an excuse...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

new things to share :)

I'm so happy its Aug! and it is Crazy Ridiculously hot outside! When its Hot it makes everything you do harder. & our garage stinks so bad!, which in turn makes my car stink... then I feel weird stinky everywhere I go! So I cant wait for the season to change!

Brady had his first baby food, I think he liked it... maybe.. well.. I think he is quite confused about it really.. he ate it, then starts to fuss until I give him another bite, then about 1/2 a jar down he wont even open his mouth anymore..
He is just a baby who knows just what he wants, and istn afraid to share it with the Whole world! :)

I found this neat-o site called Funky Photos! Its so much fun! :) its so easy to use, and you can make Art out of your picures!
this is the original picture..

this is the new one.. it actually looks like this could have been a pic of one of my uncles when they were a baby.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nearly 4 months

My little turtle,

my sweet baby. I cant believe u are 4 months already! The time has flown by and you change a bit everyday. I love that you wake me up in the morning. Whatever time it may be.  That some days you whine a bit... others u wake me up by singing and talking and giggling.   Your smiley face that early warms my heart and lets me know all the tough times  were worth it. I hate that i cant be there everynight to put u to bed.  And most days i bounce around the bed secretly wanting u to wake up and play, but i know u need your rest.  You are an amazing gift and a blessing and im so proud of u everyday.   I was reading a blog and i came across this.  And started to cry..  yeah i know i cry @ everything...  but its exactly how i feel.  :)  

I've realized why having two children makes me feel more relaxed and capable. With one baby, it's like putting all your treasure in one hiding spot... that's a stressful arrangement. You're not supposed to put all your eggs into one basket. When you came along I could breathe a sigh of relief because now my love is spread out to more than one place. It's like there's less chance of something being taken from my heart.

Thank you for being part of our family. :)   we all just adore u in everyway, from your toes.. to your nose...And cant wait to watch u grow up and make the world a better place.  I love u so.    :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hi-Ya!! I dont think I spelled that right :)

A week full of new things for us. Riley started his first Official year of Pre-school :) Three days a week wit Mrs. Lisa who we are very thankful for! She is great! he loves it there and he learns so much! Im not sure what this face is all about..

hen Karate!! Mike was against him going.. well he appears to be against anything he might have to make even the smallest effort at. We went for the trial class last week, and he really loved it!

So we decided to try it for 10 weeks, and see how he does with it. The first class.. he had to earn his first belt! He did great, He got a bit lost..
He learned to kick a pad, say HiYA! and the best part is.. He is learning to listen! and today when I asked him to clean his room, and I told him to take the trash out he said "Yes MAAM!" Lol it was awesome!! I hope it continues. After class he ran back to me, I asked him if he had fun, he said "yeah.. Mommy, I think I like that little girl" LOL it was so cute!

Brady was great! he just watched the whole thing quietly :)

I was so proud of Riley, today he cleaned his room, and did his homework, ate all of his dinner, and helped me feed the turtle. Mike had his birthday! He is 31! we are getting old! We went to his moms house, for family dinner we had a good time. its so nice to get together to see everyone. I got him a Sound Bar for the TV. He loves it.. it just makes the sound come out the front, and its louder and clearer then before! & we all know how much he LOVES his TV!. I like it too :) it has a thing for my Ipod so I can listen to it really loud thru the house!, I'm sure my neighbors will Love it too! :)

Riley wanted his picture taken with his puppy :) So I turned him into a cartoon.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One of my favorite times of the day..

I get home from work @ about 230am...  the house is dark and quiet..  except hubby leaves one light on for me everynight.  The cat is waiting in the hallway.   I hang my keys on the hook.  Or else i spent hours the next day searching for them!  I put my purse on the counter and go quietly to the bedroom.  Hubby is sound asleep with 2 fans on high.. burrr.  Riley is wrapping like a cacoon in my blanket sideways across my spot or upside down.   Brady is in his bed under the window with his tiny arm and hand over his eyes as if he is ready to block the sun from coming thru the blinds at any moment.  I change, wash my face, brush my teeth... scoop up the peanut, kiss his head and place him in his bed.  I turn down the fan. Unwrap my twirled blanket and crawl into bed @ nearly 3am if not after..  (depending if i have to harvest my farmville crops that morning.. lol im a dork)   my pillow smells a bit like turtles formula.. and at my feet i can feel a train or two, i kick them off the bed.. hubby reaches for my arm.  "Hi sweets  glad your home  sweet dreams my heart"   i smile... "sweet dreams my love"..   then i think of how this is one of the very best times of the day...  my family is safe and sound and hopefully having sweet dreams.  And i get to sleep a few hours before turtle wakes up  smiley and full of energy... bliss....   grateful.... content....    happy  :)  

Monday, August 2, 2010

Testing  testing...   :)  la la la  

And here is a turtle pic  in case it does. Yay.. blogging from my phone..  isnt he just the cutest little boy.   He makes my days brighter.