Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Its been over 2 months!

Wow, its been a long time! I cant believe how busy I have been.
34 photoshoots this holiday season! I am so blessed and thankful to all my friends and clients! For without them we would not be having a christmas this year. I am hoping to learn more and get better and better so I can keep my little business busy all year round! :)

Its nice to have a little break though. Christmas is just 4 days away! I haven never gotten to spend everynight with my kids before, and I am Loving it! tucking them in at night, watching christmas specials and lots of snuggling! & a little yelling too, lol :) but thats what a mom is for.
We are expecting our 3rd!! I am so excited!! :) I am due around Aug 14th. and I have my first ultrasound appt tomorrow. Riley and mike are excited too! Turle of course is to young to know, but I know he will be a great big brother. he loves babies!

Since I have been taking so many pictures of everyone elses family I havent been taking many of mine. But I will get them back in front of the camera before they know it :)

We got a dog, her namr is Molly, she is adorable.. but she pees alllll over!! It drives me nuts! so I think she will be an outside dog. I have tried to potty train her with no luck yet. Maybe after the holidays I will try again.

Turtle is talking allot, he repeats everything and is eager to learn and try new things. He loves to Climb, and Jump and get into mischief! But.. he is so sweet! & such a mammas boy.
Riley Lost his first tooth!!.. then the next day.. he lost his 2nd tooth! The toothfairy left him $2. he was very excited He is doing well in school, although he doesnt try his best. I do not like his school or at least the class he is in. and I cant wait for him to start 1st grade. Hopefully he will get a better teacher.
Mike is working.. and whining about working :) lol but he is doing great, and I am so proud of him. He went out and got me a few christmas gifts yesterday, he is very excited about them and I cant wait to see :) I am thinking he got me a pop cake maker! :) we will see.

Thats about it for the update.. I will be blogging more now since I will have the time to do it :)

Friday, October 14, 2011


Turtles Un-Birthday was monday!  18 months!  I cant believe it, he isnt my baby anymore!~

Mommy! ( he usually yells it ) Daddy
hot dog
mooo , meow, and quack quack
"i dunno know" is what he say when I ask him where anything is! even if he is holding the thing I ask him for.
Iley.. = Riley
NO!.. when as I ask him if he wants pretzels.. and he doesnt he yells NO!.. if he wants something he throws his hands in the air and says "Yay!"
and when he finds his picture.. he brings it to me and says. "mammas baby" :) awe, it melts my heart.. my sweet boy.

Today he was playing with Riley's gameboy and eating a cookie.. he looked so.. old! like a little boy, his own little personality. it was bitter sweet.

His hair is crazy! its 80% mine and 20% of mike's curls. I need to cut it. he is a dirty stinky 100% boy..& I love him!

On the down-side..
He bites.. grrr..
he scratches.. I think he thinks he is tickling, but it hurts!
he gets into everything, all the time.. trash, cabnits DVD cases all over the house, two days ago I caught him running thru the house with my thong! what the Heck kid! going thru my drawers!.. He is a full time job, but worth it :)

Sunny-Side Up!
this week I have a newborn shoot, Riley's first parent teacher conference, and then we are going to the Pumpkin Festival! Im so excited! & tomorrow. we might be getting a PUPPY! wow! I am nervous and scared.. I dont know anything about dogs... but I know it will be more work for me! But the kids will Love it :) especially Brady, he loves Puppys! :)

Have a great week! I need to catch up on reading my favorite blogs! :)

Monday, October 3, 2011


well, we have been sickies allot lately..
This last one was a dooosey! and everyone is still feeling the effects of it.

I think the worst part is when I realized.. Turtle got my Cold Sore gene. :( It breaks my heart.
Riley was lucky, he got most of michaels gene's...which is a bummer for me!. lol But poor Turtle.. is all me! When I first saw the small red spot above his lip, I instantly remembered back to my childhood. being so embarrassed! and having people look at you funny, or say "you have a booger on your lip". I missed weeks and weeks of school because of them, and most of the pictures I have of me when I was little I have cold sores. My sister paige shares the same horrible memories, she gets them worse then I do. now that I am older I rarely get them, and thank goodness for makeup to help cover them up, but poor turtle wont have that option.

I'm hoping it was a fluke.. a one time thing. I suppose we will see..
I'll just have to make sure he is the "cool popular" kid, so his friends wont think much of it.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Wow!~ its been awhile

Its been awhile, I think i've been feeling Un-inspired..  Trying to get it back, but its slow coming

Greer, Az  
Our first family camping trip.. in a cabin of course, my hubby doesnt do tents.  He was so skeptical about it,  but when we got there he was so impressed!  our little cabin was cute, and even had Dish network, our own little road, 2 bedrooms, updated kitchen and outside grill.  We were located right next to the "lobby" cabin, so we walked over there to get movies, a telescope, UNO, and a porta crib for turtle. Everything they have there is free!  (after you pay for the cabin) of course :)

Turtle LOVED the outside,  tasted everything.. flowers, grass.. silly kid.   Riley ran around a bit, but he is more like Michael so they stayed inside watching TV allot and napped.  I cant wait till turtle is older so we can do fun things together. No one even wanted to fish with me!  :( 

here are a few pictures. 

Of course Buzz Monkey had to come allong.. 

Turtle carried him nearly everywhere we went

He showed him who the boss in the relationship was  :) 
But they are truely best friends :)
The Paper Mama

We have been sick around here allot lately!  Dang stupid school,  Had to take Riley to Urgent Care for the first time ever!  He had pneumonia and ear infection and had to take his first round of antibiotics.

I cant seem to get ahead on anything, falling behind in school work,  & Turtle is TROUBLE!  seconds after we wakes up he is into everything he isnt suppose to be,  taking off his diaper, jumping in the tub sitting down and turning on the water, throwing everything in the trash, unplugging everything around the house, climbing on everything,.. and he is sneaky about it, he moves the chairs slowly so I cant hear them .. then hops on the counter and starts throwing things on the floor.  Riley was Never like thism, he is a High Maintanace Baby!  but I'm sure he will grow out of it, He is SOOOO lucky he is Cute! 

Sunny Side Up: 
Its getting cooler!!  well.. it was for a few days under 100,  then back up to 107 this week, but its getting cooler at night and in the morning (not that I would know the morning side of that) 
But its like.. You can almost feel fall in the air, and its  rejuvinating  and well overdue.  I got tickets to a few fall festivals and I cant wait to take the kids!  Feels like forever since I have had something to look forward to! 

& My father in law finished my newborn bed!  Its SOOOO Awesome!!   its perfect and so cute. I need to figure out how to stain it, then people have to start popping out babies so I can take pictures of them :) 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8-10 mins a day

8-10 mins a day.. we try and play outside..

Yep. thats it.. thats all we can stand in this 115 degree heat

I Am Going CRAZY!!! thank goodness for my photography or I would have jumped off the roof or something.. maybe not, its HOT up there too... Maybe instead I would lock myself in ourdeep freeze! then someone could thaw me out when my children arent crazy and it cools down enough to be able to take them to the park :)

Here is my submission for "ordinary moments" this was in our 8-10 mins of outdoor time :) and you can see he was getting a bit hot and ready for a nap.

I usually post all my photo challenges at :) so you can head HERE  to check it out and follow me if you would like :)

I love the colors in his picture.. :)  


Going out of town tomorrow.. Im bursting i cant stand it I am so excited!  and I am so happy my hubby is excited too!!  :)  woohoo
see you in a few days!  :) 

Oh Yeah!! I totally forgot!  I am selling   Scentsy again!!  I had to stop because I had turtle,  but I started again because I LOVE IT!  and I missed my scents, and really need some newo ones for the fall :) 
so if you need anything or know anyone who does.

Casey's Scentsy Page!  click here.. or well    <-----  over there :) 
or up there..   la la la

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

what!??.. Pneumonia?

3 weeks into kindergarden
week 2.. Riley get a slight fever and cold.. it goes away by the end of the week. but yet. beginning of week 3 he began to cough and cough non stop for days.. I think as a mom you can tell when something isnt right.

I was trying to convince him to going to the dr. he seemed fine except the coughing all the time, and he had a slight fever..
On sunday night I went thru his backpack which I forgot to do on friday after he got home. I found a notice in his folder stating.. there had been reports of strep throat and scarlet fever in his classroom..

so No more nice mommy, we headed to the after hours children urgent care just in case. My son hasnt been to the dr's since he was 1 year old! I know I know.. I should have taken him, but life gets busy and we have healthy kids (thank god).. while he was sitting on the white paper covered bench .. and the dr put the little scope up to his lung and told him to breath deep.. I begun to cry.

Looking at my son, watching him grow up before my eyes, knowing that someday,. he wont need me to go to the dr with him anymore.

I know he is only 5 and we have along way to go, but it still got to me, and knowing that this was the first time.. I couldnt make him better.

I couldnt hug him tight and mentally send my "good vibes and energy" to him to make him heal.. he actually needed medicine

light case of pneumonia, and slight ear infections in both ears..
and gummy crabby patties..
will make him better.

yet I am still sending him my good healthy mommy vibes, and I am sure its helping him heal faster :)

Today.. He was still coughing up a storm..

but, he was back to his crazy 'ole riley drew

The Sunny Side Up!
Riley took his first "test" testing his skills to see what he knows, he scored at the top of everything.. of course he is smart, he is His Fathers Son!
Going to greer on wed! I'm so excited, and finally got michael to get excited too, he hates camping, but we will be in a cabin. so.. does that really count?.. im so happy! To get out of the heat and spend some family time together :)
My school started, I'm ahead of the game already, and Im so excited to learn more about photoshop, I really think it will help take my photography to a new level!

These days!..

keeping the vaccuum plugged IN!.. whats the point of putting it away if I use it twice a day.
I catch myself watching lame shows like the news, or people court.. because the fall shows havent started yet.. I need to turn the tv off for awhile. its a horrible addiction.
I get bummed out when I have to "get dressed" lol, the only think I have found that I love about this new SAHM thing.. is the dress code! But I know it will be awesome once it gets cooler, just have to make it thru this 113 degree weather!

have a great week!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

LiTtLe BiG tOwN

about 6 months ago, my hubby and I were driving by Queen Creek high School. On their sign out front, it said Little Big Town in concert soon! We Love them :) So we jumped online and got tickets for $30 each.. 2nd Row center! It was awesome, and they performed in a high school auditorium. I was 6 steps from the stage.

The first group was called FireFly, and they are 3 sisters, they were really good! I got their CD.

We got a babysitter for the first time! well a real babysitter. Miranda came to the house, so we got to take Mike's truck, it felt like a real date! not having to worry about dropping the kids off anywhere, and having to be back to get them. It was awesome, and the boys had a great time too! They just adored Miranda!

I am so glad we got the tickets, since I am not working money is SUPER tight.. I hate it.. Im not used to Not being able to go to the store and get what I want. Having the sales determine what we will be eating for the next week... But I am learning.. and hopefully it will get cooler soon so Mike can pick up extra shifts.. :)

Thats all we have been up too! and its the 2nd week of school and Riley already has a Cold! Crud!... missing 2 days this week. bummer..

Monday, August 8, 2011

The first day......


where it all starts..

Today was Rileys first day. The night before he ws very upset and didnt want to go. He was so depressed that he went to bed early.

I was surprised how "ok" with it he was when it was time to get ready and go. He is in the afternoon class, our school only offers half day, or full day for $250 a month. This is just one of the things that irritates me.

We got ready to go, he looked so handsome.. :)

we took some pics..

one where he is really tall..

one where he is really small :)

One of us.. my little boy on his first day!

we got to school early.. they playground was closed, we werent allowed in till 12:10 its 105 degrees... all the PM kindergardeners and their parents are standing outside the gate waiting..
at 12:12 they open the gate and we heard in toward the class rooms. where the teacher stops us. one at a time she asks the kids name.. then tells them to drop their backpack and go play. Of course Riley didnt want to do that. it was so hot! Turtle was in the stroller and overheated. I took the huge bag of supplies into the classroom, and the teacher asked everyone to come back outside and wait..
One little girl asked for a drink, the teacher said no she will have to wait till she is done.. did I mention its 105 degrees outside?.
All the parents looks confused as to why the children werent allowed inside the classrooms. One at a time she started calling the kids to get their backpack and go sit on the carpet.
I hugged riley and cried a little.. They made all the parents leave as they continued to call in one kid at a time.. I waited outside the gate as he was the 2nd to last called into the classroom.. standing there alone all sweaty.. his name was called.. 12:38..

I was so upset I called michael. I hope tomorrow is better. I met another mom, who turns out she lives just a couple of houses down on my street. it will be nice to have someone for Riley to play with.

When Michael went to pick up riley.. he had to park 3 streets down from the school, and walk up. stand in line with the other parents and wait till each kid was called out one by one.. The bell rang at
3:05.. they got home at 3:25 and we only live 5 blocks away.

Waiting.. and waiting,,  and waiting..  his poor little red face..

Im hoping this cluster was just beacuse it was the first day.. :)

Riley seemed to like it, he met 2 kids and he isnt scared to go back tomorrow.

Turtle is ALL over!! He LOVES to climb, and fall and then climb again. I was doing laundry in the bedroom, Riley was sleeping, and I come out to put stuff away, I find my little sweet turtle.. Half on the computer desk, and everything knocked off on the floor! and moved around.. he smiles a cheesy smile.. I take a couple of pics, as I let him sweat out being stuck :)
last time I checked on him about 5 mins earlier he was snuggling with his blanket and watching UP so quietly.. He is a sneaky little thing.

He drew on the computer monitor with a crayon.... I had to scrub it out. silly kid..

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Snack Attack!!

My kids are Snacking Monsters! All day, Riley would rather just have snacks, then actual food. before I quit my job, thats all they ever had. Mike is a snacker too. He only eats One meal a day! Which I feed him, otherwise he snakcs all day. 
Since I have been home, its been driving me crazy! "mommy can I hae a snack?" over and over every 20 mins!  Among other things.,. so I discovered Pintrest a few days ago. and I LOVE IT!! :)  Its inspiring. 

This is how it works..  ever google image search??.  its just like that except when You find something cool! You can put it on your "Board"..  I have 3 or 4 boards now. So when I have time.. or wanted to remember to make something or get something, I go to my board.. when you click on the picture it takes you to the site on how to make it, or where to get it! :)    You can also follow other peoples boards, which is great, because sometimes you dont know what your looking for.. until someone else finds it! :) 
Here is what I did.. tonight :)

I made these.. I changed a few things of course.. because I dont like Hummas... well actually I have never tried it.
I used ziplock snack bags, and filled them with everything.. One for the fridge and one for the pantry.. I figure I will tell them.. They will last2-3 days, and when its gone.. Its GONE! I pre-made about 50 more bags.. so I can easily replace them. :) I hope this works!

JOIN PINTREST!! its fun..  Click here to see my boards :) 

Friday, July 29, 2011

5 question Friday!

This is my first time participating in 5 question friday! But I think I will try every week...  and I know I have been slacking at the vlogs lately.. but my goal this week is to Vlog :) 

So here are the questions this week...

1. Vow renewal ceremonies-yay or nay?
YES!!  Of course, Since we are having our vows renewed in may 2013..  There are several reasons.  One reason I think they are a good thing, is after so many years.. both people have changed and hopefully grown together, kids families new friends..  and you finally know what you want.. and there is less drama, no real nervousness about the whole thing.. just pure enjoyment and sharing the time with your family and friends.  :) Plus its a great reason to get everyone together, and an excuse for other families to take a vacation and enjoy time with each other also.

Question for you...??... Do you think its ok to have a honeymoon registery for vow renewals?.. since we never got to take a honeymoon the first time we got married?.

2. What sound/s annoy you the most?
Hmm.. tough.  There are lots of sounds that annoy me. I used to have tons of patience,  not so much lately.. I think the most annoying sound is Riley playing his video games next to my head when I am doing something else.. That drives ME CRAZY! and Mike too.  and he almost refuses to turn it down.. or he does a little trick.. when I yell "Turn it down".. he turns it up.. then down.. like I am not going to notice.. Duh.

3. If you had to pick, would you have only all boys, or only all girls for kids?
Oh NO  what a horrible question for me..  If I had to pick I think... I guess I would pick girls. just because I dont have one. Eventhough I know girls are harder then boys. BUT I wouldnt trade my boys for anything they are great! .. I'll have a girl someday :)

4. Do you believe in alternative medicine?
Yes, I think the brain is very powerful.. and so  if you truely believe in alternative medicine. it will work for you :) 

5. Would you take a family member's children and raise them if they needed it?
Of course!  :)  even friends kids, and I would love them like my own.


Click here to get in on the fun! :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

So Behind!!!

My sister Paige came to visit end of June..  I Love her SOOOOO Much!!   she is the glue of our family.  She reminds us to call each other, and to tell each other how special they are. Dani my other sister is so close.. but yet so far away!  only an hour or so.. & I miss her.. I miss being with them more often. Sisters have a special bond like no other!.  

We had fun when she came.. We went to the Vine for wings,   then Rawhide and got some really cool pictures taken. I have lots of pics to post but will just post this one for now and will update later.

We got to see my aunt D , and cousins Hannah and Jay..  and my godmother Rose ,. It was perfect,. it felt like Home..  to be around family, smile laugh and completely feel free to be 100% yourself is an amazing feeling.   Its different around some of mikes family.. I just dont feel like I can totally be me.. but I think its like that in every family.  and thats ok :) 

then we went to Missouri to see my other family.   Hot Sticky Horrible weather, but it was great to see the people I love, My grandpa is .. sorry honey.. but the most important man in my life, and I was so thankful to see him again.   The whole family got to meet our little turtle, They Adored him!  We played, mike slept..  Next time we visit it will NOT be in the summer.. I know we livel in AZ but Dry heat is SOOO much better, and less exhausting.   This is just a quick posting.. So here are a few quick pics.  :)  

My dad and Turtle..  :) 

My hubby..  Nearly melted the whole vacation. poor thing

My Pa  :) the kids had such a great time with him!

LOOK! Riley playing.. and happy!!  I dont see that allot lately

Turtle drives a Limo
My beautiful  step mom and my brother brandon :)
ok.. yeah thats a Few! We were there for 11 days, so I have hundreds! :)
I feel like these last few months have just flown by!  Riley starts school in a couple of weeks.. Im a bit nervous of how he will do,  but I know when he gets used to it, he will love it.

I'm still not on a schedule.. I feel like I am the Laziest person on the face of the earth! 

I've been.. taking pictures..   studying pictures. I have a boudiour photoshoot coming up in a couple of weeks! I am so excited and think I will do a great job! 

Mike and I are getting Re-Married in May 2013.. So I have been planning that..  (the main reason I havent posted in awhile) So much went wrong with our first wedding, and we have been thru so much, grown up, and changed.. and thru everything we are stronger, and in love.. not only with the good stuff about each other.. but all the flaws too and I am excited to do it again and share it with out kids :)   I know some people think im nuts.. But we are in the part of our life.. when people dont get together anymore..  and honesly people need a reason to visit, and take time out of their life to enjoy  themselves..So mike and I thought this would be a good reason to get everyone together.  :)