Tuesday, May 27, 2008


*******************Be a part of the challenge!*********************

KIds, Kids, Kids, Kids! Are the reason we get up in the morning, to see their shining little faces look up at you. We clean, cook, (even me lately), get them dressed! (somedays) enterain them, teach them, love them, bath them & by the time our hubby's get home we are tired! Ready for a long bath and a nap! But..yet we still have more to do.

This challenge is to get you to remember what you love! Take your camera's get all doll'd up and set your timer. Take some great pics of yourself! With things you love, or love to do, or just of you! Take those pictures you want your daughter to have of you when she is your age! Showing how vibrant & beautiful you are! En-list your hubby to help! Post some of your favorite shots on blog! This is suppose to be a fun challenge! & all about you!
I am going to try to curl my hair and take some cool 50's shots! those girls always look sooo glamorous!

4 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Charli said...

Okay I accept Your challenge: but I have to say tell you this. I get a birth chart reading sent to me every week. I normally read them after the fact to see if there ever right. Some times they are and todays not different I will show you why this is after I got your comment:
You may be about to make a major breakthrough in your daily routine. If your friend suggests making a change, follow through with it. You may be amazed by the results it brings.

Charli said...

You know I should slow down when I type and re read what I put down. I might make some sense

the delapers said...

I'll have to get busy working on that challenge!

Spencer&Heather said...

I will try!!!