Monday, June 2, 2008


Busy days! I can't beleive how freaking hot it is outside!! & the days are gone before I know it! Here are some of the things we have been doing the last few weeks.

We went to lunch at serrano's & the park! It was so much fun, Riley swng on the big boy swings for the first time! He was full of energy. We went with Aunt Andrea & Nana Linda. Of course I scrapped about it!

Chris, Emily & the girls came over for dinner, I made dinner again! I am getting this cooking thing down!
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I made baked chicken, Garlic potatoes, and steamed then baked broccoli covered in cheese! It turned out great! :)

Then we had ice cream for dessert! The boys made us watch the fight :P YUCK! Those guy's faces after 3 mins of fighting were sooo gross & one guys ear POPPED OPEN! YUCK! EWE! blood all over. Men r nuts!

Here are a few of the scrapbook pages I have been working on.& of course I did them all for free! Although I have bought a few kits I just couldnt resist, but I havent used them yet.

Playtime! I love playtime! Ok... I get tired a little faster then he does though!.
See how much fun a laundry basket can be!!

Here is a few sites I love to go to! They have the greatest digital scrapbooking stuff!

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Spencer&Heather said...

I am so proud of you!! It's like we traded places!! I haven't scrapped in forever and cooking? Not so much... this baby thing is exhausting! I am glad it's my last! Your pages turned out great!! I am excited to start the digital scrapbooking thing. Spencer bought me a program last night!! I think I will get a lot more accomplished this way and it's way less messy!!!

Amy said...

What program did you get? How much was it?

How long does it take you to do a page Casey? They're really cute! Have you printed any off? Do they come out good?

Riley's so cute!

The food looked good. I love broccoli and cheese. You should make a nice chocolatey gooey cake that I can salivate over! :P

the delapers said...

Those are cool! Do you just print them off on your own printer?
Nice dinner!

Casey said...

Mike got me the programs, Its Micrsoft Digital Image Suite 2006. I think it was like $50 bucks at walmart, You can do soo many things with it! Each page from the time I know what picture to use takes about 30 mins, but just because I like to go thru allll the stuff I have to find things that match a little something to what the picture has in it. I get them printed at Walmart! They look awesome!! Its $1.89 to get them printed in an 8x10. & then I put them in a photo album that holds 8x10's :) the thing that takes the longest is downloading the kits, papers and elements off the sites & searching for free ones. But I usually click, do stuff, come back click again :) I have soooo much stuff in my scrapbook folder! I Love it. I will work on something choco & gooey! Yumm!

Casey said...

p.s you can print them off on your printer :) but it takes allot of ink. Walmart is by far the cheapest! & they will send them to you in the mail for about $2.00 shipping :)

Charli said...

You are getting good at the scrap books, I have been wanting to buy a program, but I need a new computer first...
Your anwser to the photos question is photoshop...and I know how busy you are You really do need to take a day for yourself..I have been there and you are only going to stress yourself out even more which will lead to other problems...when ever you do get them time I would love to help you take your pictures, since it is easier to have someone else snap them>> " Did you give yourself a hug today?"

Amy said...

$1.89 is pretty cheap for a scrapbooked page! I couldn't make one by hand for that cheap.

Spencer&Heather said...

Amy- I just bought a scrapbooking program for 40.00 called scrapbook max. It comes with a ton of layouts, pages and embellishments and you can also use stuff you find and download yourself. It's the easiest program that I have found and does all the cool stuff!!

Amy said...

Can you print yours at Wal-mart too?

Casey said...

yes anyone can, since you save it as a picture :) You might have to crop them down while you are making them though. You can even make invites in 4x6 or 5x7 and get them printed at the one hour photo at walmart.. & I found another great site that is cheap! & does the metallic paper which is sooo pretty! I havent tried them yet, but they have great prices & cheap shipping! so We will see,
It's just like printing out a regular picture & the elements look like they pop off the page, like the ribbons look like real ones! & buttons, its neat