Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Riley's first Movie!!

We went to see Horton Hears A who! @ the dollar movie (of course) I figured, if he doesnt do well @ the movies I surely didnt want to pay $9 each if we had to leave in the middle!. It was an awesome movie, I think I might have liked it more then he did.

They had a giant turtle out front, I thought it was pretty cool, I personally wanted to ride it & have Riley take the picture...but.. there were people around .... & I vowed only to look "NUTS" in front of people who already know I am :)

Here is Riley walking down the long Lighted Hallway in the theater @ superstition springs mall theater! He did really good at the movies, except when some mom let her kid run laps around the theater for the last 20 mins of the movie! No offense to mom's who let there kid do that, But I wanted to smack her!! All Riley wanted to do after he saw the little boy run around and around, is.... Duh get up and run! & of course I am not going to let him win because I dont believe in letting him act like that.. So it was a battle for about 20 mins. Sad to say I thought about tripping the kid as he ran around hitting the back of all the chairs and screaming.. I know.. thats not very positive. :( Maybe things will change once I have more then one child and try to take them places. .. maybe :)

We had an overall great mommy & son day :) then we hit Krispy Kream on the way home! My first time ever going there! :) $7.00 for a dozen but.. well worth it :) I was going to take a pic of those.. but.. they didnt last long :)

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Spencer and Heather said...

How fun! Maybe I'll take the kids this weekend! I agree with you about the mom letting her kid run around!! I let Easton do it before the movie starts, only if we sit at the very bottom at free movie day, and then he sits his butt right down as soon as the movie starts. It works for us! Today was veggie tales:The pirates who don't do anything. It was pretty cute!

Dutchess said...

What a good mom you are! When he's older I'm sure he will thank you for having the patience to train him! I can't wait to see that movie!

Amy said...

Aw, you can have someone take your picture on the giant turtle another day.

You should get up and complain to management about the out of control kid next time. Whether that mom had one kid or 7 with her, she should have left the theater with the wild child. Everyone shouldn't have to suffer cuz of one kid.

the delapers said...

How fun! Maybe next time you get to ride the turtle! You can't blame lack of control on the amount of kiddos you have. After all, I've had 4 in 6 1/2 years, and I don't let mine do that!