Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Green Beans

He has had them before...

in squished form, and in normal big people out of a can form..

and stealing them off mommys plate while laying on the couch next to her but..

he has never had them like this

He was a bit confused when I put him in the big boy high/low chair.. and when I dumped green beans in front of him..

I forgot what a mess those babies make when they are first learning to feed themselves. Green Beans everywhere!!! but well worth it...

Monday, December 27, 2010

The day after Christmas..

We had Christmas.. again :)

we went to Chris and Emilys for Cristmas with Gene and Jenny. Emily made an dinner,

and the kids ran around and played. They got a wii for Christmas and Harlee is an excellent Boxer! and Riley got his first ever strike in the bowling game.
Harlee got the cutest little hampster! I want one!

Kingston :)

Papop and grandma Jenny brought so many presents and the kids had a great time! They got us a computer chair, which I have been trying to get for 2 christmas's in a row, but always ended up taking it off my list because there were other things people needed more, So Mike and I are so happy!!
& I got a movie! I already watched it, its so funny and one of those that I can watch over and over again, dumb girl movie.. but... they make me happy :)

After dinner and presents we went to play in the backyard, Chris and Em have a quad and a big yard! Chris took the kids for a ride

then mike went on! Yes Michael! He had a blast, and I saw that excitement and joy from him, that I havent seen in a long time :) It was awesome! He even got dusty, :) I LOVE IT! I rode around for awhile and then tasted dirt in my mouth afteards,, bad to smile with an open mouth while riding fast.

Turtle went on his first quad ride, mike said after they started going, turtle started bouncing like he was in his jumperoo..

Riley is staying the night there tonight, its so nice to have a break from the noise, but I had to admit, I sure do miss him,

Christmas is over, and on to the New Year! we had a great Christmas and I am so Thankful to have a Wonderful Family!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle little star....Christmas..

Christmas 2010,

Our first Christmas with two boys. It was great.
We stayed home all day, in our jammies. and just opened presents and played together. Riley was so exicted that santa brought him the batcave that he wanted.

and Turtle got a wagon/walker from santa.

Brady loved the wrapping paper, and the bows and the ribbons :)

Riley wrapped his buzz monkey to give to turtle, He loved it :) I think he was most excited about this gift!

brady is just learning to sit up by himself. he has been doing great! today while we had presents and papers all over the house, he fell over and hit his head on the corner of RIley remote control truck :( He cried, a so sad mommy what the heck happened cry.. I dont hear him cry often. It broke my heart. his poor little head.

I put to: Riley from: buzz on a gift, and when Riley read it, he looked so confused.. and he said to mike.. Um?.. its from Buzz? well.. cool but I dont know how he got in our world. (smart kid)

He loved everything, even the pink leapster 2. I said is this color ok. He said "this one is for ladies, but I dont mind I can still use it" :) Thank goodness!

Mike got me awesome gifts! I was so proud of him. I got 2 gift cards/ red lobster, itunes, and farmville (lol, I know) a wii game deal or no deal, a sandwich maker, a cordless drill (yay!) a big boiling pan, hair clips, & a set of Paula Dean Knives!! They were set up on the counter when I got home last night, I was so excited! and they work awesome! they are sharp, and beautiful! & in a few weeks he is going to give me money for a new camera :) woohoo

I got mike a GPS, colonge, espn subscription and ateam the movie, a case of monsters, and tv trays, a sweatshirt.

Sharon came over to have dinner with us. Its was nice! the boys had a great time, and Riley loved his 2 cars she got him. and Brady likes his new toys too!

A very nice relaxing Christmas, Turtle is snuggly in his bed, Riley is playing his new video game system and laying in his bed with his new spiderman bedding. and I am about to go to bed..

Merry Christmas.... all the prep, worries, wrapping, cleaning, cooking, thinking, planning, money, ect.. all over...

until we go to Chris and Emilys tomorrow to have christmas again :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve...

I'm working... and have over 5 hours left.
my dear fammily is at home.. Mike baked cookies,, yes,, he really did and they are watching christmas shows and enjoying this merry night. While I sit at work, blogging and answering the phone for ridiculous people that are drunk and crazy!
& Fireworks! oH THE FIREWORKS CALLS! Since they are now legal in Az. people who dont know of this new law yet are calling in Gunshots everytime they hear one go off.
We made fun cookies,
Lori at work found these melted snowman cookies on a website. They are so cute,.
I did the very easy cheap version. I started with..

then once the cookies are done you frost them in all white icing, then you

put marshmellows in the microwave for about 25 secs.. till the bottoms start to puff up.

then you.. put the marshmellow on top and decorate something like this,

what I did wrong.. Should have made the cookies bigger. and flattened them out more.
then I should have melted the icing a bit to make it slide on.. I used a regular can of icing.. yay betty crocker.

then they would have been perfect! Here is me and mike :) arent we cute,
and they were yummy!

Here is our Tree, and the Presents. Riley wrapped a few of his old toys and shoes for gracee, and baby kingston. it was cute. He is a giver.

here is Rileys ornament this year.. If you know him, it fits him well..

here is Brady's 1st ornament, I made it on artscow. its awesome.. The dang postman put it in the wrong mailbox, some nice lady brought it to my house.. she was my angel today. :) thank you unkn neighbor.

Here is our family one.

Some pics of the boys I took today.. I couldnt get a good one, but they are cute anyways.

It started pouring rain the other night.. it was cold but Riley and I really wanted to go outside and play in it. Riley started off in just underwear.. he ran in, put on sandals, then ran back in to put on a shirt.. A Button down Polo, which he put on backwards. :) It was cute,

we had fun

I love our new umbrella

I love this crazy Boy!