Sunday, January 27, 2008

Reasons I love the rain! **today** anyways

#1 reason, my idiot neighbors, seen here.. have no reason to wash or work on their several trucks while they blast mariachi music @ 8am every dang day!! Woohoo!!! Peace & quiet.. did I mention I am moving soon! :)

#2... Riley sleeps good! wherever he falls...or what he falls in.. the house is a little darker.. this doesnt look comfy at all, but what a great nap! I wouldnt dare to move the little monster :) he might awaken..

#3 It smells & sounds so nice!! The rain (after the dusty-smell) smells just like my scentsy scent.. Thunderstorm!! Its heavenly.. and brings back so many nice memories.. Its amazing how a smell can do that! P.s.. I am putting in another order next week.. so if anyone needs anything, let me know :)

#4 . Shopping is great!!! Nobody wants to shop when its raining!! (except me)!! The stores are quiet and nearly empty! the employees arent bugging you because they are all on break watching it rain & flirting with each other! ( I used to work at many dept stores, so I can say this with complete confidence)

#5. Time seems to go by slower!!.. The clock ticks slower... and the day feels longer... So.. on a day off.. this is a great addition to the rain!
***opinions subject to change without notice when I am working*** People can't drive in the rain, so there are car accidents up the wazoo! & power goes out allot, which means people call 911 thinking someone is trying to kill them... Americans watch too much tv.. :)

4 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Stina said...

okay i love love love the rain too...not as much when i am driving because people DO drive crazy...and then when i am on our 2 lane highway and a semi is passing in the opposite direction and you get a sudden HUGE spray of water that blocks all visibility for a second and in that second your heart stops! ack! i hate that freaked out feeling!

LOL no way, people actually call 911 freaking out when the power goes off?? can we say paranoid??!

Heather and Spencer said...

I love rainy days... especially when I get to spend part of it with my bestest friend!! And p.s. I love your background... what a small world, I actually know that girl who has that blog that you got your background from. She is friends with Bethany.

Charli said...

I like your background, Ilove rainy days too. it's a shame we don't have them as much here, so there special when we do get them.

Amy said...

I hate Mariachi music. Why is it that those who DO choose to play it have to blast it so dang early!