Sunday, December 2, 2007

My sisters baby shower!

My sister Danielle is 9 months pregnant!!!! I know I am still trying to come to terms with it. :) & she is married! weird... Yesterday was her baby shower.. She is having a little boy. :) Paige and I worked hard on getting everything ready to make the perfect day for her! We made these little baby cookies!

Here is my sweet sister wearing a bow :) I hope she had a nice time, she got lots of cute stuff and diapers galore!!

Here is paige & hannah, Paige was sooo happy to see Aunt Deb, Hannah, & Jay! I was too! & Riley bonded with jay! How cute!!

All and all it was a good day! I met some nice people and I got to hang out with my family.. Here is Dani & her husband, my new brother John... Get ready you two.. Parenthood is the toughest job you will ever love!

2 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Amy said...

Those cookies are sooo cute! I'm proud of you for being so creative.

I hope Danielle isn't hating life too much! Hopefully she'll get that kid out soon. I can't believe how different she looks. Both your sis's. The last time I saw them was forever ago when they were just little girls!

Who is Deb, Hannah, and Jay? How are you related to them?

Casey said...

Aunt Deb is my mom's sister in law and hannah and jay are her kids! :) the girls lived with them for awhile. Paige really loved it! Being part of a family again.. it ment allot to her. Thanks about the cookies!! I tried, but paige did a better job at decorating then i did