Monday, September 7, 2009

Awe, how sweet..

*************** A LIttle Story ***************
Riley: Are you happy Mommy?
Me: Yes honey I'm happy
Riley: Are you getting Married?
Me: I'm already Married to daddy
Riley: Oh, are you going to have a wedding?
Me: we already did, but you werent there
Riley: I'm getting married too
Me: Oh really? Who are you going to Marry?
Riley: You Mommy :)

Awe, My kid is so sweet.

and his new thing is running up and giving me a giant hug! and saying
"Your the best girl I ever had" :) Like he has had so many, but its nice to be at the top of the list, reguardless of how long it may be.

Potty training..... Nearly sucessful! 90%, he hasnt worn diapers in over 5 days now. I might get to start buying diapers for the new baby now, instead of my 3 year old! :) I'm so proud of him. I finally got him to agree to not wear diapers anymore by having a fight with him, where we both ended up crying, and then he hugged me and said "i'll help you mommy", and he is doing great! Yay!!

2 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Dutchess said...

That is so sweet!

Timid Scorpion said...

This is sweet, Seb use to say the same thing, and get upset because he couldn't marry me, but as they get older We " mommies" kind of slide down the list :(
Enjoy he while he young .