Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A day at the park! :) Freestone Park is Great!! It's free entertainment, and if you go on the right days they have a train, ferris wheel & carousel! & Ducks!! which are there all the time since Arizona doesnt get that cold.

There are some pictures of us playing at the Park.. As a family I am sad to say we dont get out much. We have opposite days off and work totally opposite schedules so we make it work when we can. Here is me aned Riley.. I look like a retard! Thats what I get for trying to talk while Michael is trying to take a picture! :) RIley is getting so big!

He was soo interested in the Ducks! He kept trying to get in the water to get them!

He loved the big open spaces to run everywhere! We definately worked off our Taco Bell that day! Chasing a 2 year old is tough work!
I love when his little face lights up! Its amazing, and I can see why so many parents live thru their children! Its almost better the 2nd time around!.. I can't wait till it gets a little warmer!.. just a little though... :P

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Charli said...

I love that park too. There one in Chandler just as nice, The train runs there most of the time and they have a merry-go round.I use to take the kids there often. During the Summer there the water foutians they can play in.
I had to give up some things to have a house, but we got little play grounds all around us.
Encanto park is a really nice park to go to as well, they got all sort of stuff to do.

Heather and Spencer said...

Riley is such a cutie!! You all look like you had fun... I know how excited you must be about that :)

Jeremy said...

Remember when you could Ice block there...Good Times!

Casey said...

I loved ice blocking! geeze, kids dont have any fun today, We had old school fun.. :)

Amy said...

We used to go "sledding" with large pieces of cardboard. Serious fun. I like it more than ice blocking cuz your butt doesn't freeze or get wet!

I like when you put pictures of you and Mike on too...I never get to see you!

Charli said...
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