Friday, June 1, 2012

Quickie Post to catch up.

Playing Catch-up.

5 Months ago I went into the ER for crazy tummy pain, I was worried about the baby, turns out it was a 10mm kidney stone,   I'll post the whole story later, but after 12 days in the hospital, 4 surgeries, 12 dr visits, 4 ER trips, an At Home Nurse, Picc Line for 2 weeks,   I am finally thru with this whole thing,. :) I am nearly 30 weeks pregnant with Colby, my 3rd son,

Riley just finished his first year of school!  He is officially a 1st grader now.  Thank goodness, I hated his kindergarden year,  Didnt like his school or his teacher.  He got truely jipped on the full Kindergarden experience.  1st grade will be better.  He did miss ALLOT of school, because of my whole "illness" thing. but he is so smart, he still tested at the top of his class.

Turtle is 2, and Oh my!  yes he is!  He has full conversations, he talks better then most 4 years olds I know. He is so smart and funny, and the Biggest Momma's Boy I have ever seen! :)  & I love it :) 
He is my mini me, in every way! He is into everything, testing his limits but makes everyday a joy.

Mike and I just celebrated our 9 year anniversary!  He took me to Joe's Crab Shack!. we have been wanting to try it for over 10 years. He totally surprised me.  it was a very Interesting Experience.. but I think we will stick with Red Lobster from now on. :)  On July 4th, we will have been together for 14 years. Its hasnt been easy, and lord and others know we have had our ups and downs. but we have learned from them, and are loving every min,  We still argue, and think each other is crazy.. but thats because we are opposites is nearly every way.. but thats what makes us special.

This year has been the most difficult year since my mother died..  It seems like every year I learn a new valueable lesson about life, me or my family.. Or what others are capable of.  This year. I learned not to take those little moments for granted, I never really did. Having such a tough childhood. 4 stepfathers, a stepmother, 3 1/2 sisters and 2 1/2 brothers.. changing schools every year, having my mother die of cancer..My friends became my family, only to lose them and feel true betrayal from the people I trusted most.   I have never lived a sheltered life, and I dont raise my children to be sheltered. They are well aware of the joys, and sadnesses the world has to offer.
   The one thing I never had to think to much about is my health. My ability to get out of bed every morning and conquer the day. 

This year, I learned.. getting out of bed, walking, moving freely, rolling over, taking a bath, swimming, bending over, going pee, and avoiding hospitals at all costs..  these are all things I will never again take for granted.  The pure freedom of not having cords, bags, tubes attached to you is an amazing feeling! I still have that terrified feeling as I stand up from a chair, or out of bed, for an instant I have this feeling I am going to get "stuck!" pull on my cord and be in intense pain for days.

I havent been able to enjoy one day of this pregnancy, but now I have 8 weeks to get everything done, and take the time to do the things I wanted to do.  This may be my last child, and I dont want to waste another moment, Colby deserves the best.. He is a survivor

I'm glad I have the time to blog more, I have 2 years worth of books to catch up on.  & what better time then the Horrible Hot gross summers of Arizona. Its going to be 111 tomorrow.  Looks like I will have a few days to recover, before going outside anyways.

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