Sunday, July 5, 2009

Idependence day!

Happy 4th of July!!! It's my favorite holiday!.. eventhough its hot and sticky.. I love it. I think because when I was little my grandpa owned a firework stand in Missouri and I used to work there. I have allot of fond memories of 4th of july.. and there are not that many from my childhood I can remember.
I had the day off!! :) Yay, and we had a BBQ with our friends and family.

I hope everyone had a good time,

Mike BBQ'd, he is getting really good at it!.

Riley did yard work :) I've always wanted a man around the house :) LOL,

Heather and her family came over, Riley was so excited to see his friends, he was so sad earlier when my father in law, Jason and Tiff got there, and there was no one for him to play with.

They had a watergun fight,

they played with glowsticks, and kid fireworks.....

played outside and ate yummy watermelon

We watched the fireworks from our driveway, we could see them from schnepf farms :) we had a pretty good view,

We played Catch Phrase, which is the game heather and spencer taught us at her party. Its such a fun game and it gets everyone involved.
Here is Mady in her cute little 4th of july outfit :) Heather made the bow :)

Here is a goofy face from Riley... he did good today, he was up all day, was in the sun, no nap and I am proud of him for holding it together (most the time)..

2 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Heather said...

Thank you for throwing that shindig! We had so much fun! I can't believe how burned we were though! I am in so much pain today!

amy said...

Yeah, everyone has a lovely pink glow.

Sad I missed it! But it looked like fun.