Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bountiful Basket!

My first time getting a Bountiful Basket!

If you intersted go to this link above, register and On mondays.. you can purchase your basket to be picked up on Saturday mornings. :)

It was the first time.. in years that I have gotten up at 6am, and left the house! Usually I am up with the kids in Zombie mom mode. But today was different.. My eyes were Open! and the sun was shining,
I drove the 1.5 miles to the community down the street, followed the directions to the park, where there were a few people there, and about 40-60 laundry baskets in rows. Each basket was paired with another, 1 had veggies and 1 had fruits, I gave her my name, and they set out my baskets. I tranferred everything into my basket, took some boxes to dispose of to help them out, and left..

So.. Here is what I got for $15..
4 corn on the cob,
lots of brocolli
2 cucumbers
cherry tomatoes

a watermelon
bunch of bananas
a pineapple
2 containers of strawberries
4 oranges

enough for my whole family for a week or more :)
It was kind of like watching a documentry.. as I was leaving several people from the neighbood were walking with reusuable shopping bags, and empty laundry baskets.. toward the open area of fruit and veggies, kinda cool :) and a good deal too!

So.. this Stay @ home mom gig.. is going ok so far, ok.. Its only been like 6 days, but I am filling my days, before I know it..the kids are in bed, :) I have so much to do! and this week I am excited about going to my first activity with the Moms of Queen Creek :)

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