Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter eggs.. a bit early

We dyed eggs monday. I know its a week early but, I figure my motto for awhile should be "the sooner the better" :) This is one of my favorite things to do every year! Sometimes I wish there were more holidays. Eventhough some can be stressful, I Love the traditions! & since time goes by so fast, and people get so busy, its nice to have particular days to celebrate.

Before we did the egg thing. I sat down and talked to Riley about the real meaning of Easter. :)
He has just been surprising the Heck out of me lately! The things he knows, and says just shock me, and I am so proud of him :)

Did you know, easter eggs come with clothes now!? Hats and scarfs to dress them up! I think its kinda funny.

Mike thought we were nuts putting our fingers into the dye water!
Lol, he is mess-a-phobic.

Riley spend 2 hours decorating his eggs! He took pride in them, and really enjoyed it for the first time.

Mike came home from work today, and hid eggs in the backyard.. aka - the JUNGLE! I took pictures (of course) and Riley ran around the yard looking everywhere for them!. It was so cute to watch him miss a few,

Mike would try and give him hints to where they were like "I think the easter bunny likes to play in the wagon!!" & Riley would laugh and say "No he doesnt" then walk right past it :)

we are going to Sharons on Sunday for an Easter BBQ, and a hunt for the kids. I think they will have a great time!! Hoping its a NICE RELAXING DAY! Drama FREE, but I doubt that will be the case. But, this is the first easter I have been able to attend in over 3 years!, and before that it was another 3 years.
Here is me and my egg in all my "bedrest no makeup glory" Lol :) its ok.. I dont mind, I thought was a horrible picture and mike said. "why do you keep forgetting your 9 months pregnant!?" Lol oh yeah Duh

Went to the Dr's today, it was painful! welcome to weekly checks, barely walking and crying all the way to the car. Nearly done, just a couple more weeks! I can take it!! I hope :)

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Dutchess said...

OH my gosh, those face eggs are so cute!