Saturday, August 2, 2008

MY HUbby's birthday Dinner! :)

Mike turns 29 on Sunday :) I wanted to throw him a big birthday party!! :) BUT.. he wanted something small, just basic family & BBQ, so I did my best :) We had a TIKI, Hawaii theme! :) His dad, brother & family, best friend & cousin.. & mom came over to hang out. We all played wii! :) bowling! Everyone joined in except sharon. Adam ( his youngest brother) is in Iraq right now, and his girlfriend Lacy came over to meet the rest of the family! She is super sweet! & fun, we have allot in common,.. although.,. I'm not quite sure she knows what she is getting into joining this family! :P Here are some pics from the night :)
Here is Lacy, Emily, Me & Tiff :)

Here is Chris & MIke, my hubby looking hot and irrated, he was the man cooking all the glorious food! which.. in turns makes him grouchy, but he still insists on doing it!, Men r NuTS!

Jason & Tiff! :)

Mike TRying to hit the pinata!! Try is the key word! :) he did a great j0b! But the thing wouldnt open! it eventually fell off the sting and landing fully intact on the ground! We let the kids beat on it for awhile before we torn it open! :)

Emily & Tiff, proving that Wii bowling, IS a spectator sport!
Goofy BOy! IN goofy shoes! we were all in the livin room playing wii, and he was driving by with his dump truck! His grandfather! Mikes dad tripped him on PURPOSE!! the dumptruck fell back and hit him in the mouth! Busting his lip open and bleeding :( So afer I took care of my child I WACKED my father in law in the aRM! He deserved it for tripping a poor innocent 2 year old! If anyone is going to cause my son to bleed! IT will be me! :) j/k

& here is a pic of my curlers :P Cute huh! Oh the time it takes to look beautiful! :)

7 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Dutchess said...

At least it was his arm, I would have probably whacked him upside the head!

Looks like a fun party, even with the stingy pinata!

Amy Loo said...

It's always funny seeing a grown man try to break a pinata.

Love the curlers! It's very old Hollywood to wear curlers.

Spencer and Heather said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I wanna do a hawaii theme something one of these days!

And Lacy... RUN!!! Run for your dear life. Your possible MOL is a total PSYCHO.

And shame on stupid Grandpa for tripping you Riley!! What a mean guy! You have a great mommy to whack him for ya!

the delapers said...

What fun!!!
Oh, and you look cute in curlers!

Dutchess said...

I'm so glad you liked Martian Child! I don't usually cry at movies, but it was so wonderful it turned me into a sap!

Charli said...

looks like you guys all been busy tell Mike Happy Birthday! and to enjoy the last of his twenties...

the delapers said...

Yes, well, about the ruler...
David gave that to me before we were it has a special place in my heart? er, well, in my life, maybe...and amazingly it has lasted through 4 children trying to use it as a hammer, gun, bat, knife and all purpose hitting tool!