Monday, July 14, 2008

What's up, ButterCup!

I love the crazy signs they have places! :) This one was cute
I went to Missouri to see my family a few weeks ago. It was 80% great! :) which is all I can ask for traveling with just me and Riley. The trip there was great! the trip home was.. horrible! I ended up exhausted and crying in the airport baggqage claim. :( Thank goodness its over though.
Here are some pics from the trip. I got to spend all of time with Paiger, & re-kindled my love for pizza hut! Which.. isnt really a good thing.
After we got to st. luis we drove to Hannibal to see my step mom and her kids at the park! Right after I took this pic, riley tried to throw a cracker to a duck and fell right in the lake!!

This was after, his whole side and his leg is covered in mushy, wet slimy duck poop :P

There was this tree at Bryan's house with an old tire against it, the lighting was perfect!! so I took so pics,. There is one where it looks like Riley is peeing on the tree! I wish I could have gotten some more, but I was soo tired & thought I would have another chance.

This is the pic that looks like he is peeing on the tree.

Riley put the boots on all by himself! he couldnt walk though, but.. with an outfit so styl'n who needs to walk anyways.

I love that I have my own store there! :) LOL, they sale a bunch of stuff with my name on it :)

T Pizza hut... see even Riley liked it

On 4th of July, me & my cousin Brandy.. It was sooo hot and sweaty!! hair didnt dry, and makeup just slid right off! But it was fun!

At a little league game for my cousin Jacob! Riley had soo much fun!! He might be a little Leaguer someday! :)

We have to get one of these! The crazy kid, just ran and jumped right it, this little girl was soo cute, Riley tried talking to her and she just kept putting her hand out and said "no, stop".. She is going to be a tough kid!

ok, last picture of me looking like crap.

We shot off fireworks! & Riley did sparklers, of course he touched if and burned himself. But he wanted to do more, He even ""petted"" a lighting bug! After he wouldnt touch it, so I told him to say bye bye, and he petted it,. poor little bug, didnt know what hit him.

Here are 2 scrapbook pages I made of pics from Amy's page.. I love old pics of us, Somesays I really miss high school days!

4 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Dutchess said...

"look, admire, and take my picture" :-P He is so adorable! And so are you, I don't know what crap you are talking about.

Spencer&Heather said...

Yay a new post!! I love your "Misery" pics :) and cute pages too!!! I just may hafta steal them!!

Charli said...

look like You guys had a great time. Better then Vegas. The kids just love sparklers there not the same.

Amy said...

I love the pages you did! I want to copy them off!

It looks gorgeous in Missouri! Did you just go for a random visit or was there some reason? You should've bought something from the Casey store with your name on it!

Riley's funny. He looks more and more like you.