Monday, May 23, 2011

A Walking Wee One.. & Vegas Baby!

Turtle Walks!!!
He had been standing by himself for about 3 days, I was in the kitchen and I saw him stand up like usual, I was doing the dishes but glaced in his direction to see his little foot slide to one side, then the other.. He took his first real steps! I was so excited of course I cried, and grabbed my phone to record it. I took a few videos them grabbed my camera. This video was taken about 10 mins after he took his first steps.

he is walking all over now, crawls then stands up and walks, its so weird to see him "Walk" in a room, because a week ago he couldnt do that! I cant believe they really change so fast! In front of our eyes! its amazing.

We went to the Rainforest Cafe, and Ikea the other day.. We had a great time, and I got steak and ribs at like 1pm.. I totally forgot it was only lunch time! and they were clearly Not ready to serve those because they were Chewy and tough :p boo..

Mike and I went to Vegas for our anniversary! We got married 8 years ago, but we have been together for nearly 13 years.
Since the kids have been born we havent taken a single trip together without them.
So Here is all the stuff about our Vegas Trip!

A Little Bit of Trouble..
We had a little trouble at the airport on the way out of PHX, we fly standby since Mike works for southwest. The flights were all full, but we managed to be the last 2 people on the plane!.. The only 2 seats left open were both middle in the front rows. I got up to put my purse in the over head bins, and Mike looked at me with Panic! He forgot our Backpack with all our clothes in it! It was back in the airport sitting area, the flight attendant started to close the doors, mike jumped up and ran back to get it..

We finally got off the Crappy flight and headed for the Cabs.. It was weird like a convayer belt of cabs and people everywhere. We told the guy to take us to the Wynn! We were having dinner at their buffet, mike thought it would be cool since its a newer hotel, but I thought it was WAY to expensive. The Dumb Cab driver took the freeway all the way around and the cab ride was $30! Holy crap! Mike said it would be ten bucks.

The Wynn hotel is Beautiful! There are fresh flowers everywhere and the trees where covered with tiny lights, it looks magical.

We headed for the buffet.
It was $40 a person! Holy Crap! But Mike said They have Hundreds of food choices and vegas Buffets are the BEST! He was WRONG!
I am not a classy enough person to eat food like that, I headed for the crab legs and shrimp.. There was a huge stack of crab legs, but they were COLD! I ran my hand over the top of them, wondering if the dummies forgot to turn on the food warmer.. and there was no Fried shrimp, just sushi :(
I even looked around for a mircowave! Was it suppose to be like that? Weird.. all the food was "weird" Salad, didnt actually have any lettuce, just weeds from my backyard, lamb stew, corn suckatash, season veggies, aka- yams and some white cubby veggie with a cream sauce, yuck! I ended up having an entire plate full of mashed potatoes and a little bit of dry turkey... the desert was Beautiful!! but not edible. THis was lemon merange pudding or something, to cute!

But the spoon didnt fit in the little fancy plastic container.. so you could only eat the very top whipped cream. and the ice cream was served in one of my Neices tea party cups, and it was Not american ice cream, the vanilla was SOUR! weird.

The candy apply was ADORABLE!. so cute and Hard as Candy.. Tried taking a bite, nearly broke my tooth and didnt make it to the Apple part.
& then at the end, we realized we still had to leave the waiter who didnt refill our drinks a tip :( after wasting $80 on a meal.. I couldnt imagine wasting anymore money, so we felt horrible, but we snuck out.. I dropped a few Karma points that day.

After dinner, We decided to try and walk back to our hotel at the other end of the strip. I was thinking "yes! burning off those 300 calories I had at dinner!" :)

We started walking, tiny little ethnic people kept throwing SmuT at us, Tons of cards with naked chicks on them, these people were all standing in a row and would put then in your hand as we walked by! There was at least 5 on every corner! It was creepy.

We had a little trouble getting to the light show.. ended up on the wrong side and had to walk all the way back.. but here is a video in case you have never seen it, The fountain show is about 4 mins, and its the most amazing peaceful thing I have ever seen, there was at least 200 people surrounding the water area, all silent listening to the music and watching the water fly into the night sky, the breeze bringing a refreshing chill which always seemed to be at the perfect moments.

We walked more..took pictures.. Mike HATES when I stop to take pictures..
Here are some of my favorites

We kept walking.. for Hours! until we could barely stand.. realizing we were still about 5 hotels from out hotel.. it was midnight by them. we decided to take the tram.. then still had to walk to get to our hotel,
New York New York, its a Beautiful hotel!

Our room had a bathtub spa right in the room area, so you could watch TV and relax. We were on the 30th floor, and this is the view from our room. We were on the corner so we had 2 sides that were all windows. :)

In the morning I was STARVING! so I made mike get up and leave the hotel an hour early so we could hit the breakfast buffet at the MGM grand. It was much better then the other place and half the price! Thank Goodness.
We took a tram back to the other end of the strip, since our feet had so many blisters!

We went to the Wax Museum, It was great! :) So much fun! and this is when I started to REally HATE that I brought my old camera, the lighting was horrible and the pics turned out Crappy, but I didnt want to take my chances of taking my good camera.

Hef's new plus size blonde girlfriend!, Just kidding  he is nearly 100 years old!  Creepy

Me and My hubby. awe how sweet  :) 

He looked pretty real to me!  There was a guy dressed up outside  who kept standing still and scaring people.. So I made sure to poke this guy.. just in case

After.. we went walking again, around some shops, Mike was whiney he felt horrible, we both hurt and I had a migraine.
Somehow we ended up sitting in a food court.. talking about our kids and how much we missed them both! We decided to come home 3 hours early and couldnt wait to see them!

So we took a cab back to the airport..
We had a little trouble getting home..
We took a detour to Salt Lake City and had to wait there for 2 hours them finally fly back to Phx.. We ended up getting home 2 hours late.

Vegas Cons:
Crazy People
some things are expensive
not enough benches
loud, and they dont have real money in the slots anymore
its not fun to gamble, the machines didnt even make fun noises and you cant pull the handle on most of them anymore either.
So here is my gambling slip from Paris Hotel.. yes it says .04 cents. LAME, I actually won .70 cents but lost it all again..
To Classy for me! Dress code for all clubs and things, Although someday, I would lOve to go to a dance club in Vegas, Just for the Heck of it! :) Maybe a Girls weekend or something.
Rude people who wouldnt move out of the way
Saw WAY to many ta-tas for a 24 hour period.

Vegas Pros:
The light/fountain show, amazing!
the people who dress up as statues on the street
the homeless people play music for money
the hotels are amazing and Beautiful!
There is so much to look at!
A Jaccuzzi tub for relaxing with my Hubby
Everything Sparkles!
Just visiting Vegas.. Makes you feel Insanely Normal

When we go back next time we will do it differently and now we know the tricks to saving LOTS of money and time, and not having Blisters on your feet at the end of the day.

One day when the kids are older we will take them too..

If I were still working, I would have missed Turtles first steps, and our mini 0ne night weird vacation in Vegas, So.. I am thankful to my Husband who is giving me the oppurtunity to be there for those moments that I used to miss out on.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Vision Board & Bees

Yesterday we went to a Birthday party for a sweet little girl who turned 1 :)   The party was past Florence, and on the way there I found this really Super Cool bridge! So on the way back we stopped to take a few pictures there. 
I started with Riley, we got some great shots! Then thought, I bet I could get turtle to sit for a couple of mins.
I took him out of the car, he was soaked thru his short :p ewe. in just 20 mins! so I had to change him in the back of the car,
we went to take a few pics, Riley ran around. about 4 pics in, Riley said "hey this fly is chasing me, Oh its a Bee"  Oh crap, I look up and there is a Huge Bee Hive right above our heads, So I take one more pic.. of course, but not of the Hive, which I should have, and grabbed Turtle and we left..
Before anyone got stung.
Somewhere between the Party and the impromptu bridge.. I lost my Debit card that was in my back pocket :(  Boo, its a Huge pain in the butt, to have to change over everything from one card to another.
Here are a few pics I took :) 

When I got home my friend Becky came over so we could do our  "Vision Boards" :)
Have you ever watched the Secret?.. well you should its so great, and make so much sense, by just watching it, you will think of several times in your life where you "Thought" something, and it happened, kinda weird,
In the movie, a man makes a vision board, of what he wants his life to be in 5 years,  he got busy moved a few times, got married and one day him and his son were going thru his old stuff and he found his vision board, Turns out.. He was living in the Exact house that he cut out f the magazine and put on his vision board, and many of the things on the board had already really happened to him.

I have been wanting to make one for about a year, but kept thinking.. How weird. cutting pics and words out of a magazine.. pasting them on a silly Board! Im not in Jr. High anymore. 
But why shouldnt I do things I did in Jr. high.. I had fun, I was myself, and I enjoyed life! So this was great way to Jump back into thinking about what I want..  and .. Becoming More of Myself :) 
Here is my board..
I got the Board at Walmart,  Its cool and was cheap....

In the middle I put some scrapbook paper, and words, and phrases of things I want my life to be.. as a reminder..
I also put my future daughters in there, I hearted out there faces because I didnt get permission to post them on the internet, but they are cute :) lol   and its what I think my daughters will look like someday :) 

Just a few things I wanna have in the back of my head.. to work on and have ten years down the road :) 

Make One..    :)     It will make you feel Good