Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our Little Turtle

WoW! Its been a long time since I have posted anything.. Not that we havent been busy
On Saturday April 10th 2010 we went to the hospital, Banner gateway and had our little Turtle at 3:54pm. Brady Michael Langen weighted 7lbs 12oz and was 20 in long. waiting in the Triage room, watching the contraction monitor.. and yes I added a few of my "own" contractions.. Lol tricks of the trade. We were the only ones there. and the nurse came in after we had been there for about 15 mins. and she said "your having a c-section in 45 mins" I think we were both a bit shocked, not sure we really expected to stay, and have the process happen so fast! After she told me that, and put that silly blue cap on my head, all I could think about was going home, watching TV and taking a Nap. I dont think I was ready yet. The time went fast. totally different then Riley's birth. I wasnt as tired during this C-Section.. I felt all more, I saw allot more. and I thought way to much during the whole thing. I actually felt like I was having a heart attack when they were adding air, and flushing out my insides! I had horrible chest pains! and I could hear the suction hose slapping against my skin, .. almost like the noise at the dentist when they are taking the spit from your mouth.

He was beautiful! The first thing mike said was "he has your nose!" LOl which he does, and Riley does too. They took Brady and Michael to another room while I was being sewed up.

The first time I got to hold him, they wrapped him up so tight in the blankets and handed him over. He streatched him neck up and out, and his perfectly round little face turned back and forth from side to side and he stuck his little tongue out.. Thats when I knew, he was the little turtle I had always wanted.

The hospital was nice, great food, room service was awesome! But it was lonely.. So very lonely. Michael stayed the first night, but the father sleeping area is horrible! and I knew he was stressing about Riley not being with us. We knew he was ok, but it was weird that part of our family wasnt there. I was so thankful a few people came to visit! My friend Becky, Trina, Tyler and Crystal, Rose, Andrea and Linda, It was so food to see everyone! My in-laws who I am very grateful for! Riley stayed the night at Emily and Chris's I knew he would have a great time with the girls!. The other 2 nights.. were lonely, sad and long. Painful, extremly painful and frusterating,I cried allot those nights, missed my sisters, my mom, and my family. Brady lost weight in the hospital, he was down to just under 7lbs. I was glad to come home. to be able to snuggle my turtle without any nurses telling me to put him back in his bed! :P

Mike was able to change his vacation and take time off to help me. We took Brady to the Dr's and he still wasnt gaining any weight, so we have to try and wake him and feed him more often.

Riley loves his brother so much! and always wants to hug and kiss him, the other night he spent over an hour reading books to him. Michael is so cute with him, and I can see how proud he is when he holds him, talks to him and about him. I love him so much, I love watching him fall asleep, the little faces he makes, he smiles, he frowns, he squeeks, and he whines.. all in just a few seconds of time. He is ambitious.. He scoots up, and down to find the binky he dropped, and he rolled over! yes, rolled over, when he was about 2 weeks old. I was making a bottle in the kitchen and he rolled off his blanket, his butt in the air!, then right back onto his back. he was hungry and was going to go searching for food if it wasnt coming to him!. He will change the world and make it a better place someday.. That I am sure of. he doesnt like his feet covered up, and sticks both his legs straight out of the blanket and holds them in the air, he is a good baby, and I cant wait to learn all about him, cant wait to see what an amazing person he becomes.

When I hold him, and kiss his little head.. I know its all worth it. The years of trying to have a baby, the heartache, the loss of someone I thought was my true friend, the testing, couting the days, being in pain and hormonal for 9 months! and basically driving myself crazy! It was worth it. We Love our Little Turtle and know that our family and friends will too.
If you read my blog, (not sure if anyone does.. but if you do, you can comment anytime :) if you do read this then you will get to watch Brady grow up, Riley grow up, and watch me grow up too :) Someday anyways.

Its good to be able to walk again, move normal again! and the baby blues seem to be fading, so Its nice to start feel like myself again :)

I am thankful for all my boys.
I love this picture! Its one of my favorites because its so funny! This was the day we left the hospital, this outfit with the collar up, makes him look like dracula :) I just love it. :) Im sure he will be upset with me for it someday, oh well..

Brady at 1.5 weeks

Sleeping Turtle 1.5 weeks old :)

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Dutchess said...

He's soooooo precious!

Heidi said...

Casey, I've been thinkin' about ya lately. Wishing I lived closer, so we could get together more often. Brady is so adorable! Love the pic of the three boys. You have such a cute family! You should be proud. keep in touch :)

Bethanie and Josh said...

Congratulations Casey!!