Monday, January 14, 2008

**Back from the Dead** Almost :)

The last few weeks has been very stressful, But thank goodness Christmas is over!! I love the Holiday Season but it takes a toll on me every year. Here are a few little things from Christmas..
One of Riley's Fav gifts was this little vacuum, I looked everywhere for it!! He used it for about 20 mins and then the dang thing broke!! I thought it was the batteries to I slacked off on returning it, now I have new batteries and no little vacuum voice! & no reciept to take it back, oh well he still likes it :) Learn something everyday :)

He also got this great bouncuy thing!! It is big enough for 3 kids and comes with balls! ...ok.. it big enough for one chubby adult too! its fun! I lay in it with him and he jumps around and plays with the balls, It was only $40 @ walmart!! When we get our new house it can go outside so he can jump all day long!
We had Christmas at my house this year and I think it was a success :) I had a great time! The food was good, and all ready at the same time!! woohoo go me! :) Riley got lots of new toys to clutter up the house & my husband did a great job this year, planning ahead for my gifts and wrapping them all seperately!!

3 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Amy said...

He's so cute!!!!

Your voice makes me sad! I miss you!

Stina said...

ah casey! it was so good seeing you gals! i miss you all so much...i can't wait to see you all in may if we can get it all to work out! riley is a doll!

Charli said...

Hey honey! IT looks like Riley had a great X-mas. I am very glad the Holidays are over for the most part. We had one of those bouncy things for the kids it lasted about one summer.I have a bag of balls somewhere here.