Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Colors, Numbers, Sugar = Surprise!

Mike's birthday isnt for 2 weeks, But today I wanted to try and make him a cake!
I figured, try.. was the key word! I've been watching Ace of Cakes, and Cake Boss like crazy lately, and I have always wanted to try fondont! So I thought it would be nice to make a cake for him, and surprise him with his birthday gift at the same time.

Blink 182 has been mike's favorite band for at least 11 years! and they are back together now and coming to concert in Sept. I got him tickets to the show, but I knew he needed time to make sure he could get it off work. So when the cake turned out so good today! I decided to make his birthday come a bit earlier! :)

I should have taken a picture of my hands after last night! I took the fondont to work and added the coloring and mixed it together there. My hands were/are dyed partially blue! with orange speckles.
Heather came over today to help me! Yay! and she is a rolling queen! and thank goodness for those cookie cutters or it would have taken an hour to cut out all the letters by hand. Putting it on the cake was easier then I thought too.

I even made the inside of the cake bright orange too! Since Blue and Orange are his favorite colors I thought it would be the perfect Cake! He loved it, and was so happy to get the concert tickets! I think he is still is Awe, that he gets to see Blink 182 again!.

I really enjoyed making it and it came out pretty nice, Fondant isnt yummy.. ewe. but it sure does look pretty :)
I think I will be doing more, the bad thing about this hobby is, Its expensive. and you eat the end result!.. But it is allot of fun!

3 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Dutchess said...

That turned out really well! I love the statement of the orange cake!

amy said...

I'm impressed! The fondant looks awesome.

Charli said...

Yum looks good!! Great job