Tuesday, May 27, 2008


*******************Be a part of the challenge!*********************

KIds, Kids, Kids, Kids! Are the reason we get up in the morning, to see their shining little faces look up at you. We clean, cook, (even me lately), get them dressed! (somedays) enterain them, teach them, love them, bath them & by the time our hubby's get home we are tired! Ready for a long bath and a nap! But..yet we still have more to do.

This challenge is to get you to remember what you love! Take your camera's get all doll'd up and set your timer. Take some great pics of yourself! With things you love, or love to do, or just of you! Take those pictures you want your daughter to have of you when she is your age! Showing how vibrant & beautiful you are! En-list your hubby to help! Post some of your favorite shots on blog! This is suppose to be a fun challenge! & all about you!
I am going to try to curl my hair and take some cool 50's shots! those girls always look sooo glamorous!

Friday, May 16, 2008

I know I know, he is a boy! :)

But Riley had fun too! I was painting my toes, and he wanted his painted to :) Then later...he wanted them painted more.. while we weren't watching! OOPS! But It cleaned up ok. Oh those little moments! That make you scream, then laugh..... (hopefully)

Monday, May 12, 2008

It's 2:30 in the morning!

Ok, thats my usualy schedule, but I was sooo tired at 10:30 I was going to go to bed! Until.. I started Digital Scrapbooking! OMG I have been on the computer for hours! I made my first page, It was soo much fun! & & & You can get them printed, or put in a book at shutterfly.com! I am so excited that I know how to do this now, It took along time to download, and find all the free stuff on the web, fonts, papers, buttons, riboons ect..

But it was worth it! Here is my first page! Lt me know what I could do better next time, Yay!

Here are a few more pages I completed, I cut the paper down to 8x10 so I can get them printed from walmart for $1.98 a piece Which is alost 6 bucks cheaper then the other guys who print "scrapbooking pages" I just download them as photo's,

they turned out amazing! I am so happy. Cool new hobbie! & cheap too!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Up 2 lately.....

This is a dorky pic of me, but.. the kid & cake are nice! :)

Riley had his 2nd birthday! :)

I can't believe they grow up so fast! Its amazing..
We had a little party at our house :)

It's the first time allot of our family and friends got to see our house! :) The kids had a great time playing on the swing set.

The cake was awesome! Made by my friend Trina at work, she has so much talent!

It was fun, but I hate being so busy I dont get to spend time and talk to people. Or eat!,

Speaking of eating, my hubby is right now getting his picture taken at some pizza place in Chandler! He and his friend jason ate an entire 24' pizza by themselves, & most people can't do it, so he got a t-shirt and his picture on the wall. I always knew my hubby had talent, I just wasnt quite sure what it was till now :)

On Sunday we went to Elmo Grows Up! Which is a stage show, It was super cute, there were hundreds of kids and 1/2 the amount of adults, the whole theater was full of laughing,screaming, singing,shouting and crying. it was crazy! Riley loved it! :) It was expensive though! Definetly once a year treat.

Potty training!! OH MY OH MY! What a challenge. he seems so interested somedays, and others he is not into it. I am not pushing him.. mostly because.. I dont have time.. Maybe when school is out & I can spend more time on it.
But here are a few super cute pics, of Riley... being just like his dad :)