Wednesday, March 23, 2011

All About Me!.. vlog #3

Me.. me .. me ... me ... Me..

I'm boring, but once in awhile it has to be all about the mom.. The wife. the employee, the student.. the.. Lovely lady of the house :)

This is me if I was black and white with a hint of redish brown :) I think I like me at this color. :)

I got a hair cut, and new earrings :) I dont wear "dangley" ones.. but I got some anyways..
This is me totally uneditted.. except cropped.

this is me Airbrushed!! :) I have never airbrushed myself before, its kinda cool, and I am sure as I get older, and the wrinkles are more plentyful. I will be doing it more :)

Me.. a little cross processed.. I love LOVE cross process, it seems vintagey, and neat-o.

I was at my sisters and we took mirror shots.. um.. cause we are silly :)
I have some great ones to post of her, and Brady, and pictures of all the kids..
But hey.. this is all about Me... remember :)
The mirror is a bit dirty.. But it might have been because she has 2 kids and we were all touching it, lol

Here is my Vlog this week! the theme is.. Guilty  Pleasures :)
yep, I know everyone didnt share all of theirs.. .. I didnt, and this is a G-rated blog.. so this is all you get. :)

Go here... to see more vlogs and their guilty pleasures! :) If you watched it, and made it thru the whole silly video let me know.
Have a great Wed!!
Vloggin' Vednesdays

Ok, thats Enough of ME! I'm tired of me already!..
off to Serrano's we go! Yay Chips and Beans!!.. should have added Mexican food, to my guilty pleasures list! YuM-O!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My first Senior Pictures!

I am not a professional, But I love taking pictures, and I am learning with every shot! Someday I hope to have my own little business, that doesnt charge an arm and a leg for family pictures. One of my favorite people in the whole world asked me to do senior pictures for her daughter! I was so excited to do it! :) I got 62 great pictures out of the shoot.. I posted a couple already, and here are some of my other favorite shots.
If you have any helpful hints or ideas of what I could do better please let me know. :)

let me know what you think :) yay

Have a groovy day

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vlog #2 :) & other Super Cool Stuff!

Welcome to the Double Chin Show!  :) 
Note to Self:... please place the camera in a location higher then the equal level to the person you are filming.

Otherwise you get a bunch of "chinny" shots :)  lol, oh well I didnt think about it when I put it on the computer table that is slightly .. lower then most of me.

Here goes! :) 

Vloggin' Vednesdays

Phone pics :) Took a couple of Turtle in his Lion costume. It is 6-12 month size and it didnt fit him this halloween, and it wont fit him next halloween either, but it was only 1.50 at walmart on clearnce a few years ago. My fav, is the phone pic I took..

I took my first "client" pics yesterday!! Well.. Ok they are her senior pictures, and She is going to babysit for me! woohoo. But I am going to post a few later, and if you have time to come back and give me feedback on them. Let me know what you like, and what I could have done better :)
Here is one of my fav's

Here is another one of my favorites :)

the long road

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I am Bridget Jones...

Lately.. I have been feeling like Bridget Jones, without the obvious Man Drama..
Or the smoking which I trade for food..  and Drinking which I trade for loads and loads of caffeine.

I have had sooo much cake in the past two days, I wont even share the total piece amount with you.
We had our annual Apache Junction Police Dept Awards ceromony yesterday...

They had Cake, and lots of it. Since I was having a Craptastic day, I decided to have a little, then once I got back to work just a couple blocks away, some mean person brought a HUGE sheet cake totally untouched and sat it in the room next to me.. A room in which I am destined to be in for 20 hours over the next 2 days, How Rude..... so.. I had (some).... 

Over the past few weeks at work...  I felt Like Bridget Jones in the first few scenes..
where she states.. that woman at work, who is slightly senior to her so she thinks she is the boss of her.. and she would rather just staple things to her head :)  yes, I have felt that way. 
or.. having several people stare freely down my shirt with no idea who I am or what I do.

Or when she is wrapped up in her blanket eating out of the carton of ice cream.... yes  I have felt that way too

Or when she has to decided to wear the scarey granny stomach holding in panties... yes,..  that was today, mostly because of the cake from the recent days....

I have realized that when you "hate" so deeply... you actually start to become what you "hate".... This has been a hateful week,  and I have my moments of laugher and joy, but they have been fading fast..

Although, I did learn.. That.. if you put a certified Crazy Person on hold.. for a long period of time, they forget why they called you, and hang  up :)   Very valuable lesson to any future 911 dispatcher out there.

Next week will be better,  especially since I am taking a mental health day on Monday..

So tomorrow I hope to wake up less like Bridget Jones, and more like..  well..   Me! 

Although I do find her charming and hilarous and I have on occation walked out of the house looking like a prostitute with too much blush on, and symbolic bunny costume. 

& making a complete fool of myself in front of strangers..  and putting my foot in my mouth on several occations, I think I will talk in a british accent for the rest of the night,  maybe it will be fun, 
At least I have better hair then she does  ;) thats a bonus, 

So this week.. I am going to "Hate" less, Eat less, Drink Less, Laugh more, sleep lots more! & enjoy my "spring break" week.. doing.. whatever it is, that I wanna do :)

Maybe.. take magic mushrooms and dance in an ocean..

maybe not....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

11 months old!!

Turtle is 11 months old as of yesterday. Its Crazy!

I took his 11 month pictures, & I compared then to a picture I took of Riley at 11 monts, which I forgot to copy off my cpmputer, so I will post it next time. So you can see how much they look alike at this age.

NEW FACE!!.. I am not sure where he got this face.. but all the sudden lately he will stop.. and squinsh his whole face up, and pout.. with little whines.. it makes me laugh. then he will go back to the Happy Turtle!..

It's funny and kinda cute, it makes me laugh

Its such a fake little pout.. But I love it :)

Trendy Treehouse challenge.. Emotions..
This little pouting face.. that oddly looks allot like me when I pout.. Its perfect for this emotions challenge..

The Trendy Treehouse


Turtle claps his hands, loves to play the "drums" on everything, and will even do a little rythm. He likes to stick out his tongue..

Love this picture.. He looks like a little old man.. Trying to hear..

I dont have Photoshop :(  boohoo, So I used microsoft suite to edit, then picnik.. One day.. when I actually get a tax refund.. I will get photoshop,  :)   I hope my pictures, so far are ok without it,

and then, she {snapped}


He had an orange.... bit the outside of it.. YuCk!.. he even got a little piece in his mouth.. eww.. Daddy kept trying to tell him "thats not the yummy part turtle"

Orange..   well.. all of the pics are Orange..  but this is the one I think is the best :) 
Live Every Moment.. challenge is Orange! perfect fit for these pictures, I love how that works out :)

Brady's best friend is Buzz Monkey, and he loves him so..
He is at peace when Buzz Monkey is around, and totally content. & usually he falls right asleep when he gets to snuggle with buzz monkey.
The Paper Mama

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Counting My Blessings...

Marla @ Blue Skies Photography started a Blessings Wed  :) 
She had some super exciting news to share!  and it gave me allot to think about.. All the amazing things I am so grateful for!..
1.  My boys.. 
They are truely the Joy in my life.. Even on those Time-Out days with Riley, I wouldnt change a thing!

2.My Husband.. who down right REFUSES to do the dishes..  But helps out in so many other ways. I am blessed to have him!
3.Stupid people.. I am truely thankful for Stupid people .. because, they are Job Security.. Eventhough I Hate my job most days.. well not the job itself so much, but everything else about it.  I am thankful to have it, since I am able to do other things while at work..  edit pictures, homework, email, facebook, blog stalk, ect.  :)  That makes me happy, So.. Thank you Stupid People.

4. Mt.Dew ..I know.... I quit  Mt. Dew about 4 weeks ago, but then started again because I love it, I really do. the way it tingles on the way down, and its sweet and refreshing in the morning.. its like "personality In a Can"  & Some days  I truely need it!

5. Blessed that my hubby had enough faith in me to get me a decently nice camera :)   He's happy when I am happy, and Pictures.. make me happy :)  memories of these little moments here and there.. I love my camera! :)  & I love that I am learning to use it.

Blessed??...   click here to link up!

Monday, March 7, 2011

grrr.... crap!

Lol,   at work last night ...
Someone..  who will not remain nameless!  Tyler!!! was playing with my blog, and posting weird things.
& delted them but noticed they still show up on the recent posting .. under blogs I follow section! Crap..
lol, so please disreguard these 2 postings, that I am sure you will know as soon as you see them..
Have a Nice day :) 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My first Vlog :) (video blog)
I read the paper mama and she started vlogging, and I thought it was a great idea, so .. here is my first try.
I noticed watching it back that I am very animated! my face is funny. and does funny things. lol, but thats ok. I tried,
Plus, it is 1am, and I am at work, while the rest of the world sleep, I got about 3 hours of sleep last night, and get to only get a few hours for the next 5 days.. Bummer! This is going to be a very long week.
I'll be surprised if I survive the week.

Check out this site :)
The Paper Mama

Try it!!
I think there will be new questions on Monday.

&.. if you think I look retarded.. try it.. Its harder then you think it would be :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blue Bell Ice cream.. YummO!

This face...

Is because of these...

They are Fantastic! You can find a couple varieties at Fry's..

and the Choco covered cherries ones at Target :) Thank you Target, they are my favorite!
There are 12 in a box!! Yes 12! which is so great, usually you only get 4-6, so 12 will be sure to last you 2-3 days! :)

Daddy said "No, Hands"... Booo..
He Loved it, and Michael barely got any of this one
One of my favorite, eventhough you cant see the ice cream, Brady is looking at daddy, and so happy that he is sharing with him

What a good daddy! :) So patient and so Kind :) I love him so

He just realized it was all gone! :( Poo sad turtle,

But. He was happy with option #2, the stick

This is our cat Phose, she isnt in many pictures beacuse she is GRUMPY!
Pretty kitty cat, but a grouch.. and she didnt like that Turtle was eating Ice cream for some reason, :)

This is my.. everyday Life.. I am Happy & blessed.