Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Its been over 2 months!

Wow, its been a long time! I cant believe how busy I have been.
34 photoshoots this holiday season! I am so blessed and thankful to all my friends and clients! For without them we would not be having a christmas this year. I am hoping to learn more and get better and better so I can keep my little business busy all year round! :)

Its nice to have a little break though. Christmas is just 4 days away! I haven never gotten to spend everynight with my kids before, and I am Loving it! tucking them in at night, watching christmas specials and lots of snuggling! & a little yelling too, lol :) but thats what a mom is for.
We are expecting our 3rd!! I am so excited!! :) I am due around Aug 14th. and I have my first ultrasound appt tomorrow. Riley and mike are excited too! Turle of course is to young to know, but I know he will be a great big brother. he loves babies!

Since I have been taking so many pictures of everyone elses family I havent been taking many of mine. But I will get them back in front of the camera before they know it :)

We got a dog, her namr is Molly, she is adorable.. but she pees alllll over!! It drives me nuts! so I think she will be an outside dog. I have tried to potty train her with no luck yet. Maybe after the holidays I will try again.

Turtle is talking allot, he repeats everything and is eager to learn and try new things. He loves to Climb, and Jump and get into mischief! But.. he is so sweet! & such a mammas boy.
Riley Lost his first tooth!!.. then the next day.. he lost his 2nd tooth! The toothfairy left him $2. he was very excited He is doing well in school, although he doesnt try his best. I do not like his school or at least the class he is in. and I cant wait for him to start 1st grade. Hopefully he will get a better teacher.
Mike is working.. and whining about working :) lol but he is doing great, and I am so proud of him. He went out and got me a few christmas gifts yesterday, he is very excited about them and I cant wait to see :) I am thinking he got me a pop cake maker! :) we will see.

Thats about it for the update.. I will be blogging more now since I will have the time to do it :)

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