Saturday, June 25, 2011

......kinda sad......

Its nearly 3 am...

the house is quiet and I have a big day tomorrow.. (or today really)

however I cant sleep, I've tried.. laid there for nearly 2 hours, then decided I should try taking my ipod outside.. maybe the stars would help me relax, and put things in perspective

I learned tonight, that me starting my little..(little) photography business hurt some people that I love  :(  I think I know why, I didnt do it to hurt anyone or take it away from anyone else, It made me think back to other conversations I've had with other people.. who also do photography or other things, and when I or my hubby mentions it, they react snide, roll their eyes and shove me off.. I know that I am not great yet, and that I have allot to learn..... 

Its not like its a new thing for me, I have several photo albums of pictures I have taken, that date back to when I was in 2nd grade.. I'm always the first one with a camera pulled out, ready to document the memories for everyone...  So when I heard that. it made me feel like I was copying people, and thats not what I meant to do.. :(

I started Crazy Daisy Pictures.. because.. Like 85% of my other jobs, I wanted to challenge myself,  I started being a waitress because I was tired of getting bad service, I started police dispatching because we got a Rude dispatcher when we called about a fire, I became a radio DJ because the one I listened to put me to sleep. & I started taking pictures of people, because I hated when I got the pictures back of myself... and I didnt want to use them....  I like "being in other peoples shoes" its challenges me, and helps me be well rounded, and that I hope to pass on to my kids.. Not to say that these pictures were bad, they were great and beautiful, But not of me,(or what I thought) It might have showed my double chin, as it does exist.. but I dont want to see that in family pictures.. and I wanted to make sure that others had that option also. & if I learn to take good pictures of others, maybe I can take good pictures of myself  :)   (it better be soon cause I aint gett'n any younger!) 

I have a Horrible memory, and to be honest, pictures are the only way that gets me to remember things. Its truely my passion, and something I have searched most of my life for.... I was just never really able to do anything more... until my sweet husband gave me the gift of Time... the time to do whatever it is that I wanted to do. be whoever it is that I want to be.. & I heard once on a movie...the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning... That is what you are suppose to be. & I truely start the day thinking about pictures... all pictures of all things, but I love faces the most...

Most of my life I wanted to be an actress... do I still??.. Yes... someday when my kids are grown, I will do theater again,  and I want to do voiceovers as well..  I think that everyone has so many talents, but its up to them to put them to good use.  There is no point in having a Dream... if your not willing to make it come true. I have learned that. someone's not just going to come up to your door, and hand you a big bag of everything you've ever wanted...I've been waiting for Ed Mcmann for Years!

So, my dream right now is to have this little business of mine, take great pictures that people and families can have the rest of their life, memories.. that they might have forgotten otherwise... someday I hope to make money on it, or at least by christmas! :) 

as always I'll leave you with a few recent pics.. of my silly silly boys.

If your bored and want to check out more photos

I think everyone should be a photographer :) There are so many amazing moments that should be photographed..... & So many Beautiful Unique faces

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A little behind & something pretty :)

Since I quit my job, I seem to be Blogging Less! which is weird, So I am a little behind on things.
Riley graduated Pre-School!  I am so proud of him! He actually stood up with his friends and sung the songs. He did a great job!  & is growing up to fast!  :( 

I forgot I took this picture for Amy.. As we were flying out of Salt Lake I noticed there was a random mountain in the middle of Nowhere! With a T on it :)  So it made me think of her,  (her last name starts with a T )

Something Pretty :) for twisted fate's photo challenge
Here is a pretty picture I took in Vegas a couple of weeks ago, someday I am going to actually go to Paris and take a picture of the real one.. Someday.. Everytime I look at it.. I feel pretty.. I dont know what it does that.. But it makes me feel.. romantic and pretty, So I am getting it blown up to put on my bedroom wall :)

Turtle Hates baths!!  But I wrestled him into one the other day, and then took a few cute shots of him running around in his little robe that Aunt Tammy got him. Its so cute!  He makes me laugh, he is just the cutest thing!

Took a few pics of Riley playing outside here are my fav's

and took a few of turtle playing outside.. here are my fav's

I love this one! Look at the shadow! :) Its so cute! that hair sticking up, its priceless :) 

I have been trying random things out to make better backgrounds for my photography! But I gave in and just bought an at home photo studio! I am excited! I cant wait to try it out! :) 

Turns out... Turtle.. is a Sea Turtle!! He LOVES to Swim!  which is weird since he hates baths, But as soon as we got into the pool, he started splashing, and trying to jump and kick in the water.
Thank goodness Aunt andrea and Nana Linda got them floating things for the pool!  I wish the pictures were better but I stood pretty far away.. oh well

Together!  This is my favorite, my boys my family .. playing together..

The Paper Mama

Riley had a blast! eventhough at first he was refusing to go in the water because he wanted to sit inside and play his game instead! He didnt want me to put the sunscreen on him.. So we had a fight.. I won,, he put the sunscreen on and got in the water.. I made empty threats.. but they still seems to work at this point in his life, so.. What the heck! :)   After he got out.. he said  "you were right mommy, I did have a great time!"  I told him.. "Honey, you will soon learn that Mommy is always Right!"  :)

Turtle wearing Rileys old shoes..  he has had shoes on before, but not for long, because he didnt need them. So here are a few pictures of him with his shoes, and taking his first steps in them.. He fell Allot wearing them, but he will get used to them.

I like it how my wedding picture is in the background.. :)   its cute, I dont even have that picture of us! ..  We are getting our Vows renewed in 2 years, Im so excited! :) 

& I leave you all with one of the FIRST Pictures of Turtle..  The day we were bringing him home from the hospital.. It makes me Crack up everytime I see my little vampire baby :)   I dont think he will ever live this picture down. I cant wait to one day show it to his wife :)  and since.. one day he will be President..  I will save it for his campaign too :)