Friday, November 30, 2007

Family ornament time!

Yay Heather! You started a trend.. I didnt start family ornaments until just last year! When we had Riley. But now I know how important they are. I found this one On-line and I just loved it!

I can't believe how expensive these little things are so I wanted it to say something that would really pertain to our family.. Those of you who know me well know this is totally us!
I got Riley a cheapy one this year because I looked and looked and couldnt find anything I really liked.. Maybe next year then he can pick his own.

& here is a picture of Riley squating in a bowl :) I thought it was cute... This is the kind of help I get in the kitchen! No wonder I dont cook! :)

6 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Amy said...

Riley gets cuter and cuter! By the time he's 25, you won't even be able to even look at him cuz he'll be so gorgeous!

Casey, do you love me enough to darken your font? I'm blind. I've come to accept that. So I need a little help!

Amy said...

The ornament is very cute, by the way!

Charli said...

Next year get the cheap plastic balls and a paint marker and let him color all over it. Or you could just write his name and year and decorate with gliiter and stuff. Making your own is so much fun!

Casey said...

Amy, my little fruit cup :) it took me 30 mins to figure out how to change the color on the font!!! but its easy now and looks much better! thanks :) I think I will wait till he is older to make our own ornaments.. plus now I get to pick them! :) yay!

Amy said...

Thank you! You really do love me! It's good for you to learn these things!

Heather and Spencer said...

I love your ornament... it suits your littlw family to a "t" sooo perfect!!