Friday, August 8, 2008

Bowling is fun!

Tonight we went Bowling with Chris, Emily, Harlee & Gracee. It was fun!

Riley was not ready to leave.. If you can tell by this pic, I was struggling to hold on to the lit'l monkey... 2 years olds :P
I forgot how much fun it is! It was sooo hot in there though, & the kids did a great job! They bowled over 100 the first game! They kicked my butt!

Here are the girls having a blast!!

Here is Riley, The silly kid kept trying to pick up the heave 14lb balls! He kept getting 9 pins down and had one strike! I think we have a lit'l bowler in the family

Here are some pics from the night! :)

Pic of me & mike holding our balls :) I know.,. how original of us :)

Look @ my hubby's cheesy smile! Oh My Goodness, he is a nerd.. but that is why I love him :)
I think we will start going more often! & Its nothing like my Wii game, (which I kick butt on) I think I need more practice! :)
Last but not least.. #1 reason not to eat the top off of a marker :) Today.. the first day.. I had to wash my child's mouth out with soap :P YUCK! But, I know that one day... :) he will learn from this. (I Hope)

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Steve said...

That's funny! At least they're non-toxic, right? Do they even make non-non-toxic markers anymore?

The bowling looks fun. I can't even REMEMBER the last time I did that.

Amy Loo said...

That was me. I really have a problem.

the delapers said...

I didn't know little kids like that could even do bowling! I just figured you had to be older to hold the balls. Well, shows how much I know! Maybe we'll take our kids bowling...David's dad bowls on a league, and David likes to bowl. But, I've only been once, and I was terrible...

Dutchess said...

Those girls are gorgeous! I haven't seen pics since they were born....if I saw them then...and that pic of Riley with the big orange ball is so cute!

Hopefully he will remember what soap tastes like and just the threat will work later! Poor guy, that marker had to be nasty!

Charli said...

Hahaha I dont think either of mine had tried to eat a marker!
I like bowling it is fun, Andy family belongs to a league that just for fun nothing serious. When Andy went up to Vegas I quit the league, but I am thinking about doing this year I know it starts soon, it like every other Sat.. I just hate the drive let me know if Your interested I can get the details if you and mike like to join

the delapers said...

Those trains are Duplos, made by LEGO. You can get them from the LEGO website, (I'm pretty sure that is where we got ours), and possibly from Toys R Us. I have the link to the website on my blog. I think it is just

The background is from the cutest blog website, from the link I got from your blog a while back! I think I need to update my link for that, because they switched sites or something...anyway, I'm glad you like it. I like all the vivid colors much better than what I had before!

Dutchess said...

so I ordered some things to try the homemade coasters! hopefully i will be able to give some for christmas this year!