Saturday, November 7, 2009

Oragano's, then grounded!

We went to Oragano's last week for Emily and Gene's birthday :)

We had a party of 10, and I hate when they cant seat us all together , so we had to be at 2 different booths, back to back. right next to the kitchen! ,... loud kitchen,

We got to seat right when we got there! which is a first for me. The food took over an hour though. sooooooo there was waiting, it was good though :)

& all the portions are HUGE!

Riley didnt listen the whole time, he was bouncing around, climbing over the seats, being loud, not eating his dinner, Mike wasnt feeling good, by about 30 mins in I had a horrible headache and was ready to leave.

The "child" would not listen to us at all. & that is nor normal for him, usually he is such a great kid!

You can even see in this picture.. he is being... difficult.. and sneaky..

So when we got in the truck to come home, we had a long time.. and this was the first time.. He is officially GROUNDED.. No computer games for the rest of the night! and he was only allowed to play in one room. No snacks, and no soda of anykind for he rest of the night.

he was so upset! and I know he really felt bad about it because he kept saying "im so so sorry for not listening to you" I'll never get grounded again" he fell asleep on the way home, and when michael picked him up to bring him inside he woke up all sad, and said "fadder im so sorry i didnt listen" :( It made us sad, but he did so good the rest of the night, and in the morning he jumped out of bed, and asked if he could play computer games today! :) So we made it, he has been pretty good ever sense, and I hope we dont have to ground him again for a very long time!

I cant imagine when he gets older, and the punishments get worse. how hard that will be..

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Amy said...

I totally hear you. It's so hard to punish them when they're crying out in remorse! Good luck to us!