Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloweeeeeen.. & 3 months!

Yeah I know, Im behind..
We have been super busy. aka me = busy.. hubby sleeps lol 

Colby is 3 months!!  Wow that went fast.. I need more snuggling time!

I love that the holidays are here but once again I find myself taking on more then I can handle :(    But if I dont, we wont be able to have a decent christmas and get the boys winter clothes. & most of the sessions are just for groceries or past due bills.  I know the holidays arent about the money or the toys, which I am not getting them much of this year.   But they are about spending time together, and I want to make that time together special, doing fun things ect. and that usually takes money.
Im sure it will all work out in the end  :) 
Here are a few picture from our Halloween.
It was FUN! 

The cousins ran around together in costumes, I cant believe at all family functions now there are 8 little ones!   I love it, and when they get older I hope they stay close. 

Turtle was the "vintage" batman :)   he held my hand and walked around the neighborhood with me.. It make my heart happy, that when they asked him if he wanted to ride in the car with Kingston.. he said "no i have to walk with mommy"..  :)  

riley was Darth Vadar!!  oh my!  this is the first year I let him wear a mask that covered his face, and when did he start liking star wars!?.   now both the boys are crazy into star wars.   He did look super cute and he did a great job! 

lit'l squish was my baby Lamb :)  

I made it myself..  yeah  like that was hard to figure out, lol but I thought he looked cute! & snuggly

I didnt dress up this year,  :(   Next year.. I always do, but I guess I havent been feeling myself much lately.  Its been a tough year.. I've tried to stay super positive through it all..  I guess Im just tired.

We went to the pumpkin festival :)  That was so much fun too!  This is why I love the holidays, memories! :)   watching the boys grow up, learn, laugh and just enjoy new things. 

& we will end the first post in a LONG time.. 
in ..

 p.s  it was So much harder then it looks!   lol