Friday, November 30, 2007

Family ornament time!

Yay Heather! You started a trend.. I didnt start family ornaments until just last year! When we had Riley. But now I know how important they are. I found this one On-line and I just loved it!

I can't believe how expensive these little things are so I wanted it to say something that would really pertain to our family.. Those of you who know me well know this is totally us!
I got Riley a cheapy one this year because I looked and looked and couldnt find anything I really liked.. Maybe next year then he can pick his own.

& here is a picture of Riley squating in a bowl :) I thought it was cute... This is the kind of help I get in the kitchen! No wonder I dont cook! :)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

O' Christmas Tree O' Christmas Tree

OK, so here is my tree!! :) This is by far the best attempt I have ever made! & Heather did most of it, but...... I invited her over to help.. so really...all the credit is mine!!! :P It's a little charlie brown.. yet.. nic..

Its suppose to be about a ft taller.. but our poor little star was too heavy and kept falling off! :( so I had to bend the crap out of the top and twist it around to it would stay on..
So I am looking forward to seeing EVERYONE"S Christmas tree!!!!! SO post away girls!! I need ideas for next year!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Black Friday!!

Are you ready!!!!!! For the day after Thanksgiving Sales!!! The excitement, the thrill!! The rush of getting stuff 60% off!!! Fighting your way thru the crowds to save $15 on a tickle me elmo!!!

I am!!! and I am taking Heather with me!! ahhhhh haha ha ha ha!!
Bright and early in your sweats and tennies!! Ready to run and find amazing deals on crap you really dont need!!! Hot chocolate! Frozen ears from waiting in line for an hour to get that perfect TV!! I can't wait, then after a tough 3 hours of shopping at 5 different stores! (yeah thats all it takes) you get a sit down to breakfast and regret all the money you just spent!! Fantastic!
Our target stores are... Circuit City!! flat screen LCD TV's are a great deal!! Babies R' Us! cases of diapers $10.00! Big Lots, Kohls! 60% off everything.. I was kinda sad by Walmart and Target this year :( BooHOO.. Good luck ladies!

Green Beans & Ketchup!

We went to the Texas Roadhouse for my birthday dinner on sunday. I had to put this on here because I was so proud of Riley! He did such a great job! he was sitting in the highchair next to gracee in her's (who is my niece whom I just adore!)

Gracee got mac & cheese and Riley got chicken fingers. so he picked off a peice of one of his chicken fingers.... slid it on gracee's plate and grabbed a handful of her mac and cheese! He was trading with her. I thought it was so cute and gracee didnt mind. After about ten mins he had her whole plate in front of him and ended up shoveling the mac & cheese in his mouth!

Silly kid & he dips his green beans in ketchup! Yuck! Anyone else's kids have weird eating habits?

Just A bunch of turkeys!

This turkey has a better tan then I do!!, but at least we have the same shape :)

Its almost Thanksgiving! I love the holidays, they make me feel warm and tingley inside. Eventhough I have to work most of the day :P Have fun planning everyone!
Hey, Heather told me about a fun little idea she found on Crystals website! Oreo Turkeys!! So I took my last $15 bucks for the week and made some! :) It was fun a little harder then I thought....

Friday, November 9, 2007

Do I have to show the ones with me in them????

Family Pictures!!!
Have you ever had that moment, when you see pictures of you and think....... Who is that???? I had a major moment at Target, My husband made me get them. I am sure in 30 years I will look back and say.. I didnt look that bad... but that day is far far away!

Here are some of the pictures that I think are ok, this is the only family one I can deal with, Riley and Mike look great!!

I do Love Love Love Love this one though.. It's like a pictures we had in my moms house... I think I will blow it up and put it in the hallway :)

Hello, Your only 18 months!! Not TWO!! this is when the mistchief starts.. I can see it in his eyes .......

The photo lady asked him to sit on the blcok, he smiled at her and turned around to sit backwards!!.. OH NO!!!! Is this going to be the toddler years?? What was I thinking!! What happened to my perfectly good son, the one that listened to me!!! Is he lost forever??

It is a really cute pic though... :)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

To the Fair we go!

I took my camera To the AZ State Fair!, planning on taking lots of picture on Riley on Rides and the family!!! but that didn't happen, I only got as far on this one, me & Riley in the car on the way there... But I did discover something very important from this pic.. can you say.. in need of crest whitestrips!!! :P Oh well,

Riley was 1 inch to short and they wouldnt let him on any rides! only 2! but.. the food was good and His uncle won him a big bird! & I won him a basketball. My husband tried to make the basket 4 times and lost! I did it on my first try! Girls ROCK!