Monday, May 2, 2011

Vision Board & Bees

Yesterday we went to a Birthday party for a sweet little girl who turned 1 :)   The party was past Florence, and on the way there I found this really Super Cool bridge! So on the way back we stopped to take a few pictures there. 
I started with Riley, we got some great shots! Then thought, I bet I could get turtle to sit for a couple of mins.
I took him out of the car, he was soaked thru his short :p ewe. in just 20 mins! so I had to change him in the back of the car,
we went to take a few pics, Riley ran around. about 4 pics in, Riley said "hey this fly is chasing me, Oh its a Bee"  Oh crap, I look up and there is a Huge Bee Hive right above our heads, So I take one more pic.. of course, but not of the Hive, which I should have, and grabbed Turtle and we left..
Before anyone got stung.
Somewhere between the Party and the impromptu bridge.. I lost my Debit card that was in my back pocket :(  Boo, its a Huge pain in the butt, to have to change over everything from one card to another.
Here are a few pics I took :) 

When I got home my friend Becky came over so we could do our  "Vision Boards" :)
Have you ever watched the Secret?.. well you should its so great, and make so much sense, by just watching it, you will think of several times in your life where you "Thought" something, and it happened, kinda weird,
In the movie, a man makes a vision board, of what he wants his life to be in 5 years,  he got busy moved a few times, got married and one day him and his son were going thru his old stuff and he found his vision board, Turns out.. He was living in the Exact house that he cut out f the magazine and put on his vision board, and many of the things on the board had already really happened to him.

I have been wanting to make one for about a year, but kept thinking.. How weird. cutting pics and words out of a magazine.. pasting them on a silly Board! Im not in Jr. High anymore. 
But why shouldnt I do things I did in Jr. high.. I had fun, I was myself, and I enjoyed life! So this was great way to Jump back into thinking about what I want..  and .. Becoming More of Myself :) 
Here is my board..
I got the Board at Walmart,  Its cool and was cheap....

In the middle I put some scrapbook paper, and words, and phrases of things I want my life to be.. as a reminder..
I also put my future daughters in there, I hearted out there faces because I didnt get permission to post them on the internet, but they are cute :) lol   and its what I think my daughters will look like someday :) 

Just a few things I wanna have in the back of my head.. to work on and have ten years down the road :) 

Make One..    :)     It will make you feel Good  

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